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   Chapter 39 NO.39

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Anna's p.o.v.

We were at Sabrina's apartment and I was sitting in a wooden chair, facing the windows. Paul was standing behind me. I could hear every breathes, he took. I guess we both felt awkward. So, we both thought of embracing the silence. Weird as it is, I wondered if the silence prevailed because of our awkwardness or the prevailing silence was the cause for our awkwardness.

"Anna, try to understand, " he said, still stuck at the same matter as before.

I was done talking with the previous matter. Now it had started to get into my nerve. Why was he pestering me when I was continuously saying no? Did he think I was a child that couldn't protect myself?

"I already told you what I feel, Mr. Paul. I have nothing more to say, " I said, trying to shut his mouth.

"But Danish is worried about you, " he said.

"Does he have balls? Ask him to come here on his own if he is worried, " I said, getting pissed over the word Danish.

"You know that isn't possible. He loves you so much. Why are you acting so tough?" he said, putting forth his words a little bit more aggressively.

Then what the hell were you doing, forcing your lips on me? Guess all the men on this planet are jerks.

"I don't believe you. He pushed me. He tormented me. He played me. Do you think it's that easy to believe people like him?" I said.

I never found Mr.Paul this irritating. Aside from the matter of Danish, I wanted to avoid him for the sole purpose of not letting myself get entangled in his affair. Moreover, he had no reason to protect me.

"It's okay. Even if you don't want to, I will be following you in every step like your shadow, " he said, still persisting on his words.

"Even the shadow leaves you when it's dark. How can I trust you?" I said, mocking his words.

Danish's p.o.v.

"What are we doing for the wedding's banquet? Shall I book it myself?" Judy was babbling by my side.

She was making me irritated, almost getting into my boiling blood. I was getting so impatience over the thought that I had let my heart in the hand of some other man. I really needed a lonely place to shake off this dripping misery. But this woman just wouldn't let me off even a minute. I had already warned her before that this engagement was only a show. I have no intention of marrying her. And here she was, weaving her own dreams. I guess every woman are the bitch, swaying with whoever treats them better.

I jerk her hands off me and gave her a last final glare. I was done with her buddy-buddy game. I needed my personal space. In place, if she didn't get what I told her before, I was ready to explain. So, to shake off her dwelling dreams, I repeated myself once again.

"I never said I would marry you, did I? I have mentioned it from the start that it was just a facade. I can't believe you left your boyfriend for this small play. And there I was, convincing your boyfriend to get along with it for some time."

With my last words, I watched her mouth open wide with surprise. Seriously, what was her problem? Acting so surprised over the same thing I had been repeating from time to time.

"Don't say that Danish. You know I have loved you ever since we were teens, " she said, grabbing my hands eagerly.

I had seen enough of those women pleading for my attention. I didn't need any of this. What I really needed was Anna's presence. But that was too much to ask for.

Anna. Her thoughts gave me painful squeeze on my heart. It made me shook Judy's hands off me and move my legs out of the living room. I was tired of everything. I was in unutterable need of her company. When I thought of Paul and Anna, it would almost rip my heart. To forget those pains, I shut myself in my room.

People says alcohol suppress your pain. I looked at the glass of wine that was in my hand and wondered if it really does. I really wished I could wash away all those bleeding pain w

ith every sip of the drinks. But it's only a saying. The more I took a sip of the wine, the deeper my misery ran. Truth is, alcohol surfaces your inner self.

As I get intoxicated with every sip, my heart carved for her touch even more. I was dying to hear her soft whisper. I started to miss her small beautiful quivering voice. It wasn't like I didn't miss it before. It's just, the drinks helped me to admit it.

Anna. I pronounced her name and again a sudden unutterable pain runs through my chest. To those who say there lives a happiness in every sip of alcohol, I say it beholds all the misery that I never knew. It made me feel the pain that I had never known before.

If Anna says she wants to be with you, make sure she is happy.

The memory of those words that I spoke was still flashing through my head, making me feel hollow than I ever was. I regretted my words. I really started to regret it.

With the unbearable pain that's been stabbing on my lost soul, I hissed my words.


I thrashed my glass at the hard wall out of frustration and watch its piece getting scattered. Slowly and silently I was getting out control. I was losing hold of myself. I needed to hear her voice. I needed it to soothe my pain. That day I let go of our past. I didn't care about the future. All I knew was I needed her to relieve this pain. So I brought forth my phone and dialed her number. I guess even the drunk me knew we were far apart. The distance between us felt like the same as the distance between our heart.

The phone was in my ear and I was listening to its rings. I was eagerly waiting for her to pick up the phone. I had no idea what would I say afterwards. But that distracted me less that the continuous rings.

"Hello, " she said, finally picking up the phone.

Her voice almost broke me. I thought I would be satisfied by hearing her her voice. But now that I heard it, I wanted her by my side. I wanted to say please come to me. I really wanted to say please stay away from Paul. But I couldn't bring a thing in my lips. I just kept quiet and listened her repeating the same word over and again.



"Hey, who is it?"

I desperately listen to her sweet soft voice until a sound of my sniff elapsed. Couple drops of tears rolled out of my eyes. Every step I took was backfiring me. Her voice was supposed to soothe me. Instead, it made me miss her even more. I couldn't hold back my tears.

"Are you crying, " I could hear her say from the other side.

"Hey, sush. Don't cry." She was trying to comfort though she had no idea who was on the phone.

My mind knew what I was doing but it decided to ignore it. In this game of love, I let my heart win for the first time. For the first time, I admitted my defeat and poured my feelings to her in three simple words.

"Anna, ...I love you, " I said.

A long silence followed those words. Nobody on either side urged to speak. It was really a long miserable silence. I was desperate to hear her response. But the person on the other side didn't bother to speak at all. I even doubted if the call was ended. So, I checked it's screen. It completed showed the call was still on. I immediately put the phone back to the ear.

"Anna say something. I love you, " I again said, a little bit aggressively than before.

There was no response at all. Instead, I heard a small sound of the sniff. Anna, she was crying. Though I heard her cry, my body relaxed. I felt really satisfied after putting my feelings into words and I was glad that she got to hear it. I really didn't care the response anymore. I was happy enough that she now knew how I felt for her.

"Danish, " she let out a soft low whisper.

Her voice sounded as if they were struggling.

She was crying yet my heart felt full.

"Hm, " I let a hum.

"I love you, " she said, making my world stop right at the moment.

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