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   Chapter 38 NO.38

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 7070

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Danish p.o.v.

"Who's going to explain this?"

It was an early morning to start a riot. Still, I couldn't hold back myself when I saw the news. The television was talking about Anna and it was related to god-damn gunshots. Not the least, the journalist was spouting something nuisance about her family. I couldn't help but explode at my men.

"We aren't quite sure, sir."

One of the men opened his mouth. His voice was quivering and I could easily see the fear in his eyes. But that didn't help me to cool down. I needed a fucking explanation. Why didn't I know about her circumstances? All this time, I did all those investigations and I didn't even know about her situation. How is that possible?

"If you don't know it, then who knows it? Huh? Tell me, who knows it? Me? Shall I tell you who knows it? Fuckers!!"

I screamed at them. I cursed them. I threaten to shoot them. But nobody opened their mouth. What was even happening? Who was doing this all? These questions kept on haunting my mind for days. I could neither eat properly nor I could sleep. Someone was betraying me and the thoughts had left me restless. But that wasn't the limit of how I felt. I was angry. I was irritated. I needed to punish someone. I needed to unload all those bullets on someone's head.

In one of those days, I got so impatience that I ended up destroying everything in that room. I was out of control. My anger was eating me from inside. Those mere destructions of rooms couldn't hold back anymore.

"Danish. What the hell is wrong with you?"

I could hear Paul's voice. But he could calm me no more. In this world of the mafia, I could trust no one. At the least, I had learned my lesson. There was no such thing called allies in this world. Every one of them was ready to stab when they got chance. I was living in hell.

"Call your father. I know he knows something about it." I shouted at Paul without hearing his words.

"How is my father beside this? He had retired two years ago. So stop pushing your mistakes on others." Paul couldn't stop a second to defend his father.

It added fuel on my growing annoyance. He was fucking talking back with me. All these years I fed him and he was talking back with me? I let his betrayal slide and he was talking back with me? That stung my pride. Maybe, it was my heart. After all, no matter the reason, I expected him to stick close to me.

"As I thought, there's none who I can rely on." I let out my thoughts, direct and sharp.

There was nothing more to talk neither was there anything to do with him. The time he defended his father and left my side, I lost my hope on him. I knew he wasn't the one to blame. I knew it was my fault. My stupid-self had expected a little bit more from him. It was this one little mistake of mine that made me hopeless.

At Danish's father's mansion

"Let's cut the chase, father. Tell me why did you hide the truth of Anna?" It was the first thing that I spoke right after I saw his face.

It had been more than six months since I last saw him. I never visited him neither he bothered to. After he passed his title to me, he had resided on one of his mansion. But it was only to please other's eyes. Even after retiring, he was powerful than I was. And the only person I could think who could be beside the whole plot was my own father. I was sure of it because no other bugs dared to interfere my words.

"Who Anna?" He replied in a relaxed tone.

His relaxed tone was more reason to increase my anger. A fire was lighti

ng inside me to blow his head. But I knew, I couldn't shoot him, even if I were to raise a gun on his head. I knew it because I have lived through this. When I aimed Anna's head, I couldn't move my fingers even an inch to the trigger. Though I was angry enough to kill her, I was afraid to loose her. It was same with my father.

"You know who I am talking about." I replied more aggressively.

I could tolerate no more. I was already a grown-up man. I didn't want his child treatment anymore. If he really wanted to treat me as a child, he should have brought me up with a lot of pampers.

"Still hung up with that little wrench? You better leave her before I crush her." He let out his words again so smoothly that it echoed in my head for a couple of times.

"What did you say? Crush? Do you dare to crush her? Do you think you dare to lay a finger on my woman?" I replied with the same haughtiness on my voice.

All these years, I diverted my eyes off him. How could I be so careless? I should have known, he hated the word called weakness. If he saw one on his next-to-be heir, he wouldn't stay quiet. I should have known, he would oppose me from embracing my weakness.

"Don't forget, she is living in my mercy. If you.." He was again spouting about his mightiness. I had already heard enough of his great deals.And I was done with talking. So, I interrupted his little threat.

"Don't Forget, I am the boss now. Touch a finger of her and I will make sure of the family's downfall. If you want your business to prosper, better stay away from her."

"Do you think she will live long? She will eventually die like your mother at the end." He never failed to mention my mother's death because he knew exactly where it hurts.

"Yeah, keep your eyes wide open. I will make sure that she survive more than you do." I said my last words of farewell.

God knows what was going on me when he mentioned mother's death. I could now picture Anna dying at the same scenario. It had already weakened me. Gosh, I am living in a hell. I thought, trying to maintained a normal pace of my beating heart. My own father was playing the role of my enemy. What could I expect from anyone?

"Hey pal, I called my father." Paul's voice helped to jerk back to reality.

"Oh." Only those words elapsed from my mouth.

"I asked him everything. Your father wasn't behind her family's case. He only held back the information you had asked for."

He was explaining things. I knew he wanted me to calm down. He wanted me to go easy on my father. But what could I do? No matter what I said and how much I denied, I used to lose control when it came to her. She really was driving me insane.

"Paul. I want you to protect Anna. Protect her until her case is solved." I finally said the most painful words of my life. I was letting her go into someone else's arms. And I thought that may turn out to be better. What's the point when I couldn't even protect my loved one? I didn't deserve to be with her.


I ignored his shocked expression and kept on talking.

"After all this ends if she says she wants to be with you, be sure to make her happy."

I was suffocating. For her sake, I breathed through my suffocation. I was in tears. But for her sake, I patched a dry smile on my face. I was dying. Yet for her sake, I faked to live this swallow life. This was all I could do for. This was the furthermost, I was meant for to be in her life. I did my best.But I ended up getting tired. I needed to rest for real.

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