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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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Anna's p.o.v.

"It's been so long." I mumbled to myself.

Indeed, it had been two years. Time really flies within a blink. When I looked around, every corner of the town reminded of myself. In that town, I could see myself falling in love. I could also see myself crawling and quivering out of my losses. It still felt like all those happened yesterday. But it was already a matter of years ago.

I was again at the town to re-open the case. After going through so much, I have realized that I could no longer ignore my family's cruel demise. If I were to carry any longer than this, I would never be able to live through this heavy guilt. I had been through so much anyway. What could be worst than the life I lived?

"Are you sure?"

I could hear the police officer's astonished voice. He couldn't believe I wanted to re-open the case again. Maybe, he still remembered the crying and cowering me. But that was the young and immature me. Since I had now seen the world a little bit more, I felt myself much stronger than I was.

I smiled at his question, thinking how weak I was before. The officer couldn't help but get more surprised at the smiling me. Of course, he would be. After all, he wasn't there to witness what I had been through. But I had no need of explanation. If I wanted to re-open it, it was my problem. I didn't need anybody to question my action.

"Yeah, I am sure." I replied with the clean eyes that had no doubt and had no fear.

I could still see his face filled with questions and I chose to ignore it. I came so far with my decision. I definitely didn't want to sway anymore. So, I averted my eyes from his shocked face and gazed at those stack of files placed in front of him.

"They are very dangerous criminals." He said, letting his hands work on those files.

I didn't know if he wanted to create a fear on me or he simply was worried about me. But it pissed me. My family was cruelly killed. I nearly died. After so long, I dug the courage out to give them justice. Instead of strengthening me, he was trying to make me feel hopeless. What was his job anyway?

"That won't help them to escape their crime." I replied with a small voice, trying to sound as calm as I could.

I definitely didn't want to create a conflict between us without a good reason. If possible, I wanted to have a good relation with him. Maybe, he would be useful at a point.

"That's a lot of courage missy. It's your choice." He said, finally placing my files in front of me.

Whew, this one file took my whole time.

I thought as I picked the file. It seemed kind of dusty and old. It must have been a time effect. After all, it had been years. I silently opened the file and the first thing I had to see was the photos of my shot family.

Hah! A painful little sound elapsed from my mouth and all I did after that was closed the file. I was on the verge of tears. I definitely didn't want to show this weak side to anyone. Guess, the officer could tell how hard I was trying to suppress my tears. This time, however, he didn't speak a word of discouragement.

"You should hire a good lawyer. I don't think the public lawyer try their best. But it's my opinion, though." He said, scratching his head.

Guess even a well-grown man gets out of words when they have a young lady with tears in he

r eyes.

Whew. That took long.

I could hear Sabrina flaunting on her floral prints dress. She looked gorgeous as ever. Though we were still in touch, I had told them nothing. I definitely didn't enjoy gossiping about my work. Besides that, I had nothing to talk about. Leave Danish behind, I definitely didn't want to sound pathetic. Like, if I talked about him, they would definitely think I was still stuck with him.

"Hey, did you meet Rita?" I could hear Sabrina's low sound.

"No, she said she would come tonight." I replied, folding my clothes.

She was already cuddling on the bed. She really didn't change, still a wrench. It was such a long journey. The least she could do was help me to unpack my stuff. But I had nothing to say. After these years, I had become a person of few words. Even if I were to say anything, I was living in her apartment.

"Did you meet the lawyer?" She asked again.

The question got me into a long hiatus. I was so lost in my thoughts that I ended up continuously staring at the cloth that was in my hands. Sabrina got off the bed and approached me. She patted me on the shoulders and hence, hugged me from the back.

Wow. She got me into shock. She had learnt something called consolation.

"Yeah, I have. And we already send a postage about the case to the other parties." I replied with a small smile on my face.

"What? Can't we just pull the case without their knowing?" She asked again.

It made me laugh hard. I couldn't help myself to get amused by her stupid question.

"That's not how it works, dummy." I flicked my fingers on her forehead.

She really had me entertained for the whole time.

After a week.

"Are you sure, this is the place?" I asked Sabrina who was sitting next to me.

We were at the same cafe that we used to visit during our high school. There wasn't much change at the place and the taste of the coffee was still the same, a little bit bitter and a little bit more sweet.

"Yeah, I am sure. But let me check." She spoke, stuffing the cookies on her mouth.

Her one hand was busy on cookies and other on the phone. We were waiting for Rita and it had already been more than an hour. But I could understand her. After all, she now was a married woman. She had her responsibility.

"She said she is on her way." Sabrina replied, stuffing coffee in her mouth this time.

Either eat or speak.

My mind was scolding her. But I couldn't put these thoughts into words. I guess, I was afraid to be framed as a nuisance.

The sudden ring of my phone startled me. Maybe because it had been so long that I had received a call. I looked down at my phone and saw unknown numbers on the screen. Who is it? I thought for a while, still staring at the phone.

"Hey, Anna." Sabrina shooked her head, asking me to take the phone.

"Yeah." I said and swipe the screen.

"Hello." I spoke, taking the phone.

"Come out of the cafe."

"Who could it be?" I asked, being a little bit cautious.

"I have something urgent to tell you about your case. Come out."

As soon as I heard those words, I got off the seat and went straight off the cafe. What accompanied me next was the loud sound of gunshot and a bullet passing almost though me.

May be, the other party had already started to track my movements. I was safe no more.

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