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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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Anna's p.o.v.

Once again, I was trying to escape the unfortunate fate of mine. I needed a long break from everything. This wish of mine, however, seemed to never come true. So, I had decided a path for me. I wanted to return to my hometown and re-open my family's case. I had all of my stuff packed. Now all I needed was to bid a good-bye. I definitely didn't want to disappear from Jane's side without her knowledge.

I sat on the sofa of the living room. The apartment was quiet. It always used to be quiet when she wasn't around. No matter how much irritated I got from her, I couldn't help myself from smiling when she was around. She was my only home and my only person remained on this planet. I definitely didn't want to lose her.

My person? I almost thought I had two.

The thoughts crossed my mind real quick and I sat there with my numb body. I definitely had enough of crying. But those stupid swollen eyes were still threatening to spill more tears. I pushed my palms on eyes, trying to stop my tears. The apartment was indeed very quiet and it had managed to increase my sadness.

I remembered the young me who was just at her sixteen. She was flourished with love, affection, and happiness. If I were the same sixteen years old Anna, I would be clinging next to him even if he didn't love me back. I couldn't even do that because I wasn't the same sixteen years old little girl. My life had forced to me mature in such a short time. Within two years, It felt as If I had seen all the toughness of life.

I took away my palms from my eyes and ran my fingers through my hair. I pushed up my long hairs and tied into a messy bun. Then I ran those same fingers through my face and tried to calm down those running eyes and nose. It was almost time for Jane to arrive and I definitely didn't want to scare her again.

I even switched on the TV so that I wouldn't feel sad and lonely. But I couldn't glimpse a thing that was playing on it. My mind was elsewhere as always. I really doubted that some day these thoughts of mine would be the cause of my death. It really would.

I really need to stop.

I thought, throwing myself on the sofa. Right after that, I heard the door clicked. I could tell, Jane was finally here.

"Jane." I gave her a call, trying to sound as fine as I could.

"Yeah." She shouted from the kitchen.

She had such a bad habit of getting into the kitchen right after coming from work. I smiled at the thought and brought myself up from the sofa. Then following her humming sound, I too entered the kitchen.

I watched at her tall back which sometimes felt like of a man. She was so much bigger than me. She had her coat taken off and her short hair was dangling below her chin. She was already up to eating.

"Wash your hands, will you?" I screamed at her as always.

Seriously, she was a God-damn doctor. Yet her hygiene was poorer than mine.

She placed the piece of cake at the plate and looked at me with her pouting face. It made me doubt her age. Is she thirty or thirteen? Gosh, she was so childish. I couldn't win with her, just like with certain someone. I chuckled and wiggled my hand, asking her to carry on.

"Do you have something to say?" She went to the point directly.

I watched at she who was licking her thumb like a kid. I could understand the care she had for me. I could also feel the love she had poured on me. Because of these things, it got even harder for me to put forth my words. But some day this beautiful home I had inside the water-bubble had to burst. Some day, I had to leave behind the beautiful memories I had with Jane. That some day just had to be today.

So, I collected all my guts and finally said what I had to.

"I am going back to my hometown."


"I am going-back.."

"What do you mean going back?"

"It means exactly what it means. I am going back. Anyway, it's not like I have any good job to do here. And life here is quite expensive."

The co

nversation went back and forth for a minute. Then, a long hiatus waited for us. We both kept quiet and looked at each other face. Nothing said, Nothing done. We just gazed. I know we both could feel the pain and sadness in our eyes.

"Did you see the newspaper?" She spoke, breaking the silence.

Even in such time, she was worried about me. It made me feel guilty. Why couldn't she get angry at me? Why couldn't she scream at me? Why did she have to be so kind? She was such a moron.

I shook my head as my response, letting her know I read the news. As soon as she watched me shook my head, she rushed toward me and grabbed my arms. It was an amusing sight. She was acting more nervous and sad than I did.

"Look, Anna. Danish, he is just a child. Give him a chance. He still loves you. He loves you more than anything."

I widen my eyes at her words and again let them down. For a moment, my heart raced like that of the young lovers. But then, it calmed down.

I couldn't deny her words. Somewhere in some part of me, I knew he loved me. Until then, I was only trying to protect myself. I was trying to victimize myself. I was such a pathetic creature.

"I know." I said, finally admitting the truth.

"I know about it. But jane, what should I do if we both are scared to face our feelings?"

I raised my hands up and caressed her cheeks. She looked so scared. It made me happy that she was getting scared for me.

"We are no more children. If we can't face our feelings, it's better to let them go." I stretched my lips and gave her a forceful smile.

"Even your smile looks so sad. How will you let your feelings go?" She asked the question and pressed at the place where it pained the most.

"If I can't let them go, I will treasure them." I scoffed at her almost crying face.

I looked at her teary eyes and rubbed my fingers against her lips that had the tinge of creams. No matter how much childish she was, she would often speak some words that would keep me thinking. Indeed, nothing beats the time and experience. A tear rolled out of my eyes and accompanied her crying self. It must have been a humorous sight. Two women crying with each other at their arms.

"Promise me, you will give him a chance. You will take him back if he comes to fetch you." She struggled her words through her crying self.

"Yeah. But that will be only a sweet dream." I scoffed at her words.

It really was time for me to mend my mistakes.

Danish's p.o.v.

I was unceasingly staring at her photos on my phone. Even the home screen was of her. My stupidity had no limits. I fell for her and trailed her so far. And when she was almost within my reach, I pushed her off the cliff.

It was the right thing to do. It was the only thing to do. My mind kept on repeating though my heart was aching like hell. I really needed an escape and for that, I was deepening myself into my works. I even announced my engagement so that I could create some distance between us.

Still, when I heard she was leaving the city, I broke into tears. It was me who asked her to leave. It was me who pushed her without giving a choice. Yet I was suffering more than I could imagine.

Jane was ranting at me and preaching how I had let her hopes up. She was nagging how I left her broken. What about me? Everyone kept on saying it was my fault. They just couldn't see why I did this? If I had gone for her, then what would I do with Paul? He had been my best buddy for years and be it in pain or happiness, he had been through it with me.

Would it be right to abandon him for a girl who left me without a word?

No. It wouldn't. As I mentioned before, in these games of love I always let my mind win.

She left? Let her. I had so many things to deal with. I still had to rise so high. I still had so many things to accomplish. It was a better idea to let go of my weakness. In my father's words, she was my hell-fire and I absolutely won't let myself get burned.

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