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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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Jane's p.o.v.

That day, I left the hospital quite early. I wanted to visit Danish and make sure, his wounds hadn't opened up. Thanks to the almighty that he wasn't internally hurt.

Though I was dying out of curiosity, I couldn't bring myself to ask the reason for his condition. It must be because of a fight between Anna and him. It was my guess. After all, nobody had a greater effect on him than Anna.Even after being in love for so long, that moron was still an amateur.

Well, he may change now. I thought as I opened the door and entered the pitch dark apartment. Somehow, it felt bitter. I guess I had formed a habit of getting a warm welcome from Anna.

Hah. I heaved a sigh and placed the coat on the sofa. I was in desperate need of a shower. So I was up to take out some bath robes. But once I lit the room, it scared the hell out of me.

A small figure was sitting on my bed. Though I was startled at first, later I recognized that little body. It was of Anna. She was sitting like a lost child with her hands desperately collecting her knees to her chest. Looking at her, I mused why do she always look sad?

"Anna?" Shaking off those thoughts, I gave her a call.

She quickly turned toward me. Her eyes were still swollen and they were fidgetting as if she was waiting for me. Standing still on the door, I watched her crawling off the bed. But her legs gave up on her and she fell on the floor.Somehow, she reminded me of a newly born fawn.

"What's wrong, Anna?" I asked her again and this time, forwarding my hands toward her.

"I am tired, Jane." She choked the first thing out of her mouth and her words sounded so broken.

What happened? I had seen her smile, just this morning. Her smile was filled with warmth. Now here she was, so broken and so fragile.

She always made me want to protect her. She was such a strange person. Indeed, I could understand the reason behind Danish's lasting love.

I patted her shoulders and laid on the floor with her.

"He-I thought..I hoped he loved me. But he's always playing with my feelings." She again choked.

Her hiccups were making it almost impossible to understand her words. But somehow, I got the gist of her troubled self. I could tell Danish had acted mean to her. That guy sure was impossible, always picking on the girl he dearly loved.

"Shh.., it's okay. He loves you. That's why he acts mean to you."

Though my words seemed out of place, I tried to console her. I pulled her closer to me. But she leapt and wrapped her whole body around me. Wow. I thought She had never acted in such before. I could tell she must have been hurt really deep. Funny thing was, even I ran out of words. I had no idea how to console her. So, I just laid next to her and let her cry her heart out.

Anna's p.o.v.

I had a quite late morning. It was twelve when I woke up. I found myself on Jane's bed and there was no sign of her. I ran my fingers through my hair and dug my head on the blankets which felt so heavy. My eyes were still itching the same as before.

Ah, I cried so much again. I even troubled Jane.

I thought as I placed my feet out of the bed. The night felt quite long. No matter how much I cried, the night wouldn't fade away. Jane had once told me, "Time heals every wound." Guess, I wanted the night to end quickly so that I could heal. But the pain felt the same even after waking up at the other side of night.

I picked the newspaper of that day from outside the door. The uncollected milk and newspaper made me realize that Jane wasn't at the apartment from the night before. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember her leaving the place. It made me felt quite ashamed. I could tell, she must have been irritated by seeing such a pathetic side of me.

"Hah." I jumped on the sofa, giving rest to my sluggish body. I still had the newspaper on my hands.

I wasn't quite the news person. But that day I op

ened the paper because the headline caught my attention. The front paper was filled with the picture of Danish. I had never seen him with a girl more than once. But guess, even he was a man and even he had his needs.But that wasn't the thing that tore me apart. It was the news that was printed in big block letters.

The big letters headlines were more shocking that his photos with numerous girls.


Engagement? Renew?

The only thing left was to laugh like a crazy bitch. Really, he had me left speechless. He played with me all around and had got my hopes up. I could recall just one day before when he was dying out of jealousy. And now, here he was printing his news of his engagement.

I quietly folded the newspaper and placed it on the table. What else could I do? I was already tired of crying. I was tired of throwing my tantrum. All I needed was a proper rest.

Though it ached like a hell, I needed to rest now. I needed to ease my torn heart. I let out quick swallow breathe and did my best to console my heavy heart. I gave up on my body and let the sofa lift my weight. Sleep. I need to sleep. I thought. I needed to sleep because it was the perfect solution to forget everything. It was the best medicine to my sore wound. I slowly placed my hands on my heavy heart and closed my eyes, letting the only a drop of bitter tear escape from my eyes.

Paul's p.o.v.

"Man, don't do this." I screamed at Danish who was taking a rash decision.

He was acting like a fool, doing whatever he wanted to. I knew he was trying to get rid of Anna through this engagement. But that wasn't so right. Both of them loved each other so much. Still, here they were acting like fools.

But I am to talk about. It was all happening because of me. If I hadn't kissed her..If, only if I had controlled myself.. I was mad at Danish. But more than that, I was mad at myself.

It was the tenth time. I had repeated the same thing again and again.

"Anna wasn't the one. So, don't punish her. Punish me!"

But this words would get lost in the thin air. He wasn't ready at all. He just wouldn't hear my words. It was as if he had taken a decision and was stubbornly sticking to it.


I gave him a final glance. I was already tired of convincing him. With those guilty eyes, I watched him sitting still on his black leathered chair.

Even in such condition, he was at his office. I knew him. It was his way of concealing the pain. He used to do the same before. Always getting addicted to his work so that he could forget his pain. He hadn't changed at all. How could his heart change?

"Foolish." I whispered.

This time, however, he responded.

"I know what I am doing."

These were the first few words he uttered after two days. To be exact, he hadn't spoken a word to me after he saw me with Anna. My heart raced like that of a child who would get happy after reconciling with his friend. I was the same. I was a fool too.

"No, you don't understand a thing." I shouted at him, taking the chance to pursue him.

Even though he spoke, he still wasn't getting anything on his head.

"I do. Anna, she bewitched me. She bewitched you. She is a fucking bitch. I don't want to ruin what we have, just for a girl." He let out his words smoothly and then got paused.

His words scared me. Indeed, everything was happening because of me. My eyes rolled out of guilt and I tried my best to keep my sweaty palm dry. Guilt. Guilt. Guilt. It was the only thing that filled me.

Breaking the silence, he again spoke.

"What we have worths much more than she. So, let's pretend nothing happened. Let's pretend we never met Anna."

He again took a long hiatus. May be, it was the longest painful hiatus he had ever taken. After that, he let out words that were cracking in every bit of them.

"Let's pretend we were never in love with her."

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