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   Chapter 34 NO.34

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 6778

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Anna's p.o.v.

I don't know when did I fall asleep? But when I wake up, I found myself on a huge bed. A sweet scent was teasing my nose as I looked around the familiar looking simple yet luxurious room. My eyes could barely open up and they were itching horribly.

Did I cry all night long?

I thought as I pushed the comforter aside. Drifting my feet away from the bed, I slowly paced myself out of the room. I needed to see Danish. I wanted to confirm if he was alright. Although Jane had promised me that she would take care of him, I needed to see him move with my own eyes.

I played my fingers on my pajama as I stood in front of the door. We were at Danish's mansion and the least I knew on that huge building was his room. I tried to knock the door but I had no guts. After everything that happened last night, I really felt ashamed to show my face. Not the less, Mr. Paul must be next to him. It's going to be so awkward. I thought as I lifted my hands up, next to the door. My eyes were tight close when I knocked it.

"Anna, come in." My heart rested on peace when Jane's voice warmly welcomed me inside.

I looked at her with a slight smile on my face. My swollen eyes ran through her white uniform to her gleaming face. She always managed to make me feel home and I couldn't help myself from imagining her as my guardian angel.

"What a mess you have made of yourself." She said while softly caressing her fingers on my cheek.

I couldn't stop myself from smiling. Seeing her so calm, I finally settled my agonized self. Her reaction had already given me the answer I needed. Danish is fine.

"Okay, I have to go. I'll see you later." She said with her eyes on her watch.

I nodded to her, permitting her to leave. Then, I just pushed myself a little bit farther into the room. Finally, I was looking at his moving figure. I watched at his back which was faced toward the window. Though he was fine, I couldn't help myself from getting sad. His back that was turned on me still looked very painful.

I stared at that back of his for a while. My heart throbbing at my ribcage was threatening to pierce out of my skin. It was getting so loud that I could hear nothing but my own heartbeat. I placed my edgy fingers on my chest as I heaved a long breath. I need to calm down. I got my eyes shut and tried to convince myself mentally.

"Why are you here?"

The voice scared the hell out of me. I thought that he wasn't aware of my presence. But he was. More than that, his question made me feel as if I was uninvited. I looked at his back that was still turned on me with my sad eyes.

Because I am worried, silly. I thought but kept my mouth shut.

I nearly aged myself last night because of him. After crashing at my place, he was asking what was I doing there? He sure had a strong gut.

As the silence started to change into awkwardness, I finally managed to speak. I wanted to kill these uneasy feelings with my words.

"I wanted to make sure you were fine."

"Oh!" He let out a word and got paused.

Again, the silence started to loom around. But this time, I couldn't bring myself to say anything. He had punctuated the conversation with his one word.

My eyes fidgeted around out of nervousness and I gulped, trying to moist my drying throat. I really couldn't maintain balance over my body when he was around.

"I am fine. You ca

n leave." He said without bothering to turn around.

"Eh?" I let out the word of shock.

He bothered me the entire night. He made me worried. He made me go through the horror. I was so damn scared and all the time, I was praying for him to be safe. And what did he just say? I can go. He really was something.

"I..I, .." I didn't know where to start the nagging.

"Consider you never saw anything and if possible, leave the city." That was his arrogant sounding words.

I got dumbfounded. I couldn't help but stare at his mighty self. I thought he put through all the trouble because he loved me. I thought that he still loved me. Is it how you treat your loved one?

"No, make sure you leave the city." He again opened his mouth.

"Hah!" I choked my shock out as I looked at him.

What was his problem? One time he was trying to die for me and then, the other time he was pushing me aside. I felt like his puppet. But I refused to be one. So, I just gave my reply.

"Yeah, I'll leave the place. But I won't leave the city."

I stepped my legs away from the room.These were my final words for him. But he refused to take those words from me. And before I could reach out for the door, my tiny body was pinned on the wall. His hands were grabbing my arms so tightly that I could barely move. I even managed to bang my head on the wall. But unlike before, I didn't found his warm hand rubbing my aching head.

"Leave before you regret!" He growled at me.

His eyes were glaring hard at me. They seemed as if they were set on fire. His face showed nothing but disgust. He was acting disgusted toward my presence. His scary eyes and disgusted face staggered me.

I thought. I hoped you loved me.

I thought as a drop of tear burst through my duct. I couldn't bring myself to challenge his glare. He flamed me on false hope and now, I was paying for it.

"Don't avert your eyes. And never make a mistake of taking me lightly. I have blown numerous head like yours."

He yapped again. His hold was getting tighter around my arms. Even if I wanted to refuse him, I couldn't. He looked like a mad-man. The person I knew was long gone. I couldn't get even get a glimpse of Danish I knew.

My lips barely parted to respond. But rather than speaking, they were shivering more. My eyes that were already swollen were pooled with tears. My vision was getting hazier and I couldn't even see his face. He had me completely shaking and trembling under his claws.

"Do you get it?" He again barked, thrashing me on the hard wall.

He was scary. He felt violent. He sounded crazy. And he seemed nothing like the person I knew. What else could I do?

I just shook my head at his demand and whimpered the word out.


"Good!" He said, finally letting go of me.

I wobbled at my feet, not sure if I should leave the room. He was god-damn king of the devil. And of all the time, he made it clear this time. I was quivering so hard out of fear that even after trying to balance myself, I was about to fall down. I needed to get out of there. I needed to escape that cave. But I was too scared to do so.

"Can I leave?" I squealed the words out, the fear quelling still the same inside.

I looked at his tall figure with my hazy eyes, still not sure what to do. But when he gave a slight nod to my question, I didn't wait a second to leave the place.

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