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   Chapter 33 NO.33

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 5505

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Danish p.o.v.

Relief. My mind was asking. Relief. My heart was begging. And relief. My body was pleading.

I wanted a god damn peace on my bewildering body and soul. But even after thrashing all those bodies, why wasn't I getting anything? Even after letting ever bit of my body tingle with pain, why wasn't I being able to forget? I wondered. I was amazed how the pain in my chest still felt much sharper.

Ever part of my body was dripping with blood. But my head had no clue if the blood belonged to me or someone else. All I knew was everything is red.

Unknowingly, I again headed to the same direction. My legs were reaching out for the same place, my tired eyes were carving for the same old face and my fingers were dying to feel the same warm touch. How could it be unknown? My head knew every step I took while my heart acted as a fool.

Once again, I found myself on the door of Jane's apartment. My head was spinning around, unable to do anything straight. All I could think and see was Anna. That fucking innocent looking murderer! That angel looking evil being! I told you, I was her puppet. Look, how she had dragged me under her wings again.

Anna's p.o.v.

I didn't know why I kept on checking the door monitor. Somehow, I felt as if he would come again. I, at least, knew that much of his stubborn self. And the time when I saw him in front of my door, I cried a little.He was neither ringing the door bell nor knocking the door. He was just lying flat on the floor.

As I opened the door, I almost lost control over my body. I fell on the floor and remained on the same level as I watch him breathe and only breath.

"Dan..ish." I whispered, my hands quivering above my mouth.

He was covered in blood. None of his body parts had the shade of his skin. His cheek was slightly swollen and the corner of his eyes was exhibiting the blue which was much darker than his eyes. Fear was creeping on me and my hands were shaking as I crawled toward him.

I slowly and slightly touched the nook of his elbow and again called for him.

"Hey, .. wake up."

I was struggling for words and all i could see or think was his quiet self. After a moment of shock, I finally managed to let out a loud cry. A tear barged out of my eye and trailing it, a stream flowed.

"Hey. Danish, wake up?" I cried, shaking him even more than before.

My chest felt tight as if my heart was swollen and my stomach twisted into big knots. My minds had lost its rationality, forgetting what i should be doing at the time as such. All i did was shook him more and cried for him even more.

I saw the history repeating in front of my eyes. Once again, i was losing my people. My heart was dying with him as i cradle his swallow self. M

y lips were continuously mourning at him and continuously calling for him and my hands were struggling to pull him closer and closer to me.

"Please don't die" I cried as i dug my face at his chest, my hands squeezing around his arms.

My heart leapt on my throat as i cradle him back and forth. It was such a familiar sight. I was again holding a person dripping on blood. Such a familiar sight!


I finally snapped out, my mind taking the first rational decision.

I forced my hands on my pocket and jerked my phone out. But my stupid hands were trembling so hard, i couldn't even grab the phone correctly. While hastening my action with my trembling hands, i watched my phone striking the floor.

"Damn it! Don't do this to me." I screamed as i crawled over to grab my phone again.

My phone rang before i could dial a number and the name on the screen at least managed to lift my heart a little bit. It was Jane. I quickly swiped the screen and held the phone on my ear. My hand was trembling.

"Jane, I... I " I started to shudder as i spoke.

I had no idea where should i start speaking of. Should i tell how he ended up in such condition? Or should i tell how is he? Entangled on those thoughts, i kept on repeating the first few words.

"Wait a bit, Anna. First take a deep breath." Jane said from the other side of the phone.

I did just as she told me and heaved a long breathe. My one hand was still clutching his arm.

"Now, speak." She said.

I tried to remain patience as i was told. But I started to cry again as i explained myself.

"Jane, he, he is wounded." I choked my words.

"Like, everywhere."

A continuous hiccups were blocking my words. But i some how managed to speak.

"Danish?" She asked again.

My mind was getting faint and without realizing what i was doing, i just shook my head as a reply. I clammed my fingers tight around his wrist as i cried. All i could think was, about the horror that i once felt two years ago.

"You stay there. I am nearby and i will call the ambulance." She said and hung off.

Ambulance. I should have called ambulance.

I thought as i hit my head with my own fist. But Jane had already said she would call it. So all i did then was cried and then cried more. I had almost lost my consciousness because of crying.

Jane said i was clinging next to Danish when she came with help. I also heard, it was very hard to separate him from my grasp. She told me, "You look so sad. It almost broke my heart."

Her words made me realize how dear he was to me. I had determined to let him go. But when i saw him unmoving on my arms, i nearly died with him.

He still was the missing piece of my heart. The crazy thing was, he would always be.

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