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   Chapter 32 NO.32

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Paul's p.o.v.

I took a puff of cigar as i landed myself at a bench of the park. It was midnight, the clock ticking almost at one. And of course it was cold, the coldest night i had ever spent.

I could have joined Danish to the Jane's apartment. But that wouldn't seem right. He had already warned to watch my steps and even i wanted to maintain as much distance as possible from her. But that little bird like girl had gotten into me so deep that the more i thought of her, the more i would realize about my feelings for her.

For once, I wished i could fume her like this cigarette and let this feelings i bore, vanish like the smoke i breathe. At that moment, i really hoped this wish of mine to come true.

What have i brought to myself?

I thought as i stared at the cigar that was entangled in between my fingers. I could have stayed at the car which was warm and cozier than the park. But something just didn't felt right. Maybe the warmness had gotten into my head, i had started to imagine many thing that started with "what if". And these things that i imagined were just not right.

Anna belonged to Danish. I knew this from the very beginning when i saw her. Still, heart can be a fool when your mind lose control over it. My heart pained when i thought about what might they be doing in that small apartment. There was no injury. But the pain felt sharper than the bleeding wound. It felt as if i was suffocating to take a glance at her small face.

I had never dealt with so much emotions before. And if i could, then i would never want to get through it ever again. I hummed at my tragic feelings and mourned the loss i had with another puff of cigar.

The only thing i wanted right now was to peek a glance at her sweet face and to satisfy my heart. At least that was what i thought. But human's greed pace along with the acquirement.

When i heard her voice at the pitch darkness, it really startled me. As if my unheard wish had been fulfilled. Her presence at the side of me had made my heart go insane. At the thought of her being at my reach, i started to forget everything. The emotions that Danish had, remained forgotten and the only priority i then had, were my feelings.

The feeling i had for her, ruled over my concise. And before i could resist, i was already crashing my lips on her.

My life's most horrible mistake!I had laid my fingers on my pal's girl. I deserved more than just a punch. So i just stayed still, when Danish thundered at me with his fists.

Danish p.o.v.

I am so god damn fool. Here, i was trying to make her mine and ended up pushing so far. Not the least, i humiliated her.

My head was in unrest, fueled with unceasing thoughts. I was supposed to shorten the distance between Anna and me. I was supposed to prove her, what could we have between us. But a moment of hot-head ruined everything and now, again i found myself struggling on the pit of my own emotions.

When i met Anna on the party, i saw some mixed emotions on her eyes. Her eyes spoke pretty deep as if they held jealousy blending with sadness. I definitely hated to see that look on her eyes. For once, i thought she loved me. And for once, i held my hope so high. After all, though we parted we had never spoke a word of "break up".

She had changed. Indeed, i had changed too. But this heart where her name was carved though bleeded for years, still beat the same. It still beat for her.

As i stood in front of Jane's apartment, my heart almost dropped on my stomach out of nervousness. My hands were shaking more than the first time i had a date with her and i was continuously gulping as i put forth my finger to press the doorbell. Really, even the doorbell felt hard underneath my finger. I almost took ten more minutes to gather my energy to push the single button.

There were so much things to fathom and so much emotions to comprehend. But keeping these things apart, the most amusing thing i realized was I had become much more pathetic than before. At least, i wouldn't taunt the woman and humiliate them before. Especially, if it was Anna. I used to be so much careful before so that i wouldn't end up hurting her.

Ah, i have become so careless. I thought as i waited at the door that didn't open at all. I felt so f1cked up. This girl hadn't left a thing of me, she had broken everything of me. The crazy part was, i needed her. I needed her to fix the broken part of me. Even when i knew she would never fix me, my legs would always twist its direction toward her. Literally, i felt as if i was her puppet. No matter how much i tried, i would always end up playing within her hand.

I rang the door

bell again, the fourth time. But before i could press it for five times, i saw her standing in front of me. I watched her paused, her face getting surprised and then being engulfed in fear. It was a hysterical sight because she at least knew, she had done something wrong.

The problem was that she didn't know what her crime was. Funny isn't it? She broke my heart into million pieces and her ignorant was helping the pieces to get scattered around the cold electric mine, only few moment apart before the pieces explode into dust and only dust.

"Why are you here?" She spoke, her lips barely parting from each other.

She reminded me of the nice sounding slap she had gifted me on the party. But anything for my queen, i wasn't mad at her.

"Are you the owner to ask?" I replied, haughtiness remained on my voice.

How would i know how to talk with affection? Nobody taught me a single thing about it. Only thing i learned was bossing around and pressuring my orders on the people's head. If only she had been there for the past years, maybe i would have learnt something more about affection.

So much to ask for.

I thought as i saw her opening her mouth, still arguing about my presence. Well, i didn't want to do anything with fight anymore. I was there to reconcile with her. So rather than making the situation worst by opening my mouth, i just headed in with the thoughts I will talk about it more patiently.

But that damn girl escaped from my sight again, making me run after her. She was still on her pajamas and had no sweater on. Even if i didn't want to, i had to tail her. Otherwise she would freeze to death.

In the park

"What are you doing?" A lost sound elapsed through my mouth, my eyes remaining wide open with a shock.

It was god damn Paul. If i wasn't mistaken, i saw him kiss her. I couldn't believe my eyes and for a moment, i even wonder if i was hallucinating. But unfortunately i wasn't because the two breathing sinister beings were right in front of my eyes.

I took a step forward, my mind fuming with anger, jealously, pain and what so not. Their shocked expression that i could feel even in the darkness pissed me off even more. As if a thief was caught on the sight, those two kept quiet and did nothing else.

Why couldn't they understand a thing? There silence was killing me more.

I wanted them to deny what i saw. I wanted them to make an excuse and say it was just a mistake. I just wanted a small thread of hope, a hope for my love and a hope for my friendship. But their silence killed it all, forcing me to act reckless as i always was.

I kept on screaming and asking "what happened?" I even forced my fist to open his mouth. But he wouldn't speak. Anna, what should i have expected from her? She had been shutting her mouth for years.

"Can you please stop? Why are you interfering us? Like God damn, stop bothering me."

Our love was already dying. Her last words finally killed it, swift and clean.

The hope that had ignited in my mind and soul had now started a fire, trashing every bit of me. There was no one i could trust and there was no one i could love. I had only asked to love, was it really hard? I didn't even ask her to love me back. I just wanted to love. But it was damn hard to keep on when heart ends up colliding with deception.

Tears foamed on my eyes as i wondered, why do everybody loves to hurt me even after i give them so many chances?

"See, you really fucked me up." I murmured, my voice cracking in every bit of it.

I was left so damaged that i couldn't even get what i was uttering. She really was something. She cracked the shell of mine and guided me out. Now, when i thought i was finally home, she broke me off. When i thought i was finally grasping the love i deserve, she directed me toward my broken shell. Now, the cold breeze slipped into the shell freezing every part of me and the shell seeped the tears that oozed from my eyes. Everything was shattered; be it my love, hope or patience.

"I am so done with this love." I uttered as i rested my back on the wall.

I didn't know how i managed to get into a tunnel and i had no idea how much i walked. I just knew i was standing in front of a pitch dark tunnel where loud noises of some people were echoing.

Until i got myself into trouble, i stood there. Actually i was eagerly waiting for this trouble to arrive. There was so much going in my head and the proper word to describe it must be frustration. I had to vent on someone. This undying sharp pain on my heart and my unstable mental state was asking for relief.

"I needed this!" I choked as i watched the thugs surround me.

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