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   Chapter 31 NO.31

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 10209

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Anna's p.o.v.

I opened the door, just to see the arrogant self standing there.

Despite of my emotionless face, I could feel my heart drumming loud and trying to slip here and there. There was a fear and again there was some expectation, some excitement. Just after looking at his face, I had realized how much I craved for him. How much I had longed for him.

Still the fear remained stuck in some corner of my head. I had dared to defy him and his presence meant only a thing he wants revenge.

I felt my pulse move, acing its limit as the memory crossed through my head one by one. I clenched my teeth as I felt the ocean of nervousness hit me. My skim crawled though the scary atmosphere and I could feel it getting drenched with my own sweat. I was cowering. My eyes fidgeting around him.

Calm down. You weren't wrong.

I mentally tried to maintain a peace within my havoc mind. I dug my nails on my sweaty palm as I again tried to disobey his growling eyes.

"Why are you here?" I choked some words out of my struggling throat that had went dry out of fear.

I saw his eyes widen and then again, resting at its position. He must have expected for me to run and hide. I could see him make the expression how daring?

"Are you the owner to ask?" He scoffed, making me swallow my tongue.

I couldn't think or speak beyond that. I knew Danish was right about. No matter how much I tried to pity myself and how much I tried to victimize myself, every words he spoke of me were my truth. It was just me who wasn't able to embrace the filthy side of me.

Escaping his mocking eyes, I met my gaze low with the floor. Once again, he managed to humiliate me. I knew, I wasn't the owner and I didn't had any right to deny the guest of the house.

"But... the owner isn't here." I stumbled on my own words as I let out a small whisper.

Danish, he decided to show me his cocky side and entered the apartment without caring what I had to say. He seemed irritated, his eyes gouging deep as if something was frustrating him. I could tell from his restless self, what he wanted. A equal humiliation, a equal revenge!

What has time turned you into?

I hit hard my head from inside as I mourned on losing my beloved Danish. The one that stood in front of me was the hollow and swallow person. He wasn't the one I knew.

I never remembered knowing him.

Slightly twirling around my body away from the door to living room, I saw him rest his body on the huge sofa. He would really act like a king wherever he go.

Rather than making me pissed, his haughtiness brought a puddle of melancholy. He had me from inside, my heart and my soul. And i was there, struggling to swim out the broken me who was externally fine but was drowning in misery from inside.

It felt hard to breathe. As if I was encaged in a existless little dark room, I felt suffocated. Though i tried not to be affected by him as much as possible, i couldn't save my broken heart from dying piece by piece as I see the person he had become.

My eyes brawled with my broken heart, trying hard to resist the tears it had brought. But it was worthless. Even after crying every nights, the tears that i had named after Danish hadn't dried out. As tear streamed down my face, it felt hard to stare at his back. His back that had already turned around from me a long time ago was still the same. Cold. Ruthless.

Unable to think a proper solution, I did the same thing as I used to always. I escaped the situation.

I heard the door slammed as I rushed out of the room. I should have closed it little slowly. Now that I slammed it hard, his mightiness must have gathered some negative ideas.

I thought as I stood next to the door for a while.

At the park

It was so blood clotting cold and I hadn't brought any sweater with me. My feets were still wrapped up in the soft wool slippers. Except for my feet, I shivered everywhere.

Rubbing my cold arms, I breathe a long sigh. I was in a nearby park and it had been thirty minutes since I arrived. But judging by his nature, I wondered if he would spend the night at Jane's apartment.

"Ah that f**k bastard." I hissed as I imagined myself shivering with cold for all night long. It was pretty disturbing imagination. I saw myself turning into ice.

"I can't believe, you call him that." I heard someone laughing out his words by my side.

I rolled my eyes as I stared at the heavy figure sitting at the park's bench. In the pale light of the park, his structure was hard to recognize. I had heard the voice before. So, i was sure i knew the man. I tilted my whole head to his side, trying to see his face.

"Paul. It's Paul." He again spoke, sounding as if he was trying to control his laugh.

"Ah. I must have known, you would be here since he is." I ridiculed him with my words as I settled myself at the side of him. Thanks to the dim light, i felt at ease. I was glad that Mr. Paul wouldn't be able to see my swollen red eyes.

His rude self was still trying to subdue his laugh. And here, I was in no condition to joke around. Litera

lly, I was dying here out of cold.

After he controlled his laugh, we remained quiet as he got focused on his own thing and I got focused on my own. In other words, we both got busy on ourselves. Nobody spoke a word and still, I felt comfortable. Unlike with him, my pulse would have skyrocketed with Danish.

Ah, always thinking about this....


I sneezed as the thoughts circulated on my mind. It was pretty dark since it was a moonless night. The light that was trying to brighten the surrounding had gotten engulfed within the pitch black. A little bit of its shine had reached us. But, it wasn't enough to make me notice what face was he making? What was he thinking? Even if I could, I would have never noticed. Because he was never the topic of matter in my head.

"Here." I saw Paul's words tuning on my ears as his warm blazer covered me entirely.

It was sudden and it felt quite weird and awkward.

So I just looked at the dark figure of his though I couldn't see the face he made.

"Um. Mr Paul, I am alright. You'll get cold." Only had I let out this words. Only had I spoke, I felt warmness crashing my lips.


I blinked.


I stared. And continuously stared.

What was happening? I couldn't figure out.

Until I came to my sense, I found myself pushing the wall like hard chest.

"Mr. Paul." Those words escaped my mouth as a whisper.

My mind still in awe, trying to figure out what just happened. And my fingers touching the lips which still felt quite warm. It was goddamn bloody kiss.

These f*ckers!

I cussed mentally as I jolted out of my shocked self. What was he thinking when he kissed me? What was even in his mind? Don't tell me, you too think i am easy. The thoughts piqued me enough to lose my mind. Anger thrashing on my head, I opened my mouth to scream at him. But before that, "What are you two doing?"

These words echoed in my head, clearing away the fog of anger.


I thought as I could tell whose voice it was. I removed my eyes from Paul and placed it to another tall dark figure that was standing next to us.

I couldn't see his face. But his voice sounded quite pissed off.

"I asked.." he mumbled, "WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?" and suddenly screamed so loud, my heart shook off.

He sounded pretty scary and violent. His dark tall figure felt like that of a monster hovering around its prey.All of my anger had vanished, only thing ringing on my mind. Did he saw that? With this question, I remained there like a statue, paused and shocked. Even I didn't know what happened, how could I explain him?

As the silent prevail when neither i nor Paul tried to utter a word, I saw the tall figure bolting on Paul who was next to me. His hands were grabbing Paul's collar instantly. Even in the darkness, i could sense his killing intent. My hair prickled on my neck out of fear. Fight and blood were two things i wanted to stay away from.

As my eyes froze at them, i saw him shaking Paul as he asked the same question, "what was that?"

Oh gosh. He saw me being kissed.

A realization hit my mind and I finally got out of my deep shocked self. And when I finally grabbed the happening, I rushed myself in between them.

"Stop it!" I screamed, pulling Danish hands.

Please, no more blood.

I wanted to cry those words out. But it would make me look weak. And Mr. Dawson love to fed on people's weakness.

Paul could have done something to stop the fight. But he just remained there as a soulless doll. For god sake! If he knew this would happen, why did he do that?

I pulled and pulled. But Danish resisted, his hands still grabbing the collars and his question still seeking for a proper answer.

But there was none. What could be the answer to it? It was just a momentary impulse and nothing else.

Anger was foaming inside me, making me hate myself. Making me question, why was i even in the park at mid-night? I could have dealt with Danish more properly. But i just needed more trouble.

He punched Paul on his face and i saw him fall on the ground. Though he deserved the punch, it should be coming from me. Why was Danish meddling like its his freaking problem? He should have been happy, happy that even his friend had the same thought about me as him. He should have been glad that his friend thought i was easy.

Why am i even trying to convince him?

Taking away my hands that were pulling Danish, i again screamed. My voice sounding louder than before.

"Can you please stop? Why are you interfering us? Like God damn, stop bothering me."

I huffed after was done with my screaming and now i waited for him to respond.

A silence.

Not a word was uttered. But i could feel my skin crawl under his intense glare. Paul was still on the ground and i remained still next to Danish.

I expected him to growl at me and brawl with me. I thought he would fight to prove he had right to meddle into. But he just remained quiet. And then left.

I saw his back as he left quietly. Somehow i found it sorrowful when he walked away without a word.

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