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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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Anna's p.o.v.

I curled my legs up as i cuddled deep into my comforter. An uneasiness was muddling my wide-awake mind. I could sniff the trouble i had created and it smelled like of freshly spilled blood. I had dug a bottomless pit and now, i was just waiting to get buried within it.

Drifting my head from the bright surface to dark side of my comforter, i hissed at myself.

"I should not have done that."

My mind was repeating the same thing again and again, making me regret my doings. I knew i shouldn't have hasten my action. I should have patiently dealt with him. But he just wouldn't understand, always trying to get me under his control. Always wanting to be the one to savor the victory, either through humiliation or through violence.

I closed my eyes letting the darkness absorb them. But my mind was too anxious to let sleep take over me. After all, i had slapped Mr. Danish in the party, in front of pools of people. And i had managed to earn a huge attention. Never in my dream had i thought, it would cause a great deal of fuss. Like, i had fought him before and i thought that was normal.

Gosh. He must me plotting a murder.

I lay there, underneath my comforter with my eyes rolled upward like of a dead man. I was continuously sighing like an aged woman as i tried to forgot the eventful memory. But they kept on striking on my eyes like the flashes of the cameras.

That night at party, I had planned to make a safe and quite escape until his eyes fell on me. The blonde cheek was by his side, gluing like his hoe. Though It pissed me off, i have to admit they looked quite good together.

Dashing suit that tighten around his muscles and shiny shoes that pulled off his personality, he was the most wanted bachelor of the party. The hair that was neatly combed backward had highlighted his breathe taking facial features. His blue eyes that were roaming as if they were in search of something, were more than breathe taking. And the side cheek of his, pulled his looks even more with her beauty. Showing her beautiful curve with the skin tightening black off shoulder dress, she was the most glamorous woman of the party. They really nailed to become the most attractive pair.

Acknowledging the bitter truth within my brain, i darted my eyes away from Danish. But his legs moved as fast as his eyes and he was in front of me with in a second, blocking my way. I didn't know what his problem was. But it pissed me off much more than i already was.

Oh hell yeah, i was pissed. And yeah, i was getting jealous with capital J. Like who wouldn't? No matter how much i denied, i still loved him like crazy.

I gritted my teeth as i looked up to meet his gaze. Girl, i was so small even with my high heels. I faked an awkward smile and knocked at his shoulder, asking him to move away.

As if he would do what i say.

If i asked him to live, he would jump off the cliff. Yes, ma'am, he was exactly as i mentioned.

Looking right at my eyes, he had this wide grin. And he looked as if he was up to something, something naughty. Stupid ass! Slapping away the beauty's hands off him, he placed his hands safely on his pocket.

"Miss Judy, meet my new lover." He said, with an amused face.


I just stood there, still staring at his daring eyes. But inside me, my anger was thundering and striking spike. New? Wow, i didn't know when we agreed to become lovers and when did i got a tag of 'new'. His blue mocking gaze was still on mine and i saw them challenge me. For the first time, his beautiful blue eyes exasperated me.

I would have loved to hear us being lovers and only lovers.

"Ha!" I blurt out a short laugh at his childish act.

"Mr. Dawson, i don't date kids." I replied, playing with my words sharp and thorough.

I was proud with my words and i got happier when i saw him widen his eyes. His expression played along as i wanted for a while. He had a shocked face, his tip of tongue dancing in and out of his lips. But it was just a moment of pleasure.

After some minutes, i saw his lips stretched a little b

it right, making a perfect pissed off smirk.

"Yeah, i remember." He scoffed.

Ah, i pissed him off like i want. But now what?

I thought as i looked at his murderous glare. His lips were shaking as if he wanted to grab my neck. His hand was rounding the wine on the glass as if he was trying to get back on me with a perfect backup.

I already knew, he wouldn't let me off until i let him win. Indeed, he was a kid. I saw his handsome looking self, breathe hard on his fitting shiny suit. Looking at his black suits, i realized i hadn't seen him on casual clothes after i met him. Leave the matter of casual clothes, he never wore anything but black.

Nodding on my thoughts, i passed a look at the blonde girl next to him. The beauty, named Judy was already watching me which was more like glaring. She had those same eyes as before that were saying, knock off bitch.

Wow. I internally got shocked and looked the other side as if i had seen nothing. Even this time, she managed to scare me.




I hummed mentally.

It had been so quiet after the last words of Danish. An awkward silence was hovering around us, making the atmosphere intense. But i didn't wish to break through it. Rather, I wanted to escape it. And i did exactly what i wanted. I moved my feet around Danish and the blonde girl, until he opened his mouth.

"By the way, the old man that you dated last time told me you were really good with your words. Is that how you make your money?"

I got paused as his words echoed through my ears. They rang through me real slow and only after a while, my head was able to grab its meaning.

The terror his bitter words brought upon me, pierced through me real deep. Panic took over me, making my throat go dry out of words. I didn't know how to respond.

My mind had blown off within a second, making me unable to think and my cheeks had the blend of humiliation. My hands and legs were shaking as if the ground had slipped off.

Really, i couldn't get a thing as my eyes got blinded with anger, fear and humiliation.

But somehow, I turned my legs toward him and blindly followed the direction of his voice. He was still babbling, "....If you want money, you can make from me. You just have to.."

He kept on babbling until i made a round applause with my right hand to his cheek for his great talking. He really knew how to piss people off and he really had his way of making people feel down, to make them feel humiliated. Even the blonde chick next to him had an amused face before i marked my fingers on his face.

"Talk, when i rob you." I blurted anything that i had on mind. With a bitter tear bolting out of eyes, i stood there and glared at his paused expression.

Soon after that, i remember Jane pulling me out of crowd that were enjoying our great show.

Ah. I sighed and rolled at the other side of my bed. Was trying to neutralize my debt really that bad? Now that i have worked at a bar, have i become something disgusting?

I placed my hands over my eyes as i tried to make myself unthink. But that wasn't possible. Everyday if not these, something else would be playing on my mind. I used to think too much and get drown within it. Getting depressed was the regular matter and the only thing i dread for was, someday it would be the cause of my death.

I gulped as i got scared of my own. I was getting weird and unpredictable that every action of mine, had started to shock me. Losing my mind into my deep muse, i gulped.

A swallow sound was continuously ringing until my mind finally managed to notice it.

"Ah the door bell."

Judging by how it sounded, i could tell the door bell had been ringing for a while. But my mind was too busy to hear it.

Hurrying myself, I pulled myself out of my bed and went out to the door with my pajamas. Jane was my expectation. But my expectation would always manage to shock me.

My feet graved themselves at the floor as i opened the door. I should have slammed the door at his face. But i couldn't. I just looked at him, at his arrogant self.

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