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   Chapter 29 NO.29

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 6839

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Anna's p.o.v.

Life indeed was cruel.

There were these people who were tossing wine on there slim shiny glasses and there was me, standing there with mouth full of drool. For these people, it must have been only a party. But for me, it was place that I could never be able to attend with my own power or status.

Karma sure is a bitch.

I placed all the blames of my good for nothing life to karma. What else could I do?

My starry eyes ruffled around the extravagant room and they scanned through every gorgeous people alive at that party.

If I were to catch a guy out of so many stupidly crawling around bachelors, my life would be all set. No debts. No more craving for money. No more struggling stupid life.

But marrying a rich guy would be wanting to be that slut who seduced a prince at the story Cinderella. Except for, 'cinderella' the title itself was upon the bitch. If she wasn't there, the sotry wouldn't exist.

Such a good thing to make your daughter learn. Grab a guy and be his whore.

I giggled to myself as my thoughts started to run off topic. My forehead that was facing midly low was rested on my thumb and other two subsequent fingers.

Literally, I was shocked to my own stupefaction. Like here I was thinking how I wasn't made for the place and the thoughts ran from there to marriage and then to a fairytale.

"Gosh! I need to stop." I shook my head as I mumbled to myself and looked around.

Today I was one of them. I knew nobody and the better part was nobody knew me too. So, I loosen my worked up mood and gave my head a rest.

Slightly picking up the end of my pink long dress, I struggled over my five inches heels to reach out the bar. It was a party. I was dressed beautifully and more than that, nobody knew how broked I really was.

The atmosphere calls for a little bit of drinks.

I nodded to my thoughts and pulled my slightly tanned hands on the serving table. I rushed my eyes around the black colored wooden racks that was filled with different types of wine. Those, I had never seen before. For a reminder, I worked at a club before.

It was quite a sight. But I knew I shouldn't stare at those with the eyes of awe. That was so called common sense to act like those present at the place.

Clearing my throat, I rested my elbows on the counter and with my fingers of both hands running though my cheeks, I posed my best smile. What am I even doing? Flirting with the bar boy? I internally mocked myself, getting surprised at my own acts.

Yeah suits you better.

I thought as I hinted a glass of anything and I mean anything, with my index finger. I didn't bother to talk since I didn't knew much about what was even there. The bar-boy nodded with the same smile as if he completely got through me and placed a glass filled with light yellow colored drinks, which I believed to be a juice.

But it didn't tasted like one. Actually I knew it was alcohol from its taste. But I refuse to acknowledge it, for I loved to get a little bit of tipsy tonight. To forget all those pains and to forget all my beloveds. Either dead or alive, I wish to forget all those betrayers of mines.

Taking the last sip and feeling it running down my throat, I rolled my eyes. Finally looking anything else than my glass.

"Um. Why's she here?" I mumbled at a sight of a tall slim figured girl.

Her hand was stumbling over Danish's, making it seem

as if she owns him. It was quite a familiar sight.

Her curves running at the right place and her blonde curls hanging below her chest. A beauty with devilish eyes. I knew exactly who she was.

And it pissed me off more than the first time I had met her.

Pulling the dress of moving Jane, I opened my mouth to ask. But I felt a little bit too drowsy to speak. So I just pointed the girl with my eyes that were red shoted, I believe.

Her eyes met mine and followed them until the tall figure was visible to her. Staring at her as if she knew her, she took a sip of her champagne before she did her talkings.

"Oh she?" She spoke, her voice sounding a little bit low because of her head's direction.

"She's his cousin." She said indifferently while the whole secene was igniting fire on me, internally.

"Actually half-cousin." She corrected herself as she again took a sip of her champagne.

"Umm, I tho..ught she was .. hi..s, ..fian..cee." I let out my words, trying to sound as sober as I could.

I definitely didn't want to create a secene and gather the eyes of everyone's one me.

But there was more to way I uttered those words, an unknown nervousness that was crawling in and out of my heart.

"She was. But not anymore." She chuckled over her own words as if she found them amusing.

She sometime looked as if she was filled with malice, as if the only thing she could do was make people feel offended. But she was weirdly sweet and gentle with me. And I loved that part about her. Because it would make me feel as if she only belonged to me.

Ah, I sound like a lesbian.

I had a smug smile looming on my face as I let these funny thoughts to cross my mind. I doubted if I was this humerous before or its just the effect of alcohol.

"I'll warn you once and for all. That girl has been after Danish like.. since, I think when they were in high school." She sniggered, still the same evil grin patched at her face.

She seemed as if she was looking forward to the entertainment that I would present her. But little did she know, I was too aware of her intention.

"So?" I asked her, presenting the sweet smile the tipsy me could give.

And I knew she didn't expect the reaction that I gave to her words.

Ah I am so honorable.

I thought as I wiggled my eye brows on her face.

"She is you freaking love rival, damn it!" She spoke out louder to compensate her expectation, maybe she wanted to see me flustered over Danish for once. But I wasn't going to move a inch from what I had planned. Weakness and emotions weren't to be shown to anyone, no matter how close you people were.

So I stayed there with my stoned eyes and did the honour of responding to her words.

"Once she was, but no more."

Jane stared at me as she had seen a ghost above the thin air. Her cheek blushed into red, don't know if its because of the champagne or because of her wide sickening grin. She swiftly placed her hands over my shoulder, throwing the devasting question at the same time.

"Don't tell me, you left Danish because of her." Her wicked and loud grin now was hurting my head, making me unable to pull an act along with her pace. She really was tiring, too tough to handle. The extra bonus point for her to be single for her age.

"I better get home. I am feeling drowsy." I tried to escape from her claws. Little did she know, she used to remind me of Danish.

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