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   Chapter 28 NO.28

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 5849

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Anna's p.o.v.

Once upon a time, There was a girl, There was a guy.

They both loved, And lived a life.


That was a big fat lie."

Before i got this messed up with my life, i used to believe on those first five lines. But things had changed. And now whenever i recited these lines on my mind, the other two lines would tag along. Who says i didn't gain anything in my life? I managed to gain extra two lines on my favorite rhymes.

My good for nothing life dwelt around for a month until i finally crashed into Jane's apartments. Things were definitely heading into another direction. And even i had got caught into the heating moment. But that's it.

My heart wasn't ready for what he desired and my body didn't go easy on what he wanted. The scars of my nails must still be in his face. And i hoped it never fades away so that he would think twice before touching me. A man whore!

After fighting him like a wild cat, i was finally permitted to live with Jane. Not at Paul's place and not at mine. But only at Jane's place. Otherwise, he threatened to lock me at a room of his mansion. Not like i believed he would do so. But i didn't want to take a chance and get tormented by him. After all he was the king of weirdos and the worst tyrant.

Anyway, i was going to be homeless. So living at Jane's house had made my life a little bit easier.

It had been more than two weeks. I hadn't seen his scarred face and that didn't make me sad or anything as people thought. Rather i was relieved. I had started to work at nearby cafe and my earning was fine, though not enough to pay my debts.

I had previous experience of working since i grew up helping my father on our cafe. So the work wasn't so difficult and i would often get a break. Everything was fine except for the salary. I needed more money. But after taking the mission given by Danish, i had realized "not every clubs are like the club i worked before". And there was no way, Danish would allow me to work at his club again.

Don't know what's his problem.

I thought as i folded the recently washed and dried clothes of Jane and I. After i moved at hers, i had started to do all her house works. That was the least i could do for living as a freeloader. Ah it sound so bad. But i have to admit, i was a freeloader. But Jane didn't say a thing. Maybe because she earned a lot. Or maybe she pitied me.

Well, whatever her head cooked wasn't my concern. And even if i had tried to know what she was thinking, i would go insane before fully getting what was on her mind. In other words, she was no less complicated than Danish. In fact, she could beat Danish in the race of weirdness.

"Wooh! That tired me pretty much." I sighed as i finished folding the clothes.

I had already done the dishes, cooked the dinner and cleaned the room. Now even the laundry was done. With the thoughts of taking some rest, i went to closet to

place the clothes. But not long before i could neatly arrange the clothes, Jane jumped on me and disarranged them.

"Jane, you DUMBASS!! You messed up all the clothes." I screamed out of fury.

I worked all day long at the cafe. And i wore my bone off, doing her housework. Now, finally i was about to take a rest. And she just had to ruin it all.

Stupid. Moron.

Now i was finally getting aware, why Danish and Paul called her with such name.

"Anna. Have some mercy on the house owner." Jane sniffled.

Queen of drama. I just crossed my arms above my chest and glared her until she stopped acting like a kid. Like she will be thirty on next month. And she is pouting like a kid with me, with a ten years younger girl than her.

"Okay. Okay. I was just excited." She raised her hands up as she spoke.

"So, listen." Here she goes. Getting excited over nothing. Well, nothing could get me excited like the money. So, whenever i saw her like that my eyes would automatically roll around out of disinterest.

"We are attending a party. So, dress up." She hooked her hands around my neck and whispered as if we were discussing some mission.

Parties. They reminded me of dresses shorted than my knees and my bare skin. After working for two years at the clubs, i hated to wear such clothes. Bitter memories of the lecherous eyes of my customers would shade upon my mind whenever i see or think about the clothes that revealed much skin.

"Definitely..." I said, placing her hands off my neck.

"Not." I spoke as i picked up the fallen clothes.

"Why?" She whined.

I looked at her cat like eyes and just slammed my head on the dark chocolate colored closet out of irritation. I saw where this thing was heading and i knew "no" wasn't the answer. Jane wouldn't take a "No" from me. Old hag!

So i now got dressed up in a pink plain long dress as i wanted. I was definitely against the idea of wearing short dresses and maybe Jane realized my reasons. She didn't bothered me much. She just picked one of her ankle length dress that would be cover me up to my five inch heels.

I did some light makeups with a pink gloss and some mascara. While Jane went from boring doctor's appearance to sizzling hot beauty. Made me believe, clothes do make a man.

We drove on Jane's small personal car and no time, we were on the Royal Banquet. Everything was glittering, be it the people hovering around the door or the place itself. Blinking my eyes twice, i observed the elegance and the luxury of the place. It was beyond my reach.

Holding my purse on my two hands, i silently followed Jane. I maintained a slight smile as i walked though my inner self was screaming, Why am i even here?

Really, i felt so out of the place that my whole body was starting to sweat. You know the feel when you forget to swallow or to walk. That was exactly how i felt right then, as i passed the gleaming crowd.

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