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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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Anna's p.o.v.

Paul a.k.a. handsome face was standing in front of us with his radiating charming face. His gleaming mischievous were fluttering as he extended his words on us. I knew he was joking from the way he put his words. Or so was i wanted to assume

Don't want to get stuck with these weirdos, ugh.

I thought as i smiled at Mr. Paul. I really wanted to escape from the place and for that i needed to put a good front. Smiling up to my ears, i laughed out some words.

"Oh, Mr. Paul. You got me with that. I better get going." I patted at his shoulder and motioned my luggage around him.

"I am not." He replied with the equal grin upto his ears.

Yeah right. Even if you're not, just say 'yes' BASTARD!!

I bit my lips and faintly moved my head to shook of such thoughts. I really wanted to live a decent life. But those cursed words never left me all alone. Every time i get pissed, these cursed words would ring on my head automatically.

Don't be so negative!

I internally calmed myself. But seriously, even after taking a long nap for all day and night, my body was feeling languish. I really wanted to roll on my bed that was indeed small, but so comfortable.

Closing my eyes from seeing Mr. Paul's face that was currently pissing me off, i tried to be more polite than i mentally sounded.

"Look Mr. Paul, i don't have time for your small talk. Why don't you take one of them? After all, they both are desperate for a company." I added a sweetest smile that i could present to look much polite.

I blinked two times, feigning innocence though my words came out as a satire to Danish and Jane. Literally, they were making my already ruined life even more harder. One time was good, two time i would enjoy. But when they repeated the same thing again and again, they had got into my nerve. Why fake a care? I had seen many such act of people.

The time when i was at Rita's, her mom would always ask to me stay longer. But at my back, she would always rant Rita for my presence. Ah, i really hate to remember it! I thought and pulled my luggage.

I pulled.

Again, pulled. But it just won't move.

What the hell.

I spin around to see my unmoving luggage, just to get more pissed.

Now, it was again turn of Danish to graze on my paining brain.

He was again pulling the luggage from the other end.

Son of bitch. I paused. Shit. Brace yourself and stay positive.

"Where do you think you're going, little miss?" His mouth finally did the honor of speaking. And the mere words he utter, sting on my head so hard. Even if he was i hated to deal with him. I really wished to be out of his sight. Out of his territory. Out of his life. As if that was possible.

Sometime i even wondered if i had committed a great sin on my previous life, to have such a useless and sorrowful life. And looking at the people around me, my doubt would fade away. In place of it, a new belief would cuddle. Yeah, i indeed had committed a greater sin on previous life.

"Danish." Paul tried to interfere. But the whole situation took another turn. Just because Danish's head had blew off. Or is it called losing a screw? Oh well, that's off the topic.

Grabbing Paul's collar out of blue, Danish growled like a possessive beast.

"Stay the f**k away from Anna." His eyes were busy with his muderous glare that was stuck on Paul. He looked so serious that my head had now really started to hurt.

I had seen enough violence and it had shook me off enough. I really had enough. But i just stood there quietly, watching their 'about to start' dogs fight. Not like my saying had any meaning even if i had spoken.

But my expectation failed to match with his action

. He really was a unpredictable creep. In stead of continuing his little stupid fight, his strong hands approached me and didn't stopped until i was on his hold, possessively.

"What are you doing?" I groaned, out of pain. But more that pain, my groan had the blend of fear. When i said i had enough of violence, i mean it. And whenever i was with Danish, something would always happen. More than that, this moron had no sense of privacy or personal space. Tell if that doesn't count as a violence?

My small wrist was caught tightly within his strong tight grip. His grip was hurting me and the only thing on my mind was, i wanted to be free from it.

From the time i met Danish at the hospital, i knew trouble was sprouting. And now, i was completely under his claws.

"Uh." I let out a small cry as i resisted my hand, trying to get my wrist free. But he pulled me up stair with the same tight grip. I moaned, resisted and pulled. But this man didn't give a shit on it. He really had his own way.

"Get your ass right." He scowled as soon as the door of his room i believed, was opened.

Then i was thrown mercilessly on the ground. With my elbows supporting me on the either side, i lay at the floor. I could realize the red mark of his hand around my wrist and still could say or do nothing about it. Such a pathetic creature i was.

"Don't flirt with any men." His words totally came out of surprise.

Even his tone of voice was strange. He sounded more gentle. But it also had slight mixture of pain. Doubting my ears, i lifted my head so that i could have a complete view of his face. It indeed was strange. He seemed so angry just then. But now? More than anger, his eyes held agony and sadness.

But i never flirt. I thought escaping my eyes from his intense stare.

A really scary chilling silence got into the atmosphere, propelling me to speak. I swiped my tongue and licked my dry lips out of nervousness.

"I-I wasn't." I replied quietly. Again slightly peeking at his face, i realized his painful expression. I fidgeted over his heartbreaking emotion and tried to speak something beautiful that would soothe his emotional face.But nothing came out. My mouth just made a hole filled with air. Pathetically, i closed it and lowered my gaze.

No matter how much i hated him, i still didn't want to see him on pain. Why are you so stupid? I cursed on my own.

It took a moment for him to utter his words. And this time he made it clear, no matter the situation he would always managed to piss me off.

"You weren't." He chuckled.

Now he sounded evil and his face completely changed the expression, from sad to anger real quick. With his eyebrows furrowed, he banged the door behind him close.

What's wrong with him now? I though, shivering up to my toes.

"Look here lady, talking sweetly and laughing like a moron. All of them are called flirting." He spoke, his hands were descending toward me. I winced on his move and if possible, wanted to avoid his touch.

Without caring my reaction, he just carried on with his own pace. Slight caressing my cheek with his fingers, he slide his finger under my chin.

"Tell me if you have another meaning of flirting?" He lifted my chin high, my eyes meeting his perfectly.

I could clearly see my image looming over his crystal clear blue pupil. It was a magnificent view.

"I believe you got none. So just accept you are guilty, my queen." He whispered.

I hate this. I hate his touch. I closed my eyes real tight, trying to unfeel his presence.

But even if that was my death wish, it would remain unfulfilled. Because his touch would always managed to entice me and make me feel strange, a desire to melt completely within him.

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