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   Chapter 26 NO.26

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 5904

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Paul's p.o.v.

A loud sound of slamming a door awoke me. So long had it been since i last took a good nap. Now the hell was with the people of the house to make such a noise. The least i knew was Danish hated when people made useless noise.

"The hell!" I shouted and again placed my head on the chair. My legs were spread on the tea table and both of my hands were on either side of the chair. Yeah, this was how i loved to take a nap and i didn't care who passed the judgement over it. I loved to be careful. So, except for night i never touched the bed. Not even at Danish's place.

Again slowly deepening into the darkness that was brought by the closed eyelids of mine, i passed the river that was filled with blood. The reality of my life and the reality of Danish's life. We both were completely drown into the pool of blood and none of us was worthy to blame each other as a guilty. Both of our hands were filthy out of blood and none of us ever spoke a word about it.

We have accepted our fate without a hesitance.

No, Danish didn't choose this path to avenge anything. He never had to when his brutal father was around him. Except for love, his father gave him everything. But sad thing is, human carve for the thing which he don't get. His father love. He eagerly struggled for years to win his father heart. Until he realized how deep he was in crime world, it was too late for him to back up.

Poor guy. And i just followed him with a desire to become his guardian angel, he never had. I just wanted to keep this poor child safe from every possible fright. At least that was how it was.

"BANG!" Another loud sound of closing door got through my ear, making me angry. I was trying to concentrate and calm my impatience mind and soul. But these people were really seeking for a bloodshed.

Well more than that, it was a habit of mine. To get angry after a nap. I still have no idea why do i act like that. I always tried to control myself. But today, they went overboard.

Placing my hand on the back where my baby was nestling, i too banged and opened the door. The loud noise resounded for a couple of time, until i reached the first floor.

"Who was it? Who was the one to mock the rule of this house?" I screamed as soon as i reached there.

My roar almost paused everyone standing there. The twenty servants of the mansion were all lining up at a straight line and all of their eyes were peeking at me. There faces had a hint of amusement. And all of them were doing nothing but standing still.

My head snapped out loud when i saw them staying still, like do i pay them for their laziness?

Spinning the gun on my index finger, i looked at their amused faces. More like i glared. Their faces changed the expression from being amused to expressionless. The another rule of the house. No expression was ever to be shown while they were on their work.

"Who was the one that banged the do-or?" Just when i

spoke, another loud noise made me flinch.

The noise now, was coming right from my back. Biting my lips out of frustration, i swiveled around. Just to see those child like adult fighting like monkeys.

Danish. Jane. Anna.

Those three were fighting over a luggage. The three of them were pulling the poor luggage from three sides. What was even in their mind? And who the hell, the luggage belonged to?

I watched for a while. But they wouldn't stop pulling and more than that, those threes stupids were arguing like monkeys. Made me wonder, do they even understand what they were speaking?

After heaving a long sigh out of irritation, i rubbed my wrinkled forehead. No, they just won't stop. Even if i were to wait for hundred years, i knew their argument would carry on. Till i would die and turn into a skeleton, they would carry on.

"Can you people stop this?" I screamed out loud.

I could hold myself no more. Long gone my sweet nap and long gone my strong patience. Now the only thing remain, was the me with the anger like of thunder spike.

I stood still and watch them get paused. All of them. I could understand Jane, she was born a trouble maker. But Anna? And what about Danish?

"Explain this?" I demanded.

Funny thing, I was acting as a boss and i saw all of them obey. Even Danish was under my words.

"I want to.."

"She is going .."

"I don't want to.."

For god sake, do they understand what language for? They all spoke at once like the chirping chicks. And as i mentioned before, their was no stopping with them.

"Stop!" I again screamed. But now, i was enjoying this.

"Speak one at a time." I ordered agian like a boss.

"Let me." Jane got in front as always and started to babble.

"I want to take Anna with me. But this Danish won't let me." She complained like a grader child. So childish. She was senior among the three of them and was a year senior to me. But her behavior was so freaking stupid.

"Danish." I let him speak the next.

"I-I.." He repeated his word like a crying kid, "I want Anna to stay here. Even she agreed. But Jane is acting as a meddler."

"What, when did i?" Jane snorted.

"I never did." Anna squealed.

Anna! I pressed my eyes on the soft white face of her and felt my pulse increase.

Shit! All of sudden.

I cursed myself on inside and ruled my eyes out of her. All this time, those stupids were babbling. But none of their words got into my head. I was again lost into my own little world.

"So Danish. You decide." The last words of theirs, stunned me.

Me? Why should i decide? Morons.

"Heh. You people sure?" I gave a chuckle as a joke cooked within my head."

"Yeah." All of them responded at a time and i could see their eyes sparkle.

"Then she is coming with me." I mocked them and pulled the luggage toward me. Thier reaction really was amusing.

"whaa-aat?" They all gawked at me like a preying vulture.


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