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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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Danish p.o.v.

Anna, my girl! I looked at her sleeping face. Her forehead had creased into numerous and her face looked as if she was in pain. This girl, she was the most confusing puzzle existed in my life. Neither could i understand what she was thinking and neither could i sort out these feelings that i beheld for her. In a sentence, everything that had to do with her would make me go crazy, like a typical mad man.

I caressed her soft white cheek with my fingers and saw her skin twitched. She still had creases on her faces. Are you in pain? I wanted to ask these words, but ended up swallowing them. I wanted to let her sleep for a while so that i could observe her face more. Not because i liked to see her in pain. Just because, i had no guts to face the awake Anna.

I slowly put my index fingers on her creasing forehead and those creases settle down into a plain skin. Now her face looked quite relaxed. And now, she seemed more calm and peaceful.

"What were you dreaming?" I whispered, taking her hand on my palms.

Her hand was so fragile. I had never held a hand with a woman before. Never knew, it would be so soft. My mother used to tell me, a person's heart is as soft as his hands.

"So how soft is your heart Anna?"

Holding her hands high with in my both hands and resting my forehead on it, i gulped bitter-sweet pain from my throat, felt it until it reached at my chest and felt it until it shot right at my heart. My heart was hammering like of a teenager who was in love for a first time. It was punching on my ribs as if it would break them and come out of it. A perfect and absolute sign of how i felt for Anna.

For two years, i denied my love for her. I denied her existence. I desperately wanted to protect my dying heart and i had caged it with numerous barrier around it. After it, i never felt a thing. I saw numerous people blowing their brain with a bullet. But they scared me less than the Anna's existence.

She was my weakness. And my savior. When i was deepening into the crime's world, she was the one to shed her sunshine over me. Her continuous watch over my back used to make my heart full. I was completely satisfied within this little world. But for Anna, she only required a tiny bit of effort to crumble it down.

"Why did you do it? Anna, tell me. Why did you leave me?" I whispered again, her hand still held high, up in my forehead.

I loved her so much that i got totally swallowed by it. I really didn't want to repeat the same mistake. I really wanted to keep my heart locked. But as soon as she arrived, her mild and soft touch opened all the barrier one by one. She unlocked every bit of it, until there remain none.

Now, my heart was again full with love. She had stolen my heart and as her punishment, i was going to held her within my claws. No matter what she said and no matter how she resist, i was ready to face them all. For once, i wanted her all for myself and never let her go.


A small soft voice of Anna that felt like, would disappear as soon as they were uttered, woke me up. I had dozed off right by the side of Anna. How could i be this careless? I thought to myself and held my head low. Maybe, i felt a little bit embarrassed.

All of my little game of "getting shy and all" blew away when i felt Anna tugging her hand that were still captive within my palms. She was desperately pulling it as if she wanted it away from me. As if she wanted to do nothing with me.

It broke my heart. Rather than that, it pissed me more. When it came to Anna, i felt unutterably possessive. Either she submitted her to me or not. I had thought of her mine. I wanted her. No, I needed her. Pushing every stupid thing called feeling

s aside, i had decided a absolute thing. She is mine, will always be mine.

I pulled her soft hand that was resisting my touch and growled. Funny thing, she was always scared of me. Even when she confessed her feelings, she was cowering so hard. It was a amusing scene to watch. Every time when she was with me, her eyes would get closed out of fear. And I was to comfort her slowly and softly, until she would relax within my company. Until she would melt within me.

"Didn't you leave?" She asked with a hoarse sleepy voice. However, her eyes were wide awake and were in awe.

"I never did. I wasn't the one that left." I uttered but gave my words another meaning.

I really wanted to hear her reason for leaving me behind. Even if didn't had one, i wanted her to make one. I wanted her to make an excuse so that i could convince my foolish heart and rub a ointment of soothing words on it.

All the time, when i spoke i watched her face. Her eyes that were on mine quickly molded on other side. She knew what i was talking about and she still wanted to avoid my one and only question. Why? I kept quiet after my few words of interrogation and looked at her face. Her face had changed its shade from milky white to cherry red. Her pink bottom lip was being sucked out of nervousness.

"Is it really hard to give me a single answer?"

When i couldn't get a thing out of her mouth, i silently placed her soft hand on the comforter. My body was resisting and so was my heart. But in this game of love, my mind was the king of them all. Even when my heart felt thousands of feelings, i would always let my mind to win. This was how i worked throughout my life. And it was how i was going to work in the future.

"You. I gave you quite a few chance to answer me. But you disappointed me." I heaved a long sigh.

Then getting up from the chair, i pulled the edges of my coat and maintained them. Buttoning my shirts, i continued my small talk.

"You owe me a punishment. A punishment for hurting me."

I looked up on her surprised face and gave a evil smile.

"You are mine. Dab that in your head."

Along with these words, i step a step forward and that helped me to get closer to her than i already was. Then bending toward her and pulling my hands out of my pant's pocket, i grabbed her chin.

"Heh." I chuckled and gazed directly at her ordinary brown eyes. I don't know why i found her ordinary eyes quite beautiful. There were quite many people with her eyes but among them, she sparkled the most.

I eyed down form her eyes to her lips and swipe my tongue, licking my lips.

"And your punishment is to please me."

I couldn't believe how quiet she was. But I knew she was up to something. The Anna of now was quite daring and she would always challenge me now & then. She had became quite unpredictable. There was nothing like of the innocent Anna i knew, in her. Still i loved her.

"And what if i say no?" She finally let out her words, aggressively.

I was waiting for this moment. My little girl would never fail to amuse me. She always knew how to keep me interested.

"You know, you have become quite a talk around the town. The Grimmer's have become quite fond of you." I giggled. But my words were quite opposite to my laughing face. As if i was mocking her. But i couldn't help it. I really enjoyed teasing her.

"Ehh!" She cried out of surprise. I loved that expression on her face.

"So, what i am saying is. Either go and get killed from Grimmer's or come to me and do as i ask. Well, of course you'll be under my protection." I whispered right at her face and enjoyed watching her pissed face.

So naive and interesting. Of course she would be. After all she was my Anna.

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