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   Chapter 24 NO.24

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 8039

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Anna's p.o.v.

"Anna, Do you like the tomato?" Daddy's giggling words elapsed in my ears. He clearly knew how much i hated them. With my crying like face, i stick out my tongue out to unfeel the taste of it.

"Anna, stop it!" He mildly held my cheek with his hand and teased me even more.

Slowly and gradually, i opened my eyes from my year passed like deep slumber. Such a sweet yet painful dream, i had.

"Umm.." I made a small moan out of pain. Everything pained, be it my body or my heart.

It had been ages since i dreamed about my father. Even thinking about him would break my heart. So, i had always tried to ignore my past and was trying my best to forget whats gone. But the people engraved deep down your heart, they are the one that's hard to forget.

After years of suffering and struggle, i had learnt many thing. And the greatest lesson among them was, those who are living has no power to hurt you as much as the dead one. Because when the breathing one hurts you, you could rant them and pour you fury. But what would you do about the pain that was given by the dead one?

I was eight that time. My father, my first hero of my life. No matter what he did and no matter what he said, everything held a great meaning in my life. Even when he lied about mother, the innocent me had blindly believed him.

For years i waited for my mother's return. When time made me younger and more thoughtful, i learnt my mother was no more in the world and the years of yearning finally came to end. Not at once, but slowly. Slowly and silently, i gave up on the hope of mom's return. Giving up was far painful than waiting like a fool.

If i were to make a wish, i would always wish only a thing. Going back to the eight years old innocent me, for whom his father was everything.

I again, wanted to be she who was full of hopes and optimism. When nothing was broken and when i wasn't engulfed within the deep dark endless pit. When even when i lost my mother, he stood behind me and made me feel home over and over again.But these were all a dream now. A beautiful dream and an unobtainable dream.

Wiping the bitter tears from the corner of my eyes, i sorted my blank stare from the ceilings to the walls. The place felt quite similar. The same old bed, the same old light blue wall and the same old vase with the same old colored daisies.


Once again, i found myself lying in the same bed of the same hospital.

"Jane." I muttered as i tried to lift my head. But it felt way to heavy. A unimaginable pain was rushing within it. It was aching so bad. Lifting my both hands, i rubbed my temple.

Even when moving my eyes, it felt like they would pop out of socket. Well, the another matter i tried to figure out was if Jane was there. But she wasn't.

With a bitter expression, i took a long breathe. Right then, i desperately needed a company. And somewhere in the corner of my heart, i had expected her to be with me like before. After all, she once made me feel home.

What am i expecting?

I thought and let out a sad chuckle.

Nobody is here. Nobody was there too when you were suffering by yourself. You're a big girl now. So, deal with it.

I mentally empowered myself and shut my eyes close, trying my best to get into my deep peaceful slumber. But even a good sleep wasn't easy for me. Now, every time i closed my eyes the sweet memories would flash on my eyes.

Long ago, i had finally locked them in a dark corner of myself. I was a coward. When my family were murder brutally, i could do nothing. Doing nothing would have been great, but i ran away from it. I ignore their death and struggled to live on my own.

I had betrayed them. Even when my father's and sister's faces used to flash on my mind, guilt would reflect on my disgusting eyes. I didn't deserve to held their sweet memories. The least i could do was give their death a justice. But i was so scared for myself that i tried to forget and run away from all of it. I was disgusting in a w


"Anna. You are up."

My long deep thought was smashed into pieces by Jane's voice. Not like i wanted these suffocating thoughts. To be precise, i wanted a escape out of it.

I shifted my eyes on Jane who was well attired on white coat. She looked quite beautiful. And pure. If she knows my past, would she hate me? I wondered, staring blankly at her face.

"What?" She chuckled at a moment and again, made a serious face.

"Anna, what happened to you?" She asked, helping me to sat up in the bed. Her forehead was creasing and her eyes were purely showing a sad but loving affection.

I just gazed at her worried face. No emotion and no words. I just looked at her. Deep inside, i was seeking her warm hands to comfort me and her shoulders to let out my tears. But i was scared she would hate the pathetic side of me.

"Anna, can you stop staring and open your mouth? Why were you soaked in blood?" Both of her hands had captivated my arms and now, they were shaking me. It helped me to get out of my intense muse.

"I-I, .." I ended up uttering only those two words. Because, i was totally astonished about how i ended up at Jane. I only remember the handful of scary moment.

That night after the manager died in front of me because of gunshot, i was still on the floor. Right, my hands were shaking and my legs were too weak to stood up.


And, the man was laughing loudly. Yeah, he was laughing until he started to utter something like feeling drowsy. Yeah, the medicine that i mixed in the wine had finally worked.

After that, i somehow managed to get on my wobbly knees and pushed him to the floor. Oh, i had grabbed the disc too. But, still. How did i end up here?

I wondered when Jane was still interrogating me. But her words were vanishing in the thin air, without reaching my ears.

"Anna." She again shook on my arms and brought me back to the real world. The real cruel world.

"Come in." She gave a permission.

I was so busy with myself that i didn't even realize the knock. But now, my eyes were on the door. And i was whole heartily wishing it to be a nurse with a meal. Because no matter what, my stomach was giving me a squeeze out of hunger.

Too bad. The world's worst person crawled in and stood right in front of me.



He looked dashing as always with his body tightening, fitting black suits. His hair tugged backward, he looked unutterably handsome. No matter how i look.

"Anna." With his arousing scent spreading around the room, he took his each king step toward me. My breathe was stuck on my neck and i tried hard not to feel surprised or enticed. My heart was beating as if it would slip out of its place and my skin felt giddy.

At a time i wanted him to reach for me and another time, i was scared of his touch. These mixed feelings continuously battle within me until my eyes fell on his forwarding hand.

"Don't touch her." Jane slapped his hand so hard.

That was out of blue. And kind of scared me. Like, i expected him to touch me. But where did Jane's hand came from. Not like i hated it. It jut surprised me.

"What?" Danish choked at Jane's action. Maybe, he too hadn't expected her this action.

"You are not allowed to meet Anna." She poured at him. At a time, she felt like his mother shouting him, not to touch the candies.

"Are you kidding me?" Danish smug. He pulled one of Jane's arm and give his best nerve wrecking glare. His glare could turn me into ice. But it was only me. Because Jane, she slapped his hand and again started shouting, "Wasn't it you who troubled Anna?"

"Oh, look. A dog is barking?" He gave a sarcastic chuckle.

"Remember, how you fed Anna a drink in the name of consolation?" He again returned his words at Jane.

"Oh, please.." Jane kept on babbling and so did Danish.

And I? I just stared at them fighting and shook my head from one to another as their words trolled.

They might be fighting seriously. But i found it funny. And heart warming.

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