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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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Jane's p.o.v.

It was a usual day for me. Running from one patient to another and examining them thoroughly. Of course, it was tiring. But no matter how much i whined, it was a path i chose. And there was no turning back to it.

Plucking the white gloves out of hands, i squeezed some hand soap out of the bottle and spread it within my two hands. Just when i placed my hands underneath the tap, a nurse came looking for me.

"Dr. Jane?" She called, of course in a professional manner.

"Yes sister." I let out a sigh before letting out the words.

I had such a long tiring day and now, she was looking for me again. It meant a patient must have popped up. Such a stupid person i was, couldn't ignore the patient's request no matter how tired i was.

"There's a girl looking for you. I don't know if she is your patient. But she's in a horrible condition." She still had a professional tone, even when she was letting me know such news.

"Okay, i am on my way." I said and she nodded before leaving.

Wiping my wet hands on the paper towel, i subsequently went toward my office. I moved my legs as fast as i could. No matter how many time i recalled, i remembered no such patient that was in a horrible condition. After all, i was a mere physical therapist. The most i had to do was to examine the human's part to find out if the problem was with his psychology or the part of his body.

Shaking my head out of these thoughts, i eagerly rolled my eyes ahead to meet the patient. But the eagerness all i had changed its form into a horror, when a girl stood in front of me.

"Anna!" A small quivering voice escaped through my mouth as i gaped at the girl standing in front of me.

She was drenched within the blood and the tinged of the blood ran from her left cheek to her neck. The blood trailed through her clothes toward her shaking legs. Yeah, you are right.

She was wobbling as if she was a newly born fawn and her eyes were blankly staring at me. She moved toward me as she saw me with her tottering self and let out a small squeal.


After humming a word, her body slammed on the hard floor. And the whole scenario felt like, Anna's soul was leaving her body. Though unconscious, her fingers were tighten around a small disc. Don't know why she held it so dearly.

I wrapped my left hand around her shoulder trying to pick her up and slightly moved my right hand under her nose trying to figure out her breathing pattern.

"Nurse." I cried as i moved my fingers to check his pulse.

Thank god everything was normal. But what blew my mind was the Anna who was drenched on blood. Why was she in such state? What happened to her? What was the reason for her ro be in such state?

And only one reason echoed within my head, Danish.

Paul's p.o.v.

I shoved my phone on my pocket and raised my voice.

"Everyone can stop! Anna, she is found."

As soon as i spouted, Danish came rushing toward me and shook me with his hands on my each arms.

"Where's she?" He screamed out of impatience.

I knew how scared he was.But that didn't help to soothe down the

anger i bore for him. Pushing his hands away, i gave him a glare and turned around. I move my feet toward the car, real quick.

I was angry. I was mad at Danish. More than that, i was scared. So scared of losing Anna, i had lost my mind. I wasn't even me. The real me would always keep the feelings and emotions of Danish above. But this me, was going with own flow and until when i realized, i was submerged within my emotion

"What am i even doing?" I cussed at myself.

I was hurting Danish and this action of mine could create a misunderstanding between us. Not the less, i was the one that taught him to play with the fire. But this fire engulfed me along with Danish. I was slowly getting out of my control and Anna, she was the one hypnotizing me.

Calm Down. I cleared my mind and turned around with the aim to explain the situation to Danish. But like a ghost, he was standing right at my back.

"Gosh!" I exclaimed.

"You scared me." I spoke as i caught my escaping breathe with my hand held on my chest.

I waited for a moment, hoping he would give me a response. Strange as he always was, he just stared at me. But his stare was drop dead serious and carried a murderous aura. From the way i acted before, i was quite sure he figured it all out. Now, he knew about my feelings.

"I was waiting for you." Still i facade, trying to hide behind the smiling mask and hoping he would let it pass. But he didn't. After all, he was a man of few words and when it came to Anna, his mind would blew out of his skull.

"Tell me." He spoke, his voice so stiff and scary.

"What?" I tried to escape his claw though i knew it was already too late.

"You know what i mean. So, tell me."He again opened his mouth and his glared so sharp, it pierced my skin.

I was so ready to let her go. I was even ready to facade and forget her. But he provoked me and almost changed my mind. I decided to face those feelings for once. So, i let out a slight smirk and chuckled.

"So what if i like her? Would you leave her for me?"

With those words, i woke up the sleeping tiger that resided within him. And it responded with a wild strong punch. He sure was strong, making me fall on the floor with a punch.

"Don't even think about it. No matter what happens, she is mine and always be mine." He growled, grabbing the collars of my shirt. His eyes were scary. But they also had a hint of disappointment and pain.

I had never thought of snatching her away from him. I never did.

What have i done to this poor guy? I thought as i looked at his pained self.

I opened my mouth trying to let out a word of apology. But he suddenly shut me down.

"Don't apologize." He murmured.

He let go of my collar and tugged the end of the coat. After fixing himself, he let out a sarcastic chuckle.

"I already know. My Anna, she is unresistable."

I smugged at his words. Indeed she was irresistible.

"Don't worry! I was just joking. She is like a sister to me." I made a shameful, no sinful lie.

"I know right." Finally he turned a blind eye over it, though he knew about it all.

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