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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Anna p.o.v.

The red laser lights were dancing on the floor and my feet escaped fast through the crowded club until I reached the small cabin.

With a blank stare, the man opened the door of the cabin and lifted his hand, showing me the way inside. I gave a slight nod to the tall scary person and advanced inside.

"It'll be fine." I whispered trying to calm down my throbbing heart.

I patted my skin that was crawling on the sickening atmosphere. All of sudden, the whole thing felt creepy.

What awaited me was far from my expectation. With the club's name, i had guessed that the owner would be a young man. But a middle aged person was sitting at a rotating chair.

I took a short quick breathe and tried to map my plan again on my head. But as if my hot blood had flushed into my head, it started to spin.

Calm down. I again whispered and brought my shaking hand toward the door knob. Pressing it tight and not wanting to let it go, i slowly pushed the door with my hard heart. As soon as I closed the door, the man rolled around his chair and looked at my face.

"So you are the new worker?" He flicked his tongue with a lustful eyes.

I could already feel his intention and it helped to add fuel on my continuously racing heart, making it race even faster. As he gazed down from my bare shoulders to my legs, i automatically pressed my legs together. As if even the parts of my body knew what he was up to, they were reacting in a protective manner.

"You!" He let out his word in a soft but lecherous tone.

But after that he let out no words and only silence filled the room. Slowly and quietly, I lifted my head and gazed at his face that had a deep scar running from his forehead. Yes, you are right. He was bald and his head was perfectly shining under the light.

Standing up from the chair, he tugged the edge of his coat and moved his legs.

"So, you know the rules right?" He snailed around me, touching my bare skin.

Rules? Never heard of that.

Rubbing my neck with my hand, I slightly shook my head and let him have the idea of my ignorance to his little rules. My eyes were on the floor and with tip of my high heels, I was hitting the floor like I was trying to dig out something.

"Pour me a glass." He demanded, glancing at the tray with a glass and bottle of wine.

Then, he was up on his own phone. His face was creasing as if he saw something unpleasant. While continuously eyeing on his face, I successfully managed to put myself into a bigger priblem. The glass of wine that was on my finger slipped and its pieces scattered around the floor, giving a small cut on my ankle.

"Bitch." He hissed and threw his cell phone on me. The phone banged on my arms that were wrapping my head out of fear and my body lost the balance. One of my hand was in table, supporting my body.

He rushed his legs toward me and in no time, his fingers were intertwined on my hair. When he pulled my hair, the small microphone on my ear caught his attention.

How worst could the matter get than this?

Snatching it out of my ear, he glared at me.

"Who are you?" He hissed, pulling my hair even harder.

A small quivering cry es

caped from my mouth. Everything was wrong. My plan was doomed and I was found out.

I was so stupid to think, Danish would give me such a huge sum for a petty job. Of course, the bigger money would invite the bigger trouble. I was a fool, blinded my the money. And now after snapping out into the reality, I was regretting my decision.

"Bring the manager here." He screamed right at my ear, making me feel like a deaf. Only his voice was resounding on my ears and my head was going wild along with my heart. I was found out and something evil was bound to happen.

Jerking his hands off me, he pushed me and I fell hard on the floor. Sweat was travelling through all part of my body and my stomach felt heavy out of fear. This fear felt quite similar to the one I felt once.

In no time, the manager entered the room. The happening was so quick that my mind couldn't keep up with it. My heart snapped out of my skin on the loud sound of a gun shot and in a mere second, a body rolled over the floor. Right in front of me, there was a dead body. And he died of gunshot.

A familiar scene. All of sudden, the horror that I felt took over my mind, hijacking all of my thinking ability. I stared at the dead body with a blank stare. If this was how I was going to end up, I should have gone with my dad and sister. I thought, tears blurring my vision.

Danish p.o.v.

"Drive faster." I screamed at Paul.

My hands were trembling and my whole face was red out of the fear. I was the biggest fool. After pushing Anna into that dark hole, I was regretting it. I was trying to wound her.

The great irony was, the sharp pain that ran through my heart was because of my own action. Indeed, what goes around comes back around.

Grabbing my hair out of frustration and impatience, I screamed. I screamed as much as I could. I was angry at the slow moving car. But more than that, I was angry at myself.

The person who was monitoring Anna told us, he lost the connection all of sudden and more scaring than that was, it seemed Anna was found out.

No more reason to make me insane.

With my patience running out, I banged my hand of the glass of the car's window.

"Stop that bastard. We are here." Paul shouted as he clicked the door open. His voice was mixed with fear and anger. I knew he was angry at me. And I knew I shouldn't have hasten my decision. For the first time in my life time, I was wrong.

Banging the club's door, we hit inside. Paul shot a bullet out of his gun, making the crowd go even wilder. People were screaming and running here and there.

A stroke of fire was in Paul's angry face and I didn't know why he was wearing off more than me. As the crowd passed out of the club, all of the doors were shut and only my men's filled within it.

"Go check every room." I ordered.

But how could I remain there just like that? I too, started to run around searching for Anna.

I rushed from every corner of the club to every small box like cabins. That wasn't the only thing I got through. I even got through every restroom present on the club.

Strange as it was, no men of Grimmer's were found and neither was there the sign of Anna.

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