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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Anna p.o.v

So, this is the Grimmer's club he mentioned. (I thought, rolling my eyes in every corners.)

I swayed my hip from left to right and presented the best cat-walk i could offer. With my same old skin-tight-maroon dress that plastered around my curve, i smudge a faint crook on my lips that highlighted my perfect dark red lipstick.

The make up was done well and the attitude was faked flawlessly. The only thing i needed to do now, was seduce the owner. If not, his right hand and get that one little piece of shit.

Blending with the coaxing giggles of my new co-worker, i rushed my eyeballs from left to right. The club was quite smaller than the one i worked before and the customers seemed like the third class people.

Fu-fu, This is a piece of cake.

I laughed mentally as i grabbed a glass of wine with my three fingers perfectly. I never gave a thought on how Danish or his fellows managed to get me into the club and i didn't know why he was so sucked up into this matter. All i knew was, i was in dire need of money and Danish was ready to offer a lot of it. I could relax for another two months with the money he offered.

Fantasizing the life i would live after i acquire the money, i felt smug. I didn't know how Danish viewed me after i agreed his offer and i really didn't care what he thought. He wasn't the one living my life and he was never there in my high and low. If he wanted to judge the book by its cover, then it would never make me guilty.

Biting my nail, i let out a small chuckle and rolled my eyes around. Still dipped within my fairy-tale where i was my own hero.

With all those baldies and old grumps who were leeching over my young co-workers almost bare body, i sneered. Do you know how long you will live? Probably one or two. You should spend these years with your family, perverts. My thought danced along with my lips.

"Anna?" A old grump swayed his hands around my hip and pulled me closer to him.

Ah, the smell of the alcohol.

My nose twitched but my lips were still smiling. Along with all these touch & talk game, i darted my eyes. I was already on my work. I tilted my head a little bit left and zoomed my eyes into a small cabin where all the well-dressed people were walking in. Getting my head on to the work, i poked my finger on the girl next to me.

"Hey, is there a separate cabin for the high class people?"

She creased her forehead out of amusement. It was as if she would burst into the laughter at any time. Biting the stretching lips that were almost laughing, she whispered, "These are the best that comes to our club. If you are dreaming of looting the rich people, i can pull your leg and smash you down to the reality."


She just misunderstood. Sorry but i was going to be rich anyway. What she just said or how she judged the situation, was non of my concern.

"So, what's in that cabin?" I pointed the corner's cabin.

"Oh, that one?" she widen her eyes.

"You better stay away from there." She murmured in a really tiny tone. A fear hovered across her eyes and her eyes weren't amused anymore. She stared at the glass of wine that was in her hand as if she had gone into a deep thought.

Againa snapping out at a sudden, she lifted her head and opened her mouth like she was about to say something. But she just closed them out of hesitant.

Oh well!

I thought, not giving much thoughts on her. Not like it was my problem. I was going to be there only for a day.

"Anna right?" She talked suddenly, making me wince.

Looking at her seriously dead face, i nodded. What's her problem? I thought and looked away. I really didn't want to get into someone's problem when my own problems were as high as the mountain. Even when looking at the other side, i could feel her eyes creeping on me.

"Are you a newbie?" she again spoke. But, i didn't wince or got startled this time.

Well whatever!

I opened my mouth to response. But before i could rattle a thing, someone called my name. More like gave a loud bark. I replied to his call by standing upon my feet.

"You are Anna?" He asked, his eyes were really scary. As if his voice wasn't enough to scare the heart out of people.

"yeah." i let out a small voice and made my way out of the crowd toward the man.

This man was super huge, blocking the whole view ahead of me. He shook his head asking me to follow him and i just did what he asked me. No question. No hesitation. I just walked next to this pillar like person.

Danish p.o.v.

"You shouldn't have done that man." Paul ranted as he heard about Anna.

He was so flustered, like is he kidding me? He was the one that suggested me to play around. He was the one that reminded me, you have to play with the hellfire to get strong. What was wrong with him now? Acting so concerned about that stupid Anna.

"Dude, are you even on my side?" I leered at his red flushed face and rattle some serious words.

As my words filtered through his ears, he fliched a little as if

he just gained his awareness. Why was he even concerned about her? Unless he...? Lets not think like that.

"God, what am I thinking?" I whispered.

"I am supposed to get ride of her. Not to get sucked within her."

Playing my fingers within my hair, I averted my eyes from the hesitating Paul. He still looked quite worried about Anna. Looking at his face, I wondered, was it really wrong of me to send her to that place?

I set the plan without thinking of the consequences and now I was getting upset because of it. Literally, Anna's thoughts were making me nuts and I was slowly regretting my decision.

And just then, he had to popped in.

"Yeah, come in." I replied to a knock on the door.

The manager and a young girl got into the room. I stared at their face with a weird look on my eyes and my eyes were clearly questioning them, why are you here?

I never cared about the matter of the club. I had handed all the task on the manager's hand and all he had to do was provide me certain sum on the end of the month. Was it that hard? Made me wonder.

"Um, si-r-e." The manager spoke some wobbly words.

"Yeah!" I opened my mouth, my gaze still fixated on them.

Paul walked next to me and sat on the sofa. We, together observed the nervous faces of manager and the girl.

"What is it?" I asked again, more like demanded. My palm striking the desk, only a huge B-A-N-G sound was echoing in the room.

Shifting my bitter gaze from those two figures to Paul, I nodded my head. I was asking him to solve the unnecessary problem.

He shook his head slightly and stood up. Approaching the two, he let out a sigh. Responding to his sigh, I moved back a little and gave them a space. Trying to make them more comfortable.

"What is it?" Paul gurgled, his voice still upset and shaky.

Now the manager was opening his mouth. Like, was I that scary?

"Boss. I think sending Anna to Grimmer's was a bad idea." The manager spoke, still his voice was shaking.

"Why?" Paul interrogated with his eyes widening up along with his eyebrows. He looked quite interested.

"Wait, how do you know about it?" I meddled.

Like, I assigned her the task just at the morning and now even the manager knew about it. How is it possible?

"Um Anna was bragging about it. She said she was about to make a lot of money out of such a small task. I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't listen."

He yelped.

"Tried talking what?" The word made me curious. More than that, I was surprised how she was able to spread the news in such a small time.

"I was trying to stop her." He spoke in a low voice.

This time, though curious, I didn't ask any questions. Instead I let him speak what he wanted to. He paused for a moment, looked at my face and after grabbing my intention, he kept on going.

"You see, Anna. She used to trick her guest making them highly influenced with drinks. She has been doing this ever since she joined the club."

He peeked at my face and again looked down. As if he was expecting me to pour at him. But, I tedious looked at his face and yawned. Seeing me getting uninterested, he sighed and continued. This time he seemed quite relaxed.

"if I were to talk about Anna, she is still unknown to the real stuff of the club. Her only way to deal with customers by tricking them. But, it won't be the same. At Grimmer's, it is a rule that every worker should sleep with the owner unless you quit."

I couldn't get what he was trying to say. What was so wrong for a whore to sleep around?

Well, my heart did sank as I heard the word 'sleep'. But, she must had let many men touch her before and a one more wouldn't be such a deal. Beside that, it would make me hate her even more. That meant, I would become unconquerable since my only weakness would blow away.

"Not my problem." I giggled as I moved my legs toward them. I stood in front of them for a second and looked at their what-face. Then, I walked past them, brushing my arms with the manager's.

"Sir please. Anna, though is annoying, is very innocent. She know nothing about how savage this world can get. I doubted if she even had her first time. I really don't want her to have a horrible memories. Please."

The woman next to the manager finally opened her mouth and cried the words of mercy.

Rather than her strange cry, i found her words more strange. And quite interesting.

Not even a first time? Is she kidding?

"What did you just say?" I screamed after thinking for a while, getting surprised in my own. But my voice had a little blend of fear.

After thinking for a while, I realized more than the matter of her first time. Right now, she was playing with fire and she knew nothing about it.

This time my sinking heart completely drowned. I regretted my decision before and had finally got over it. And now a unutterable regret was gushing on me and my mind was blank. No, it was hammering with the same thought, Anna, Anna, Anna!

I just pushed her to hell with my own hands.

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