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   Chapter 20 NO.20

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 6410

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My head was spinning like a roller coaster and so many wild imagination were turning up.

"What have i done?" The sentence was going roundabout my mind.

A whore! Yeah, thats what I have become for him.

I still didn't know, how the hell I ended up in his mansion and more over onto his bedroom. I was so occupied by the thoughts of being homeless that I forgot to interrogate that moron Jane.

And coming back from all these thoughts to the starting point, he just said he changed my something and thats got to do with me from inside and it's of Victoria's secrets.

Did I?

The very simple question made my cheek blush and my belly got filled with dancing butterfly.

No, no! Stop acting like a bitch!

I shook my head to remove all those stupid-cindrella-like thoughts and patted my cheek, a little bit too hard.

"What's up?" The jerk spoke, staring at me like a tiger ready for its meal.

"Your cheeks are red. And...."

He slowly caress his finger underneath my hair, sliding through my neck and continued, "You're getting hot! Wow!"

His stupid looking grin now could show every teeth of his and it make me feel so mad & awkward. More than that I felt like I could die out of embarrassment.

"So, what do you think we did?" He let out his words slowly, softly and sexily.

He was doing this on purpose. And it all was because he loved teasing and harassing me.

The Danish I knew was quiet and kind. I don't know how did he managed to evolve into such monster.


I just let out a small quivering sound, more like a cry.

No matter what I said and no matter what did, it would only entertain him. Yeah, all of these were just a part of game for him. And my life was the biggest part of his joke.

"Tell me already honey. Can't wait to hear it." He chuckled, letting go of me.

Right after he let go of me, I took a few step back and managed to bang my head hard on the wall. But the pain that I felt, I just suppressed it.

I really didn't want to show any emotion in front of this man and become a part of his entertainment.

"That must have hurt." Surprisingly, he had a painful look on his face and even his hand was nearing me to touch.

I ignored it. I ignored his painfull look and his approaching touch. Just because I didn't want to deepen into his eccentric play.

He curled the fingers of his advancing hand as he realised my avoidance. And remain there with the same hurtful face.

"Tell me, why do you hate me so much?" He moaned, like a soaking cat.

His eyes were filled with sorrow that almost hurt my own heart.

No, its his way to play with me.

I thought and just stood there quietly and nonchalantly.

My response really did manage to piss him off. Because within a second, his cat like expression changed into a roaring violent tiger.

"Did I asked you to keep quiet? " He screamed, shivering me down to the tip of my toes.

I fisted both of my hands and tried to hide the fear hovering over my face.

"Uh, I don't remember anything." I let out few words before he get more agitate and make me more scared.

"Right. You don't remember." He smirked.

"You don't remember the disaster you invited

and you don't remember us having an..... without the protection." He chuckled.


"You-you are so gay. Taking advantage of a weak woman." I barked.

I know you are lying. Even if you say so, I know how much a man care about his future. I thought.

First he took me into his bed and now he's making fun of me. How haughty could he get than this?

"Never told you to get drunk, did I?" Pinning me into the wall, he roared.

"Anyway, girls are not supposed to drink." He loseen his grasp and averted his eyes.

"Excuse me! I am not here to hear your lecture. I am here for my pay." I screeched at the same tone he did.

For a moment, we glared at each other and there was nothing but a shivering silence.

I was poking a sleeping tiger and digging my own graveyard. Stupid of me!

"Quite daring!

You want your pay?"

He took a step back and giggled. Something was up. I was sure, he was up to something. So evil!

"Yeah!" I mumbled.

"Lets make it fun. I need a person to do a certain job for me. If you do it for me, I'll double your pay."

There comes the trouble.

I thought as I rushed my eyes from one corner to another, trying to figure out the safe escape.

"I said double the pay and its only for you. So it will be 20000$. I guess." He leeched his eyes on me and they looked malicious.

20000$? You don't even know my actual pay. Thats a lot!

I thought.

After all, I was enticed by the sum and gladly shook my head.

"Wh-haat is the j-o-b?" I asked with a little bit of fear and a little bit of embarrassment.

No matter how much I denied, I would always be behind him and more than that, under his claws.

"Be my mistress. " He talked like a king ordering his servant.

"Lame joke." I snorted.

He gave a intense glare, making my throat warm up. My dry cracked lips were shivering with a response to his stare and I despised it with my whole heart. Looking straight to his eyes I licked my lips quickly like a stealing thief.

Eyeing down to my moving lips, he bit his lips with a hint of little bit of amusement.

"I want it." He whispered.

Sometime he really act and talk like a pshycho.

"What?" I shouted right at his face and all of my spit were on his face.

The scenerio was very pleasant to watch and the reaction was to dangerous to bear.

At first I chuckled with a amused face. Again, my face dipped into the dark side, fearing his response.

His eyes were closed as if he was trying to calm himself down and after a moment he took out his handkerchief out of his pocket. Still the eyes were closed. Slowly wiping his face he mumbled, "This woman is a trouble from the start."

I just stood their and waited for his another round of lecture that was more like screaming and scolding. But the outcome was weird. He stood quietly and after a second he replied calmly.

"The job I mention is the same one you did before. I want you to sneak into the Grimmer's club as their worker and serve me as a spy."

That's a piece of cake.

I thought without using my mind.

Okay! That was a quick chapter that I wrote at a time. I have been so busy with my college and work. Hope you'll wait for another update.

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