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   Chapter 19 NO.19

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 4632

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He moved his hand elegantly, guiding me inside the room. Driving my eyes from his beautiful facial features to his hands, i advanced toward the room. With my unhumanly beating heavy heart, i was trying to take a faint breathe with all my might. But, the satan already knew how i felt. After all, i was his prey.

"You want your pay cheque?"

He walked inside and sat on his red leathered chair and positioned himself like a king. One hand on the chin, another hand relaxed on the side of chair and crossed legs, a typical position as a superior. Nothing made me anxious than his amused eyes. Still, i let his have his time and get enjoyed. I just needed to deal with my own problems.

"Yeah!" I barked after collecting all of my energy.

Raising his brows, he made an amazed face as if he hadn't seen it coming from me. Maybe he expected me to remain quiet. But, i wasn't the one to keep silence when i saw my right being seized. And being paid for what i worked was my right.

"I would love to pay. But..." He flicked his tongue and took a spin at his wheel chair.

"It's no fun." He snickered.

He never looked as evil as he did this time. And my palm were already sweating, guessing what would he do the next to me. Rubbing my sweaty palm on my pants quickly, i gulped and tried to restrengthen my weaken heart.

"I-I really need the money. And it's mine anyway." I was supposed to say that arrogantly. But only cracked and quivering voice came out.

Ah, he must be enjoying.

I really wanted to slap my own mouth for making me so humiliated.

"Yours? ..what about mine then?" He rolled the paperweight and even that seemed so elegant.

I must have been really out of my mind, really must have been under his spell.

"What yours?" I shuddered, trying to figure out his objectives.

"Yeah, mine. Remember, you puked on my carpet that costs fortune and the mighty, me."

He really was the king of jerk. He was so freaking rich, like he owns that big mansion. Still, he was hung up with the stupid little carpet. I knew he only wanted to make it hard for me. I didn't know why he was being so tough on me when he already had a fiancee.

"You can cut it from my salary and give me the remaining." I growled irritatedly.

How much i wish i could punch that beautiful jerk fac

e. But i was many step behind from him, physically and economically.

"Darling, the carpet alone is out of your budget. Let alone be me." He giggled.

"And.." He rushed his eyes from my head and stopped at my chest. He really looked creep, more like a pervert. I rolled my eyes trying to act as if i was unknown.But it really made me red and hot. I was going back to the memories, the memories of us and in the same cabin. His long slender yet rough fingers' touch had managed to make me lose my mind totally and my vision was completely blurred.

Somehow it felt like, my body was craving for his touch and it was lusting over the memories of that night.

No get a hold of yourself.

I patted my red cheeks and focused on Mr. arrogant.

"Why are you so red?" He sat up from his chair and closed toward me.

"By the way.." He gazed straight at my ordinary brown eyes but his fingers were up to his dirty little act. They slide from my arms slowly but sexily. And i stayed their like his experimental rat.

I didn't moved a inch until his finger ran from my collar bone to my cleavage.


I thought and slapped his hands away. I used to think every man was a jerk and always thought about nothing but physical relationship. No more perfect example than him.

"No need to get shy. Remember the night?" He smirked and shorten the short distance between us. Now, my whole body was glued with his. Such a horrible person he was.

"I changed your thing." He whispered.

"What?" I tried to push his strong pillar like body and tried to figure out his twisted words. Every words of his were like the web, the puzzle his tongue he weave.

"Did you changed your clothes or still wearing the same thing inside?" He again whispered, striking his warm soft breathe on my bare neck and dipped his mouth on me.

This is bad!

I thought trying to push him away from me. But, he won't move a inch. And more than that, i had no idea what he was talking about.

"What are y-ou s..aying?" I spoke. But, it was more like a moan of pleasure. I was taking pleasure over his touch and over his soft moving tongue.

"You forgot? I even got you them from the Victoria's secrets." He smirked, pulling his head up and staring at me with his amused eyes.

And i remain there, screaming ""

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