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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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"Miss Smith, can you hear me?"

Umm, who is this time. Haven't I already quitted my job?

Wiping my drool, I headed toward to receive the person on my door. It had been ages, but it felt like I had quitted the job just yesterday. Maybe, two weeks had passed. No more good reason to hear a loud knock at my door.

"Yess Mrs. Wilson, what is it?" I spoke as I saw the owner on my door.

Even in my half-closed eyes, I could see and clearly, how angry Mrs. Wilson's face was. That happens only when their is delay in the rent's payment.


I thought as I looked at her face and tried to seek for a suitable reason. But, it was worthless because her mouth used to run faster than my mind.

"Ms. Smith, do you know it's already two days late for your payment? " she scowled.

"Hai, I know it crystal clear. And I promise I will provide you within this week." I barked, fully awoke from my deep slumber.

"Sorry, but not in week but up till tomorrow." Her words came out as if she had caught a thief.


"Got it?"

"Hai, got it!"

Well this a problem. A huge one!

"No, no. We can't Anna. You know it very well. Mr. Dawson is another name of demon."

My manager, trying to convince me why I can't have my payment from the previous month.

"Is this a joke? Like, I'm only asking for my own money. And you saying, you can't pay?"

I screeched, trying to intimidate the squirrel like manager. But that god-damn-manager was so hard-headed, I got all worked up after screaming & all and he still wouldn't stop preaching about that good-for-nothing-moron Danish.

Why do I have to deal with him? For god sake, just hope that I won't have to do anything with him for another ten lifes.

I really wanted to give up on my only hope. But, my rent was too high and Mrs. Wilson wanted

right at the next day.

"Oh well!" I bare my teeth and made myself take a long deep breathe before facing the monster hidden under that innocent face.

"Anna, Mr. Dawson's here. I called him when you came here."


That was out of blue.

I did made my mind to face Danish but my heart wasn't ready yet. Like, how could he do this to me? My heart had already started to react at the word Dawson and who knew what would be the next.

The last time I met him, it was a total disaster and not to mention, so disgraceful.

"Anna, he's calling for you."

I just leered at the manager and turned my body toward the exit. I really, really wanted to climb up and dive from the tall deep cliff.

It felt like, I was locked into a room without a exit.

I gave a swift soft knock that couldn't even reach my ear. And I really wished, he wouldn't hear it. But just after a small knock, the door opened. It felt as if he was sittimg right next to the door.

I looked at the tall giant body of Danish that loomed over me and did nothing else, but gulped. He had to do nothing to make me weak on my knees. I mean, to turn me on.

The memories of the previous event started to rush through my mind and within a blink, my entire face was patched with cherry red. A perfect way to embarrass myself, for another time.

"So?" He flicked his tongue as he whooped his brows up.

His hand was still on the door knob and half of his body was supported on it. The giant body of his had crowded the whole door, letting me no escape into the room. I could escape out of the room. Except for I had a strong reason I couldn't.

Maybe he could sense my blushing face, his lips had stretched into a wide grin. Looked quite silly for his face. I zoomed my eyes on from his head to toes and everything was perfect.

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