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   Chapter 17 NO.17

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 5716

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Anna's p.o.v.

Can life be more unfair than this? I pondered as i looked at Danish who was inside the gate of giant mansion. Looking at his wealthy self, i couldn't help myself from comparing.

God, it's okay. Thanks for making me poor. But out of all seven billion and more people, why him? I cursed my fate as i marched away from Danish's sight.

I stomped my foot on wide silent road. No matter where I strolled my eyes, only big bungalows were on my sight. So called rich people's sect! I thought.

After escaping the claws of the satan, my blood had started to boil out of anger. My inner self was getting restless wanting to know how did I ended up on Danish's. And i had a certain guess. It had something to do with Jane, that wrench.

"That Jane!" I murmured as I advanced my legs to cross the road.

My mind was so lost on rage that I even forgot to look throughout the road. Also, in that silent road who would have thought a car would pass right at the time when I cross the road.

"Aww. .. g..od!" I screeched.

A burgundy Ferrari stopped right by my side for a second and drove instantly. My boiling blood now evaporated, leaking smoke out of my ears. Who do he think he is?That bastard didn't even tried to convey a word of apology. A perfect chance to pour out my fury.

"Son of bitch! Just wait and I'll show you what's it like to bully people?" I screamed at the moving Ferrari.

"Fucking rich bastard." I poured all my frustration in form of words.

Even the screaming requires energy. And in that very morning, i woke up at someone else mansion. Who would take their time to dine?

Just the shouting exhausted my starving body. I panted after finishing my words and my hands were at my knees with my head bowed down.

After catching my breathe and cooling my head, I again averted my eyes toward the passing car.

Wait, what the hell!

The car had started to drove back. That shrunk my heart out of fear with the thoughts, since the car's grand so will the man be. What if he sue me for cursing him?

No, no. I don't want any hassle here. I moved my feet rapidly and inhumanly. But ever seen a human passing the car's speed?

The car stopped right at the side of me. I paused as I rushed my eye ball at the corner. Heck! I thought and started to run. What sort of day was it?

Trouble kept on popping and i had to keep on running from them.

That fucking burgundy Ferrari kept on driving backward until I paused my legs. It would stop when i stop and drove back when i move. I literally tried four to five times to confirm it was after me. And all hell to my fate, it was indeed pursuing the foolish me.

"Hey!" A man barked.

I could sense his head out on the car's window. He surely would be pissed when he get cursed by the lowly me. I twisted my head to opposite direction out of fear and a li

ttle bit of embarrassment.

"Hello! Ms. No Ear?" The man gave a call again and also tagged a lame name.

"Aww. What? What will you do?" I screamed as i nodded my head looking at my toes.


"Yeah." I replied impulsively.

A moment of pause. Then i rotated my head out of stupefaction.

The man just called me 'Anna'.

I thought at first. But after looking at the man's face, i was no more surprised that he knew my name. Mr. Handsome Face was inside the Ferrari.

Now, my face was reddening more out of embarrassment than fear.

So, humiliating. I averted my eyes from his grinning face.

"Oh, no pants." He tittered, eyeing down on my legs.

He picked up just the most disgraceful point of mine. As if the earlier action wasn't enough humiliating. I gave a forceful smile and waved my hand as a farewell.

Paul's p.o.v.

"She indeed is entertaining." I murmured as i looked at the wobbling Anna.

Her face was swollen a bit and she had no idea about it. She must have been on total awe when she woke up at Danish's room. Must be it!

Danish had been head over heel for this girl since a long time ago. Earlier before i met her, i could not understand Danish's throbbing heart and used to mock him. He always used to act like a typical Romeo. And after she left, he was totally devastated.

I really hated her for making a mess out of such an innocent guy. After she left him, he became much more cold heart satan than he already was. His lips had totally shrunk down and his eyes had become expressionless. More like, he was trying his best to suppress his emotion.

But, that girl! Right after he met her, his face started to run as per his emotion. I would caught him smiling and sometime caught him frowning. She really had a great effect on him.

And i really didn't want her to sway him another time. Because if he's broke down again, he would turn into typical king of demon, a very ruthless one.

Still, i let her into his life thinking i would play around her and toss her aside, all broken. Just like how she tossed Danish aside.

That was my plan. But this girl, she was something else.

When I saw her cowering on the club's hallway and when she grabbed my cloth, my heart shrunk into unbearable agony. She was the type of person who would make everyone want to protect her. At least that's how i felt and i bet, so did Danish.

Danish called her trouble and i could tell where his words were coming from. She really was a trouble.

After peering at her tiny moving self for a while, i placed my hand on gear and rolled the wheel. I couldn't help myself from getting amused. She was so freaking funny and cute. Maybe.

Wait, did i say cute? God, that girl was a devil inside the innocent mask. She really was.

Need some self control.

I mused as i drove inside the Danish's mansion.

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