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   Chapter 16 NO.16

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 6681

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Anna p.o.v.

Sniffing the scent of the room, i thought, Um, it smells sweet. No, it smells extravagant. When did my room start to smell like this?

Moving my fingers through my greasy hair, I stroked them to soothe my aching head. I dug my face on the soft pillow and tried to avoid the striking bright light. But, my throat felt horribly dry and it was burning.

"Water." I murmured and rolled once on my bed, still with shut eyes. It felt strange because with one roll, my body would meet the ground.

Ah, i must have slept at the a corner of bed.

I thought. Again, i took another roll and odd as it felt before, i was still on the bed.

Forget the water.

I tugged the blanket and covered my face. But, even the blanket was strangely sweet smelling and felt quite soft & clean. Not like i doubt my hygiene, but it felt oddly super clean like a new one. Flapping the blanket, i sat up on the bed just to let my mouth get wide open.

Where is this? I tried and recalled the night.

"Right, i was with Jane and we went to club. We had drinks and then?" I pressed my index finger on my temple and did my best to remember. But, it was a fruitless effort.

Well, whatever! I was with Jane. So, it must be her house.

I thought and twisted my head around to eye drooling room. The room was so big and i was sleeping at a king sized bed covered with white sheet and a white blanket. Made me realize why i didn't fall even after two rolls.

I gazed through the plain sweet pink wall and eyed the wall-pendulum-clock. The expensive looking golden clock was pointing at nine. Oh, it's nine. I thought and eyed a rotating leather chair. The room was simple yet was emitting the aura of extravagant.

Well, i thought and stretched my body with a high chin. My god! I shuddered. My eyes had felt on the beautiful eye-brightening crystal chandelier. Made me realize, i was in no ordinary place.

Are we in one of the five star suite?

I thought and stepped off the bed, trying to make my way to the bathroom.

"Never knew, a doctor would make such money." I hummed to myself as i opened one of the doors that looked like of a bathroom. Scratching my head with one hand and rubbing my belly with another, i made my way in.

"What the?" I winced.

I was in one of those walk in closet that i used to see in cinemas. Moreover, the closet was filled with men's clothes. Judging by the clothes, shoes and other accessories that my eyes caught a glimpse, the place was of no ordinary man.

"Don't tell me, i slept with a man." I screeched and moved my eyes down to my clothes. It wasn't something i wore yesterday. It definitely wasn't. And moreover, i was only wearing a long men like t-shirt and a underwear. Probably a bra.

How can you be so careless? Sleeping with a strange, ...Oh wait!

I rushed toward the bed and flipped the blanket. The sheet was whiter than my skin and had no tinge.

"Thank god." I sighed a relief. Then, i started to look out for my clothes that were no where to be found.

I looked at myself and murmured, "It's okay. The first thing is to escape from here." I thought and rushed toward the same wardrobe to take out one of the jogger's hoodies that my eyes had fell on.

Wrapping the gray sweatshirt type hoodie around my waist, i take a look at the wardrobe's mirror.


, i look fine." Thumbing myself, i approved my looks and bolted out of the closet.

With my feet moving at a full speed, i tried to step down of the stairs. But, a man's call paused me.

Of all the people, i was at Danish's place. I could tell it was him without eyeing at his features.

I palmed my face out of embarrassment and stood there like a statue. My face had flushed as if all the blood that my heart pumped had gathered at it.

How did i end up here? I really wished for a easy early death.

"Anna." The voice was approaching with me.

Concealing my throbbing heart, i spun around and watched the world's most arrogant bastard's face. He looked as if he was amused, up till his eyes fell on the gray hoodie of his.

"That hoodie." He twitched his brows as he looked at my flushed face.

"It's yours." I whispered, wishing he wouldn't hear it.

"That's one of my new collection." He smirked and judging out of my instinct, his head was up to something.

"You know, you create a havoc here." He sneered.

"I did?" My knees almost gave up on me. Please, not a thing as i broke his million worth vase or something. I prayed on inside. I pulled the hoodie's sleeves and tighten it around my waist as i asked the most dreadful question of my life.

"What did i do?"

Of all the people, why him? I could guarantee that he would make ruckus even if the matter was a tiny bit like an ant.

"You puked on my room." He leered at me with his oceanic blue-green eyes.

"Only puked?" I repeated. Told you, he only need a tiny bit of excuse to torment me.

"And on the carpet that my maid purchased at fortunes."

I widen my eyes as he spoke.

"Also at me."

Now, my eyes could easily pop out of socket. I puked at the mister arrogant? That was blood curdling. My stomach knotted out of fear when his hair-raising glare fixated at me.

"So?" I let out a small voice.

"So?" He snickered, "The disaster will cost you. So, what i am saying is you have to pay for my loss."

I gawked at his words with my starry eyes. I didn't even have to ask how much he was going to ask me. It would be fortunes. My instinct could feel his intent.

His deep ocean like eyes were at mine, sniggering and deriding me. It hadn't even been a day when i challenged him and now i was already at his claws. Rubbing my hand on my nape, i held my head low.

"Oh, UFO!" I squealed and saw his head turn around.

Without a pause, i flashed off to the stairs. I could hear him yell, "Are you a kinder garden kid?"

Not me, but you sure are. I laughed as i rushed out of the house.

We were in no ordinary small house but were at mansion. Never in my dream i thought, he would be rich enough to live in such mansion. I could hear the footsteps of Danish, chasing after me. Without looking around, I ran straight for the gate. But the gate was so far, I hadn't even ran for the school's marathon like that.

"Close that gate." I could hear him scream and in no time the gate start to move.

I leveled up my speed and like a thin air, escaped out of the closing gate.

Turning my head around Danish who was inside the gate, I stick my tongue out. His defeated face that was filled with anger was amusing to watch. Then, i walked slowly catching my breathe. It was a narrow escape from the claws of the Demon king.

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