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   Chapter 15 NO.15

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 5836

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Danish p.o.v.

"Jane, come with us and help Anna up to her apartment." I said, fixing Anna's seat belt. A moment passed. I tilted my head slightly with my suspicious eyes, realizing the awkward silence.

Jane was so quiet and it was weird. Normally she used to be the chatter box, blurting out anything she wants. So, I took my head out of the cab's window and called her again. "Jane."

"M-me." She shuddered as she turned toward Paul.

With a awkward grin, Jane darted her eyes and then, paused for a moment. I looked at her pondering self and my heart almost dropped when she snapped out all of sudden.

"Darling, she lost the key in the club." Jane opened her mouth with her fiddly grin.

"You're lying." I could see right through her. Such a bad liar she was.

She nodded her head toward Paul, seeking for a escape and i had no idea what her head was cooking. All i know was, she had invented disaster and quite a big one. Literally, why was all the women around me so troublesome? Got me into deep thoughts.

"It was Jane that lost Anna's key." Paul opened his mouth looking at Jane and responded with his wiggled up 'what' shoulder to Jane's murderous glare.

"You stupid old fart!" I cussed her.

Like, who takes care of people by taking them to club?

Who feeds their patient a drink?

And to add the problem, she was so careless to lose Anna's keys.

If mind had fuse, it would have blew a long time ago because of this old hag.

"Dang you hag! Never ever come around Anna." I screamed and hinted the driver to start the engine. "Old heedless head."

"Yeah curse all you can, baby chick." She started to shout right after we hit the road, so much like her.



I caressed her red hot cheeks. She was unconscious, more like in deep slumber. I slowly wrapped her one arm around my neck and took her out of the cab. Luckily, Jane had already paid the cab's fee. Otherwise, a new hassle would take place because i had nothing with me.

As soon i reached the main gate, my men rushed out. With the help of them, i took Anna up to the door of my house. But i didn't allow them to touch a single finger of hers. That was a puerile mistake of mine. When we reached the door of my room, the drama started.

"Scram you!" I yelled at Anna.

All of sudden and all out of place, she had to puke at my room and at my clothes. She really was making it hard for me and not to mention, from the first time i met her. I pushed her, trying to clean myself. But, suddenly rushed to catch her falling self.

Ugh! I shouldn't have gone to the club, first of all.

I thought as i asked one of my men to prepare two sets of clean dress. I supported her half body and dragged her into my room. But to let her sleep directly on my bed, such thought didn't even crossed my mind.

I laid her on the floor, letting the wall as

sist her back. She looked so innocent with her eyes shut, like my two years before Anna. I pinched my nose with my right hand and started to clean her with a tissue. Even when i cleaned everything, she smelled so putrid that even i wanted to puke.

Calm down! I said to myself and gather a long breathe, trying to cool down my head. I palmed my face with my chin held high, my head pushing the wall.

"Umm.." Anna mumbled.

That made me twirl my head toward her. I passed my eyes from her creasing swollen face to her plain white t-shirt that had the tinge of blood. All of sudden, the girl flashed on my mind and make me more annoyed. I eyed the scratched hand of Anna and forwarded my fingers to touch it.

Damn. You are again letting her ruin yourself.

My mind started to run and this time i stood up grabbing a hand of Anna. I had promised myself to let her go and here, again i was hanging up with her. I will get ride of this feels. With these thoughts, i dragged her to the bathroom. Pulling the shower head, i started to blow her with the cold water. Not to mention, even i got drenched along with her. Still, i persist and bathe her.

"UGHH!" She groaned as if she could feel the situation and pushed the shower head away from her. Her eyes were still intoxicated.

"Not now, babe." I said and pressed the shower head right at her face, trying to make her sober.

"S-topp. No." She cried a little and wrapped herself around me, making me astound.

This girl. I rubbed my forehead, trying to calm down my bumping heart that could almost break my ribs. This girl was the greatest weakness of mine and i would admit it on my own. Breathe in. Breathe out. I tried to persuade my rushing heart and heavy breathe. When i felt comfortable with her touch, i grabbed her shoulder and pushed her a little bit far.

Her face made me so exasperate, wanting to throw her out on the road right at the moment. Then again, i wanted to hold her with in my arms so tight such that she would never be able to separate herself from me.

"Boss!" A swift knock caught my attention.

A hand presented a set of clothes from the slight opening of the door. I seized the cloth and placed in on the cloth hook. And without thinking much, i tried to undress Anna until my eyes fell on her cleavage.

What am i doing? I pressed my hands on my forehead and remained there quiet for a moment. Even the thought of a man touching her finger was enough to make me insane. But the matter was far from just a touch. She worked as a slut on my own club. The thought of she, undressing herself before a man piqued me up to the point that i couldn't stand the look of her face.

I punched the wall and slammed the door of my bathroom.

"Sara." I called my maid and as soon as she got to my room, i hinted her to take care of Anna and made my way out of the room.

I couldn't even stand the room where Anna was.

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