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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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Dr.Jane's p.o.v.

Never in my worst dream, i thought that a demon would hide under such an innocent face. I had thought of pranking Danish but now my own life was on stake.


That girl must be an alien. Yeah, one from out of this galaxy.

First, she passed out at three shot. Second, she doesn't cry or scream when she's drunk. And the last the worst, she becomes a kissing machine. Not only a breathing person but she even kissed the wall of the club. She became really something else after three shot! Out of my control!

"Damn it! Why are you so late?" I lashed out as soon as Danish was in my sight.

He was huffing as if he was out of his breathe. God knows, what he was doing in his car. Paul came the next, he's too huffing! The hell, made me feel creep on my skin.

"Dude, i know you two love eachother and i can understand. But, not in the car. Okay?" I patted at Danish's shoulder. That was a joke!

"The f**k, you talking."

That actually scared me.

I looked at his red shot eyes and then, gazed down to his shoes. WHAT THE HELL!! His pants were torn.

"Don't tell me, you fell down?"

I asked with a certain guess.

"Yeah, he rolled down in the stairs and torn his pant. A typical romeo." Paul was half giggling and half panting.

I ignored Paul's words and gathered my eyes on Danish's face, that seemed quite pale.

His upper three buttons of the shirt were open and he hadn't worn a tie. His hair was a mess as if he had just woke out of his slumber. His shirt was roughly managed inside the pants and the shocking part was he was wearing slippers.

I had never seen such an untidy and panicked Danish before. My experiment was worth trying. I got to see a different side of him. The mighty rude Danish was on his knees just in a name of a girl.

He was turning his head around and his eyes were seeking for someone. Obvioisly, Anna!

"If you are looking for Anna, she said she would be in washroom. But, god knows what she is doing." I opened my mouth and avoided his eye popping glare.

"Jane damn it! I asked you to take care of her, not to degrade her."

He made his way into the club while we just stood outside. As soon as Danish disappeared, i pulled Paul and took a full interrogation.

"Man, the key! We didn't found it and he wouldn't ride anyone but his own car. Moron! Taking a cab was out of the question. He made me ran all the way with him."

He heaved a long breathe. His wasn't panting anymore but he hadn't caught his breathe yet.

"He hasn't blinked once since yesterday." Paul added, making it clear why did Danish looked so pale.

That moron, really was something else. A typical modern romeo with bad attitude. Maybe, he loved her more than a Romeo did to Juliet, but he was so lame at pouring his feelings.

His love life had a dead end. Poor Danish!

Danish p.o.v.

"Man, that Jane!" I muttered as i enter the club.

That woman had been making my life a hell, ever since she appeared. Now, she had caught a new experiment, just to piss me around. God knew what awaited me the next.

"Anna! That girl!"

As soon as i entered the club, people started to gaze at me as if i was some statue on display. Their uncomfortable stare made me concious of my own appearance. Damn it! I looked like a total mess, like a street thug.

I stepped down the small three step stair and walked through the crowd, making my way with my hands. The crowd was rowdy and all of the people that my eye could discern were wrapped around flashy clothes.

The crowd made me cautious about my status and the situation i was in. I held my head a little low so that people wouldn't recognize me. I had so many enemies. Even, i didn't know which place was a land mine and which wasn't.

Rest room! I thought and rolled my eyes.

The club was small and the mass drunk crowd were dancing at some noisy music. It's not like i had never been a club, i al

ways did. But, not like this one!

Everyone of them, seemed like a freeloader spending their parents' pelf.

I went through the passage filled with tacky girls and their eagle stare. But, she was no where to be found. I even grabbed a girl's shoulder, thinking it was of Anna.

For the god sake, spare a little bit of my pride!

That girl certainly passed out at the ladies room. I thought of calling Jane but she would make the matter worst. I was sure of it!

Jeez! What am i even doing here? That girl is such a troublemaker!

I scratched my head out of embarrassment and looked around. Every girl standing in the passage was staring at me like what is a man doing in front of ladies room?

She destroyed every pride of mine. But, i didn't go inside. I didn't want people to think, i was some kind of pervert. I waited for her outside the room.

It was already more than ten minutes and she was still inside. Did she get a stomach cramp? I thought, rubbing my hands on my neck out of nervousness.


A loud noise came from the ladies room.

"Move it, bitch!" I could hear some girls' shouting.

The noise attracted not only me, but everyone. Most of the girl rushed inside to see what was happening. I too, wanted to. But, my bad! It was all ladies room.

"This bitch here, just keeps on dazing and staring at us."

I again heard a loud shout.

That was it. For some reason, i felt like it was Anna who was next to them.

Bang!! Another loud noise popped and this time i couldn't remain calm.

Assh-le!! I made a way inside the rest room. I wasn't surprise to see Anna at the floor and there was no surprise at her bleeding nose. My instinct had already told me, it was her.

The girl again tried to hit Anna with her sparking silver purse. But, i shielded Anna before she could hit her.

That hurts! I thought as i rubbed my back where i got stabbed with a ladies purse. Don't tell me, she hit Anna with that! My head flushed and my eyes rolled in the pitch black.

Cool down! Let's get Anna out of this mess.

I tried to soothe my mind.

But, that girl was calling for it. She again kicked me, forcing her superiority.

No bud dares to look down on me!

I wiped the bleeding nose of Anna and brushed her a little bit swollen cheek. She had passed out, probably because of the drinks. No matter how i look at it, Anna wasn't at the fault. How could she provoke her in such condition? She wasn't even a bare consciouness.

"Hey, motherf*cker! Move!" That chick's mouth ran way too fast. But, she didn't know she was at the sharp edge. And when people tackle such edge without being catious, they tend to get hurt, pretty much.

I stood up and grabbed the girl's hair. I wouldn't have hesitate to fill the chick's head with bullets. But, Anna! She was in no condition to escape the scenerio that i could create. So, i just thought of tackling the matter silently.

With my skin piercing gaze, i tried to scare her without being violent. And, it worked. She was quivering up to her toes.

I jerked her away and saw her fall. The purse that hit Anna, i kicked it into a corner out of frustation. That chick had got into my nerve yet i couldn't do a thing. I picked Anna and made my way out of the mess.

My heart ached when i see the bleeding Anna and i couldn't help myself form helding her tighter. It felt like she would again slip away from me, like she did two years before. The pain she left, it was still there in my heart. I had caged these feelings but Anna again unlocked those suppressed feels of mine.

As soon as i got out, Paul and Jane called a cab. Both of them were on fire when they saw bleeding Anna. They seemed as if they would kill that wrench at a go! Such a strange people, they were. Worrying about someone, they hadn't known for long.


→written in one go

→didn't reviewed than once

Hope it's not weird!


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