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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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Anna p.o.v.


Even my five inch heels gave up on me. My feet joggle over my disloyal heels.

I bent down to see if the heel was still good enough to wear or not. But, it was completely shattered just like my worthless life.

"Why do you have to mock me just when I am in bad mood?"

I picked the heel on my hand and tried to glue them together with force. But, it was useless just like me, a twenty years old jobless girl trying to neutralize her three millions debt. At least I was able to pay two millions back.

I squatted there for minutes staring at my broken heel. I might have looked like a needy whore with my skin showing dress and my unwomanly sitting position. Let them think what they want. My misery runs deeper than there words. I thought and sat there senselessly.

When I gripped back my sense, I realized I was sitting at a dark lightless alley. Darkness had always scared me. But, that night was exceptional. For that night, I wanted to be engulfed within the darkness. Just for that night.

The lonely and quiet surrounding provoke my unhealed heart that was left to crawl and struggle all alone in this cruel, cruel world. I was dripping with the agony.

A drop of bitter tear rushed out of my my eye when I tried to stood up. But, the single drop gave a call to the flood that had been suppressed within my eyes for years. Those tears shackled me down and I again curled up on my knees in that dark miserable place.

I sobbed. Yeah, I sobbed the tears that I couldn't let out over my family demise. I cried the tears that I couldn't, when my heart was broken and I cried the tears than I couldn't, when my heart was engulfed with countless fears. I cried. Until there was no more tears to flow, I cried.

"Excuse me, Miss. Can I help you?"

A familiar feminine voice startled me. A woman was sitting right in front. I could see her features slightly in that darkness.

"Miss Anna? It is you." The voice suddenly flowed from low range to high pitch.

My eyes were swollen, my vision were hazy and the place was lightless. I couldn't recognize her at all though her voice rang familiar to my ears.

I slowly rubbed my swollen eyes as they started to itch. But, the woman next to gently held my rubbing hand and moved it away from my eyes.

"It'll make it even worst." She said.

I could sense her figure glancing at the ground, must be looking at my bare feet and broken heels.

She then, grabbed me in my arms and helped me to stood up on my feet.

"You have to be strong. Life is cruel to those who stumble and never gets up."

She patted at my shoulders and guided me out of the darkness holding my one hand. Her hands were warm. It made me feel like in home after these tough two years. I pitied myself for forgetting such a lovely person.

"Anna?" She muttered my name when we reached the light and turned around to me. When the light passed through my eyes making everything visible, I yearned to know my guardian angel. I saw the similar features running through her face and it was of the doctor who once I met at the hospital.

Never in my dream had I thought I would meet her again and never in my breathe had I thought in such place, in such condition. It was a matter of awe to me.

"Why are you here?" I let out the words out of wonder.

"it's a secret." She said as she grinned.

"Its a puzzle and you have to solve it by yourself."

She turned around, again holding my hand and to my surprise, she was guiding me toward my place. How did you know? I wanted to ask her. But, she said it was a puzzle and this puzzle, I had to solve it by myself.

She walked to upto my apartment and didn't leave me even when I went into. She barged into my personal space, my room and my only place.

"This place is shabby. Want to live with me?" she breathed out those words, turning her head around with her curious dazzling eyes.

What sort of joke is it?

I thought. Her appearance was surprise to itself. Her words were more surprising. They were like miracles and I had read somewhere,

miracle last for not long.

"It may be shabby. But, it's the finest I can afford. Your shining place calls for shining dollars. And I am just a rolling whore unlike you, a professional."

I let out my harsh word and provoke her to take back her kindness.

Though she made me feel at home, my head knew her kindness will end up making me feel much more miserable.

"You are so not cute." She pouted as she ran her eyes through my fridge and took out some puddings and beers.

"What sort of taste is that?" I couldn't help myself. I chuckled

"It my taste Dr.Jane's taste." She gulped some beer and let out her prideful words.

Must feel nice to brag about your degree in front of a high school passed out.

I thought and let our a sigh. I shook my head to free my head from such negativity. After these two tough years, my mind had no escape from such negative thoughts.

I got into my bedroom, leaving her in the living room and thought of undressing myself. But, the doctor was really thoughtless. Had no sense of privacy.

"Hey want to go out for drinks?" She giggled at the sight of naked me.

She was really acting like a pest. But, I could sense a feeling of comfort in it. She was cheering me up.

"Your pay?" I raised my brows and crooked my lips.

"Yeah!" She giggled.

"Cool!" I said and went to the mirror to wipe my heavy makeups. Today, I wanted to feel like myself. Today I wanted to cherish the hidden me. And today, I wanted to worship only myself.

For, some reason I knew I was calling for trouble but I was ready for that. I was at home after all.

Dr. Jane p.o.v

Anna, she reminded of the old me when Danish brought her to me. so naive, so vulnerable.

Her weak self made my heart ache. When Danish said he was bringing a girl, i thought she was some kind of drunken noble blood. Never thought, a weak girl would nestle around me. Though it was a request of Danish, the desire to protect her were genuinely mine.

When we hit the club, i read Anna's face. Though her face was filled with smile, i knew she was feigning it. I wanted to hear truth, only truth from her mouth. How is she feeling? what does she wants? why are you forcing yourself so hard? everything. i wanted to know everything.

"I, thirty years old spinster and you twenty years old youngsters, are going to rock the floor. Obviously, it calls for a drinks." I coaxed the clueless Anna.

"Hai, it ask for drinks." She mustered my words.

One shot own!

Two shot down!

Three shot down!

And when i turned to Anna, she herself was down.

Such a weak drunker she was. I removed the lock of hair from her face and noticed her creasing face out of anguish. She was just twenty. She had no family. She shouldered so many debts and she just became jobless. Probably homeless too. Why wouldn't she be in pain?

The thing that i couldn't understand was the unknown reason for Danish to torment her. Does he hates to see her sell her body? Because if he says he hates her, i would definitely punch him on his face. A lie should be sensible.

"Anna, want to revenge at your boss?" My head sparkled with ideas.

"Boss." She lifted her head and again passed out at the bar.

But her lips were mumbling.

"I want to kick his ass. That bastard. That cheater."

A sudden urged emerged in me, to prank on Danish and torment his mighty self. I wanted to make him suffer for making such a lovely lady cry. I ordered for a glass of iced water and lemon. Letting her drink couple of glasses, i slowly rubbed the ice on her face. I wanted to make her slightly sober. Not fully but slightly sober. When she was at the desirable level, i jerked her.

"Hey want to kick Danish's ass?" I whispered in her ears.

"Yeah." She lifted her hands in the air like a child.

"Should i call him over?" I asked with excited eyes.

"Yeah." She again yelled like a kid.

"Huh, but how do you know him?" A smart question, she posed.

"Hush, remember it's a puzzle." I coaxed her.

"SHHH, a puzzle." She repeated.

I was dying to know the upshot.

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