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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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Anna p.o.v.

The room was filled with thrilling silence. I knew something was up as soon as i heard the real owner was someone else and was waiting for me.

I looked at the person who was sitting in a chair facing the window. The handsome man remained there quietly, leaning his back on the wall. I too, tried to remain as calm as i could. But deep inside i was dying to know the reason for my summoning.

Both of them remain quiet for like another five minutes, making me more impatience.

Do speaking cost money?

I thought. I rolled my eyes and started to look around the room. The room was beautifully decorated by the black sets of furniture. Everything was beautifully organized. But the room smelled as if it hadn't been used for ages. I slowly slided my finger on the table and realized, it was indeed what i had thought. The room had been closed for a long time.

What the hell does he want?

Man. Can he stop being so suspicious?

I rubbed my hand on the head out of frustation. I no longer could remain calm. If i remained quiet for another minute, i was scared i would go insane out of overthinking.

"Ex-cuse me, Mr. Owner. Do you have something to say? If not, i want to start my work."

I somehow managed to let out words from my neck though i was scared, he may fired me. I was sure that the manager was behind all this. I suspected, he must had blurted out all of my doings of yesterday.

The room was still filled with silence sending goosebumps on my skins.

Shitted bastard! Just spill out already.

His silence was unbearable to tolerate and I found it very rude. I was there to work but not to endure his haughtiness.

"Since, nothing's up. I shall take my leave." I said and turned around toward the exit, arrogantly.

"Why are you in such a hurry to serve the strangers? Don't tell me you enjoy it!"

The voice startled me.

No way! Don't tell me it's Danish.

I paused there like statue. I didn't dare to move forward neither did i have gut to spun around. Never in my worst dream, had i thought that i would have to meet Danish face to face.

Wait! The handsome guy said he was the owner, right?

For god sake, i worked at the club for two years without knowing the real owner. And to make the matter worst, it was Danish.

That was so humilating.

My face had flused out of embarrassament.

In his eyes, i must be a whore sleeping around with strangers and obviously he may find it laughable.

I really wanted to crawl into a deep abyss and never get out of it.

"Anna." He called my name.

It was his voice i was sure of it. I had no guts to turn toward him. How could i? He was the only person in the planet whom i didn't want to meet and definitely not in such condition

"I said turn around, Anna." He demanded.

His voice had become more authorative and stiff. Now, his voice alone was enough to make my heart tremble.

I responded to his words and slowly turned around. With my head held low, my eyes were fixed on my toes.

No woman takes a pride on introducing herself as a body seller in front of her loved one.

"Don't lower your gaze." He again let out his loud stiff voice.

But, i didn't. I couldn't face him and meet his gaze. I was feeling really ashamed on my own situation.

"Don't try and piss me." His voice was moving toward my direction and in no time, he stood in front of me.

I stepped back a little, still my gaze fixed on my toes. He wasn't the one to backup either. He took another two steps letting his body closer to mine than before.

I could feel his intense gaze and my heart was hammering unceasingily.

Suddenly, a sound of closing door startled me. I again stepped back a little and sought for the handsome guy. But, he wasn't there. I was left all alone with Danish. Now, i could understand the real reason behind his evil smiling eyes.

"Don't ignore me." He suddenly snapped out and grabbed my arms.

He then, pushed me toward the wall and pinned me within his two strong arms.

He really had changed because back then, his hands would touch me with a lot of care. It made me sad, really sad. I twirled my head to avoid his gaze and sucked my bottom lips out of disappointment.

"Tell me, why did you leave me?" He let out a soft whisper on my right ear.

His head was now above my right shoulder and each breathe of his, was striking on my bare shoulder. He slowly slided his fingers through my wrist and reached my arms, making my body shiver.

His touch was really arousing and soothing at the same time. Each touch of his made me excited unlike those filthy touch of my customers.

"Tell me, why?" He again repeated his words, striking his warm breathe on my ear this time.

My body reacted to his closeness and had started to heat up. Every part of my body was quivering with the desire to hold Danish closer than he already was. My body craved for his each touch.

I was so stupid because even at such moment, my body was lusting for Danish. He was just playing with me yet his sliding fingers had made it unbearable for me to hold back my starvation.

His fingers suddenly moved from my arms to my collar bones and started to gently rub them.

"Tell me!" He whispered in a coaxing manner.

His words traveled through my ear and soothed my beating heart. I found his husky whisper extremely sexy, filled with inner desire to lust over me. I responded to his

demanding soft whisper and let out my hand to touch his moving hand.

What am i doing?

Suddenly my head snapped out of the misleading situation. I realized, I was starting to act like a whore that he once mentioned.

I jerked his hand away from me and pushed him with all my energy. But my five feet body couldn't even move a inch of his six feet and more, tall muscular body.

"Stop resisting." He grabbed my hair instead of my arms and straighten my gaze right at his eyes. His eyes were fired with anger and it was waiting to savagely devour me. I tried to free my hair from his grasp but i just ended up panting fruitlessly. He really had become devil, a really very strong devil.

"So, how's life as a whore?" He let out an evil grin.

No matter how many time i heard the word 'whore' from people, it pinched my heart when it came from his mouth.

Why am i upset over him?

Though his words made me sad, it also made me face the reality. And the reality was, he had never considered me his worth.

"Fantastic." I smirked and looked directly at his eyes.

"You've become quite daring." He said as he brought his mouth close to mine and again whispered, "Why don't you spend a night with me? I'll pay any amount."

He really was a fucktard.

His words didn't pain me anymore, rather they amused me. I challenged him with my unwavering gaze and said, "Anyone but not you."

He let out a chuckle and released my hair from his grasp. He then took a step back and turned around.

"Anyone but not me?" His voice was filled with malice.

"Not me, huh?"

"Let's have some fun. I'll give you two options." He titled his head and glanced at me.

"Either be mine or get fired."

He really had become the worst person. I had never even imagined in my dream that he would use my weakness against me. He knew i would be homeless without this job. He played the game really well. His words muddled me for some moments. But, i wasn't the one to get abused because of my own weakness.

Let, s become homeless.

I thought.

I walked closer to him and poked him with my index finger. As soon as he turned around, i pulled his tie and let my mouth get closer to his ears

"I only heard one option. I resign. Hasta la Vista, BABY."

I let his tie slip and looked right at his eyes. His eyes were filled with surprise as if he hadn't seen this coming from my mouth. I spun around and walked toward the exit.

I was getting really proud of myself in spite of knowing the consequence of my action. I was ready to be a homeless than to become his toy.

I didn't see this coming but on the second i opened the door, i was swiped away from the ground.

Danish had picked me up with his right hand and took me inside the room once again, slamming the door. He threw me in the wall making my head strike hard.

My head spun as soon as it hit on the wall and my head felt dizzy. After overcoming the dizziness, my head started to throb out of pain.

I curled up on my knees, rubbing my paining head.

He approached me and gently removed my hands from my head. He then, slowly ran his fingers through my hair as if he was trying to heal my paining head.

"I told you already. Stop resisting." He let out a small painful voice and grabbed my waist with his right hand, his left hand still rubbing my paining head.

He jerked me in his arm and rested his head on my shoulder.

"You are showing too much skin."

His words startled me. Indeed i was working less than a normal girl would, but it was compulsory for my work.

Is he concerned about me or mocking me?

I tried to stood up in order to move away from him. But he yanked me down and made me fall into his arms. He held me firmly in his arms that made me remember the old eighteen years old Danish. Even if he wasn't sincere, the old Danish was always gentle around me after we started to date.

He ran his fingers through my bare back and again whispered, "I missed you."

His words rang through my ears making me unable to think rationally. My head was filled with only one thing, Danish Danish Danish.

He swiped my hair away from my face and cupped my face with his two hands. He slowly and smoothly circled his thumb around my cheek and pecked on my forehead. Every touch of his, was warm and comfortable. He then, kissed my eyes, nose, cheek, chin and finally dug his lips on mine.

His warm touch had already set my body on fire and now, his soft lips had enticed me to lose my mind. He slowly and savagely devoured my lips and i was savoring on being preyed. His kisses were very intense and were very hard to resist.

He suddenly stopped and met my eyes with his eyes.

As if as unspoken words were conveyed, he swiped me up from the floor with his two strong arms and again dug through my lips. This time he pierced his tongue roughly into mine as if he was claiming for his territory.

But, i loved it. I loved how he barged into me, just to claim me as his belonging.

His kisses ran through my mouth flavoring from sweet to sour. I was holding on him without breathing and when he finally let go of me, i was endlessly panting.

My hands were on my chest when i was trying to catch my breathe and just then a sharp words rang through my ears.

"You've become a good kisser. With whom did you learn it?"

The next thing that rang through my ear was the sound of my loud slap on his face.

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