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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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Anna p.o.v.

It was the first time i had seen him after two years. I could see the effect of time on him. He had grown muscular than before. His body had become heavier and his back had become wider.

He was nothing like the eighteen years boy, i knew. He was dressed on shiny suits that was wrapped around his body perfectly and had cigar in his left hand.

Now, he looked like the typical grown up business men. His blue-green eyes were covered with shades and his black hair was neatly combed behind. His plum like pink lips were lightly tanned brown, making me realize how much he must had smoked.

I looked at his beautiful features and could realize, i was still in love with that face of his. People says first love is hard to passby and i could understand them. My heart was still stuck on that devil.

But, when i recalled the memories of two years ago, i would feel like slamming that handsome face on that hard wall. Again, i was afraid the wall would crack because of his stiff and cold face.

I definitely don't want to face him.

I murmured as i watched his back disappearing in the private elevator.

Rich bastards!

Back then, such thing as he is rich and i am a commoner never crossed my mind. I was an idiot who would run after what i wanted blindly.

The time was different now and i was also different from the old me. I no longer was an innocent nerd looking girl. My body was tainted by the filthy touch of hudreds men.

It was funny because once, Danish had named me whore. Now i can realize, where were his words coming from. When proverty hits, a clumsy untalented girl with five million debts on her head has nothing else but to become a whore.

After i could sense no trace of him, i rushed toward the manager's cabinet.

I slided my legs at the closing elevator and watched it open. I then, got into. I was very late, i knew it. I couldn't even take a glance at my watch.


I thought as i lifted my hand up and changed the time on my watch. I thought of tricking the managerd by saying I came by time. But who knew, my watch would make a mistake.

I giggled as i could see myself escaping his claws.


As i reached the top floor, i moved my legs as fast as i could toward the manager's cabinet. I knocked the door because once when i entered without knocking, my eyes almost popped out seeing Jessy and manager making out.


"Come inside." I heard the manager's voice.

I slowly opened the door and acted as calm as i could. But deep inside, i was crying, exploding and screaming.

To my surprise, everyone was there.

Shit! Don't tell me, he is going to scold me in front of them.

I gritted my teeths and slowly swiped my eyes on manager. To my another surprise, he was acting nervous.

What? No way!

That was quite a sight. I laughed inside but also got curious. I then, snuggled inside the crowd such that i wouldn't be seen. I then, poked Jack from backside and asked, "What's going on?"

"The owner is visiting." He whispered without turning to me. The matter seemed quite serious.


I thought and looked around. Everyone seemed quite nervous except for me. I was happy that the manager couldn't rant at me.

I fliped my eyes here and there out of curiousness, like why is everyone quiet as if they are in a furenal?

While turning around here and there, i saw Jessy making her way toward me. When she reached me, she spoke in low but in excited voice, "I heard the owner is super hot. I want to try my luck."

What? Weren't you going out with manager?

I wanted to laugh at her but suppressed it. I wasn't the one to weave a dream of marrying a billionre. But, every girl idolize herself as a cinderella and i c

ouldn't oppose it.

"Anna, you are too realistic. Sometime, one or two dream won't do a harm." Jessy fussed over my uninterested face.

Dream, huh? I too, had once. But, not anymore.

I thought.

The door finally opened and i heard some men's footsteps. I had snuggled at the most backward that i could see nothing. It was a first visit of the owner at the club. I heard that he had never cared to handle the club before. Why did he want suddenly?

I was curious. I stretched my legs as Jessy did, but i couldn't see a thing. Jessy was 5'7 and i was 5'3.

Well, that didn't bothered me much.

Jessy looked at me with a big grin and whispered, "He's hotter than i had imagined."


I chuckled at Jessy's excited face. She was jumping like a kid reaching out for candy. Though she looked so mature, her mentality was no less that a teenagers.

"Anna Smith, where's she?"

I heard a man's voice.


It felt like the ground was swept away from my feet. My body cowered as i hid myself.

That manager must have backbited my doings of yesterday. Don't tell me, i am going to be fired.

"Anna smith."

The man again repeated.

"Yes." I let out a small quivering voice. Then slowly snuggled my head out of crowd.

"Oh, there you are. Move quickly and follow us."

Man, i don't want to be a homeless.

I thought as i walked out of the crowd. I then slowly looked at the man's face. He looked as if he was at his mid twenties and was dashing.


I cursed myself for getting fasinated instead of crying.

"The rest is up to you manager." He smriked and waved his fingers at me.

I watched his moving fingers and then his laughing eyes. They were hinting that something's up and it's a disaster.

I could feel the intense gaze of my co-workers and could understand their curiosity. Anybody would get curious when an owner who never visits the club finally appears and then asks for only one person. Dang!!

I chased the back of the handsome face, but he was too fast. With my five inch heel on my feet, i couldn't even dream on catching his speed. And just after taking a turn, he disappeared like a thin air.

I looked around to search for him. I didn't want to piss him more than i already had.

"Hello! Mr. Owner."

"Where are you?"

He really disappeared. There was no trace of him. I tugged my dress as i walked forward, looking left and right. The building was really quiet, after all everyone was at manager's cabinet.

I walked through the quiet place and gulped. Suddenly, the memories of the previous night was flashing through my head. A sweat rolled from my forehead when i heard a footstep from my back.

"Mr. Owner?"

I swiped my head quickly but nobody was there. That scared me. My heart was racing like a crazy horse and my legs had already started to cower.

Don't tell me, he is a serial killar.

The thought hit my head so hard that i could think no more rationally. I slowly parted my quivering lips to let out the words.

"Ow-owner." I shuddered.

"Hey Anna, why are you so slow?"

Suddenly a door opened and a voice popped out along with a man. It was the owner. I almost cried out of relief when i saw him. I couldn't stop my racing heart yet.

I hapazardly went to him and clenched a corner of his coat. What am i doing?

I thought but couldn't let go of him.

"Anna?" He voice was filled with shock.

"I am so-sorry, Mr.owner."

I let go of him and mantained my position.

He must have thought me as a whore. Wa'wait a minute! I am a whore!

My own thoughts amused me. I slowly eyed around the room and realized there was someone else too, in the room.

"That's the owner, Anna."

The handsome face smriked.

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