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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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Danish p.o.v.

I was at my office with my hand supporting my chin and was surrounded by stacks of documents that had to be reviewed.

Up until my father ruled, he had been imposing these task to the lower level staffs. The only thing, he did was scaring people and making them worship him.

But, it wasn't how I wanted to end up like. I wanted both money and power. So, I would do all the important task that were related to the shares and business.

The room was quiet. It always was, because nobody would dare to disturb me. I breathed through the silence, rolling my eyes around the documents. But, my mind wasn't at those papers, not at all.

My eyebrows were twitched low, making the in between crease. I was upset at myself and the way I was acting.

From the moment I saw her, I couldn't shake her out of my head. Her ordinary looking brown eyes with black long eyelashes, filled with fears were haunting me and I was craving to see her smile like she used to.

It was frustrating because it had taken me, two full years to get rid of her memories. And now, she was again playing with my mind.

So frustrating! Am I still a school kid?

I loosen my tie as i gritted my teeth pushing a side of my lips up, a sign of irritation. I then, slammed the documents close, jerked my head back and relaxed it on my comfortable dark maroon leather coated chair. I hadn't slept a blink and couldn't focus at any documents that were meant to be prepared within a day.

Most of the people think, we mafia earns by scaring and looting people which is abosolutely wrong, in most of the cases. We do business just like others, but we also desire for power. Besides, a business or two will be a help to cover up heaps of illegal marketing we do. No, i don't do business related to drugs or anything like that. In fact, it was a motto of my grandfather to never mislead the youth, playing with their conscise and the motto still counts.

I am not saying killing isn't misleading. It is. But, I only wipe out the unnecessary weeds that are stuck on my way. In fact, i was doing a favor for them by releasing their soul from that ragged bodies.

From ages, our blood line had been involved with the business of diamond. Yeah a diamond business legally and illegally, either way, that benefits us. Besides that, our grandfather had planted many small and big businesses around Texas, making it easier for us to monitor the under world. Heaps of clubs, real states and villas were transferred under my name when my father was shot a year ago. The shot made his left hand paralyzed.

I had been ruling since then. I had positioned my reign mercilessly in the world of mafia and from the day one to till then, I hadn't even blink when I wiped out the unnecessary people that would stumble on my path.

But, now she was again carving inside me, devouring my corrupt soul. I couldn't even shoot her when she was right at my sight. Her cowering self-had weakened me. I knew it. She was the never-ceasing fire that would die out only after turning me into ash. She was the hell fire, that my father once mentioned.

I heaved a long sigh as I opened the lid of pen and started to sign the papers. I didn't even read them.

"Hold on! What do you think you are doing?" I got startled by the sudden voice.

It was Paul, I could tell just by his voice. I rolled my eyes and looked at him who was standing with crossed arms and with his back pushing against the wall. From his position, he must be had been there for some time.

"When did you get here, pal?"

I said as I fused the pen with its lid, relaxing my back on the chair.

"It's been a while."

I looked up at his face, demanding for the exact answer. I had a serious look on my face.

Did he see me acting strangely?

He smirked, walked closer toward my desk and pushed his fingers on the table such as there was some gap between his palm and table. Then, he spoke.

"I saw you."

Just the thing I wanted to ask. I scratched my head out of embarrassment and spun around along with my rolling chair.

"C'mon. How can you just sign the papers j

ust like that? As a board member, you may fall into a dire problem."

He ranted. He was always like that, acting as my mother. But, I liked it, the feelings when he would scold me. After all, it only proved, there was at least a person who cared for me. I pushed my leg on the wall and spun around to see his angry face.

"Is it her?"

He was direct. I wanted to punch him at the same time. But, he knew me more than myself. I just nodded my head.

He smirked, "I knew it. You act like this, only when it comes to that girl."

He strangled his arms on my neck and jerked me here and there, making me suffocated.

"Wo..wo, stop it or I"ll fill your head with bullets."

I pushed him and let out a long breath.

"Where did you see her?" He was always so straightforward, I couldn't even get angry anymore.

"Club. That one near the station. " I let out a small groan like a soaked cat.

"Let's go." He said as he picked my fallen coat from the floor.

I widen my eyes, questioning him.

"You have to play with hell fire to get strong."

I knew exactly what he meant and I couldn't deny him. He was a bulldozer, would never listen to me.

"Tch." I twisted my tongue and just followed him.

Anna p.o.v.

I fell down from my bed as soon as the clock alarmed. It was four and the sun was still in the sky, shining brightly. It was time to rush for work. I let out a small moan because of my paining head. My head always pained when I didn't get enough sleep.

I had checked out from the hospital at ten and reached my rented room at eleven: fifteen. I knew I had less than five sleeping hours. But, I couldn't get that moron out of my head. Literally, I even banged my head on the wall out of frustation and I could feel the little bump on my head that would pain when touched.

It had been like that ever since I learned about him in the hospital. Because of him, I could barely fall asleep. And then the clock had to ring, just to tick me off.

I ran my hands over my head and grabbed my hair, trying to cool down my head. I stayed at the bed for some time with my face dug into the blanket.

No, I have to hurry.

I thought and eyed at the clock. It felt like I had dozed off only for five seconds but the clock was already pointing at four: thirty-five.

What the hell!

I jumped out of the bed and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. With a towel wrapped around my body, I rummage through my closet. It was filled with the dresses that would show lots of my skins.

It had been more than a while, I hadn't shopped. So, I wore the same old backless laced dress. I fixed my face quickly and ran out with the heels on my hands.

The building had no elevator and I was on the third floor. To walk on the heels down the stair would only be a hassle.

I put on my heels as I reached the bottom and flashed off to the club which was twenty-five minutes apart from the building. I was already thirty minutes late and it alone was enough to scare the heart out of me.

The manager must have heard of me. Yesterday, I pissed off a guest.

I pictured the red face of manager with horns. That seemed quite unsightly.

Right! Why is the club still running, when people were shot just yesterday?

I thought.

I had heard that the club's owner had a strong influence around the place. I didn't even think in my dream that he would push the case without any news going around. Seriously, I didn't even hear a single thing about the day before.

I moved my legs fast along with my running mind. I walked down through the same alley, passed the same coffee shop and greeted Mrs. Willy as always. It took me less than twenty minutes to reach the club.

I heaved a long sigh when I got to the gate of the club.


I pushed my hands on the walls supporting myself to walk. I was panting endlessly.

As that wasn't enough to take my breath, my eyes rolled at the two men in suits. One of them was Danish, I was sure of it. I even rubbed my eyes to confirmed it.

Shit! Just when I'm late.

I hid beside and peeked at them.

Jesus! Why is Danish here?

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