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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Anna p.o.v.

Daddy, there's blood. (Rolls eyes to sister)

Hey, you are bleeding too. (Panics unconditionally)

"Hey. Wake up."

Someone's calling me. I must go. But, my family, they are dying..I...I.

"Hey, get hold of yourself."



.. .

"Huh? What happened?" The first words that I spoke after waking up.

I dreamed about that horrible night. I must had been affected by the sounds of gunshots and by the sight of dead bodies. I heaved a long sigh and slowly ran my hands through my hair as I looked up.

I saw a woman wearing a long white coat. She was holding some papers with a board and had a pointed nose that supported her glasses perfectly. She had a pale face with dark circles around her eyes. It made me realize, she must had waited long for me to wake up.

How long did I pass out?

I thought as I ran my eyes toward the walls painted with light sky blue, in search of the clock. I couldn't find one. Then, I slowly turned my head and noticed the stand that was holding the pouch of sterile water and a pipe that connected me with the pouch. A little bit away, there was a vase holding beautiful daisies and next to it, had a temperature controller. The room had an artificial smell of medicines that wasn't to my liking. When I finished looking around, I again looked at the doctor's face.

"Guess, giving you anesthetic isn't a good idea, though you're stressed."

The doctor pushed her glasses up with her index finger and let out her words. Then, she started to scribble on the paper.

"Thank god, your case was easily solved. Otherwise, your stress level would reach the summit at the police station. You are fine, though." She grinned and walked toward the exit.

What did she mean by the case?

I thought but didn't ask. I watched her back as she moved on. The room was too bright that pained my eyes. So, I shoved my head under the pillow and tried to fall asleep.

Shit! I am at the hospital. The bill, am I supposed to pay for it? Damn it!

I jumped out of the bed and sought for my bag that was placed under the bed. I checked it thoroughly so that nothing would be missing. Everything was at the way that I had placed. I pulled out the pipe that was pierced on my right hand and let out a small groan.

Better hurry up!

I thought and got out of the room. I walked through the bright hallway and tapped my hand at the reception's desk.

"Can I check out?" My voice barely came out.

It always was like that when I had to spend spare money on unnecessary stuff. They could have just taken me to my room and I would wake up on my own. Why throw money on such petty situation?

"Name?" She asked.

"Anna Smith, " I said.

My hands were on my bags searching for my purse. As I took out my purse and opened it to take out my cards, she said, "Your guardian had already paid your fees."

Guardian? Who?

Well, that sounded too good to be true. So, I took out my card and sniggered as I placed it on the table.

"It's already paid, ma'am." She repeated.

I heard it right. It's already paid.

My heart bounced with joy. How much I wished, such thing would occur to me repeatedly. I thanked her with a grin and walked away. But, I noticed something.

Wait, the person knows my name. That means it's someone who knows me. Damn it! I have to return the money.

I thought and stomped my feet toward the reception. Her eyebrows went up as she widened her eyes. She was bothered. I knew it. But, who cares? It was her job.

"Can I know my guardian name?" I asked with a sweet voice, trying not to make her feel bothered.

"It's Mr. Dawson." She giggled at my innocent act.

I really wanted to smack that face of her. Like, who laughs right at others face?

Mr. Dawson?

That's weird. I knew none of that name. I tried to think of every person, I knew.

Perhaps its..? Na, it can't be.

Still, I asked, "Is it Danish Dawson?"

My heart stopped as I finished the question. I really wished it was him. Again, I really didn't want to see that face of his.

Still, I looked at her with my curious eyes.

"Yes." She said with her eyes, running on the computer

"What?" I screamed out so loud that made her wince, losing her balance on the chair.

Danish p.o.v.

I looked at the gun that I just had polished perfectly. Then, I ran my fingers through it. It was my favorite one. I hadn't tried it at anyone yet but I was willing to.

"Boss, the Grimmers are at our club." David spouted out as soon as he

reached the room.

"Who Grimmers?" I asked, still playing with the gun.

"The one that wiped some of our comrades." He huffed.


I smirked but didn't say much, didn't want to sound too mighty. I twitched my finger on the trigger and focused at a point with an eye closed.

"Time for my baby to dance."

I crooked an end of my lips upward. Then, I shoved my baby on my backside and walked out, waving two fingers hinting David to get the cars.

To be precise, I didn't care about the people whom I had lost. This world of mafia had no place for someone who whined for the deads. I didn't really remember who were the grimmers either. But, I had to wipe them out. I had to emerge fear on their heart and maintain my position as the head of the mafia.

Those weaklings were getting full of themselves, just because they had wiped some of my chicks. And now, they had stepped on my club. They didn't know who they were dealing with. I was laughing inside.

We took the private elevator to the top floor where they had nested themselves.

I don't know why they liked to visit such places and leech around whores. As an owner, even I hadn't stepped a foot at that club. Touching a whore was out of the question. It didn't mean that I didn't like women. I just didn't have to beg for them. I slept with numerous of them and they all came from noble families. But, only their surnames were of noble. The way they acted in front of me, was nothing less than a whore. Still, I slept with them, to forget certain someone.

As soon as we reached the floor, I encountered a jerk pinning down a whore. I didn't why she was resisting so hard though it was her job. But, I found it ugly to watch. So, I hit my gun at his head as I got out. With my strength, it was amazing how he was still breathing on the floor.

I swiped my eyes from the man to the whore who was resisting him. But, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was her.

No, it can't be.

I tried to get a full view of her face. A sudden blackout.

What the? Just when she was about to look at me.

My heart started to dance and my eyes rolled out of curiosity. I wanted to look at her face, quickly. I even forwarded my hands to pick her up but stopped them instantly. I was the head of mafia and it wasn't in my account to leech to anyone, I said anyone. Still, my heart was a fool that acted like teenagers, bumping around continuously. I placed my hands on my chest to feel my racing heart.

What am I doing?

My head started to run. I suddenly realized, I was letting myself waver with all those emotions that I had mastered to suppressed for years.

I should kill her.

I thought as I moved my fingers to the trigger and pointed the gun at her. Light came!

The sudden brightness may have pained her eyes, they were closed. I looked at the beautiful features of her face that were spoiled by the heavy makeup. This woman, it was her. It was Anna. I almost lost my balance. But, I pulled up myself.

Why now? Where were you up till now?

No, wait. You left me and became a whore at my club.

My thought made me laugh. This girl, whom I adored the most, had left me without any word. After then, I sought her insanely for two years. I had already given up on her. But, she appeared right at the time when I gave up. And, what had she made out of herself?

I wanted to puke at her. The anger had drowned me up to my neck. I felt like letting all the bullets out, inside her head. But then, my eyes rolled at her eyes that was filled with fear.

I made her scared again.

I thought. I observed her sweating and cowering with my presence. She hadn't even flinched a little, made me feel awful. It made me realize, we didn't match each other at all. In fact, we were never meant for each other.

You are still the same even after these two years.

I thought and sniggered at her cowering self. It was no fun. In fact, it was spoiling my mood. I was out for hunting my prey and to make myself feel good. But, the happening was exactly opposite of my plan. I was being preyed by this young known beautiful face.

I wanted it to stop and save myself. So, I pulled my gun. I then turned around without letting her see my face.

She was dangerous for me. So, I thought of not getting involved with her, would be the best. But that troublesome girl fainted over the dead bodies, making cops suspicious of herself. I somehow managed to push away from the case out of her head through my connection, though.

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