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   Chapter 8 NO.8

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 6657

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Anna p.o.v.

The man dragged me out from the room and directed me toward the private elevator. He had clutched my hand, making it impossible for me free it. I felt so helpless and was about to cry as I sensed the situation getting out of my hand. I definitely didn't want to spend my first time with a stranger neither did I want to have horrible memories about it.

When we reached the elevator, he yanked me and pinned me on the wall.

Should I push him?

I thought. Only thought.

He suddenly slammed his hand on the wall and moved his filthy body toward me that alarmed me. The heavy smell of the alcohol alone was enough to drive me insane and now, he was trying to force his stinky mouth on mine.

I knew I shouldn't disagree with my customers, yet couldn't do anything about it. I twirled my head away from his mouth and a drop of sweat traveled from my forehead to the chin. I had broken the very important rule of my work by disobeying my guest. And that had flustered me enough to death.

His body was glued to mine like a parasite, asking me to stop resisting. He was not begging, but ordering me with a superior look in his eyes. But, I continuously ignored him.

I heard him gritted his teeth which made my eyes tight closed out of fear. His sweltering breathes were striking on my neck, making my skin crawl. I could feel his lecherous look that was focused on my upper bare skin.

I couldn't take his oppression anymore. But, he was my client.

I was desperately waiting for the arrival of the elevator. It would at least save me from the lustful monster.

My mouth open wide, out of shock when I sensed his leg pushing between mines. That was the most disgusting thing I had ever felt. I wanted to puke right at his face. Still, I bit my lips as my face creased, trying to hold back myself.

Everything has its the limit. This man here can see clearly that I don't want his lust at all. Still, he is forcing me. It's against the human right.

I figured out some excuse. And then, without thinking much, I pushed him with all my force and saw him fall on the floor. I also heard the final ring of an elevator as soon as it arrived the top floor.

I twisted around to see the people inside the elevator but my heel slipped making me fall on the ground. The man had already picked himself up and had this scary look out of dissatisfaction. He was acting like a bulldozer, "once aimed, finish only after gained."

He hastened and grabbed my arm trying to pull me up. I resisted losing all of my weight on the floor. No, I wasn't ready to give up yet. I continuously slapped his left hand that was trying to touch me and tried to free myself from his right hand. But there was no end to his stubbornness, made me realize sooner or later I may give up to that leech. How much did I wish I could scream. But it would only mean one thing, losing my job and become homeless. So, I just kept on resisting without making a sound.

It was sudden, I saw a man looming beside him who hit at his head with a gun, I guess. The man curled up on the floor as he rubbed his head. The sudden moment had startled me, letting my hand slam against the floor.

I sensed an approach of a man. I looked at his shoes which were shining brighter, a reflection of my face could be seen on it. I then slowly

advanced my glance upward and noticed the fitting shiny suits with sharp edges. From one look, I could tell the person was no ordinary man. His extremely shiny suits, expensive looking shoes, and the branded watch were enough to prove his wealthiness. I could tell, he was wearing much more money than my debt really was.

A sudden urge emerged for me to look at his face. So, I jerked my face upward. A sudden blackout. I panicked at first but then my brain started to work. Forget the rich bastards! I decided to take a chance and escape the situation. I tried to pick myself up supporting my hands on the wall. But, when I tried to escape I heard some strange sound like that of kicking, punching, and groaning of men.

My body wobbled in fear thinking I may get in between the fight and get beaten instead. Still, I gripped myself and moved. I wanted to be away from the sight of that lecherous bastard, real quick.

But, when I took three steps ahead, a sudden chill made my body's hairs grow straight. I felt something pointing right on my forehead. As if that wasn't enough, I heard some gun shots.

A gunshot!

I thought.

My body released a year worth of sweat, draining all the energy my body had. It cowered in the fear of being shot. I knew it was a gun that was pointing at me and that was enough to make me weak in my knees.

Why, a gun? Don't tell me, those thugs followed me. No, no. It can't be. The person in front of me didn't seem a bit like the thug.

My thoughts jumbled in every direction and I heaved a small heavy breathe so that the person would confuse my presence.

Suddenly, the room light up paining my eyes. It took a while for my eyes to adapt the bright light. I then slowly eyed the gun that was on my forehead. I couldn't even roll my eyes to look at the man's face. I breathed the air filled with fresh blood and gulped. The whole situation was insane.

"Boss, the work is done."

I could hear the footsteps of numerous men coming toward us but couldn't dare to eye them.

I sensed the fingers holding the gun twitched, almost making me piss my pants.

Don't tell me this is how I'll die.

My throats were slightly warming up, making my lips dry. I couldn't even think of licking my dry cracked lips.

Then, I saw his finger move slowly toward the trigger, almost lost my mind out of the horror.

No, this isn't the time to faint. I must hold on until I get safe.

I thought as I tried to widen my eyes, preventing them from losing consciousness. A sudden pull made me flinch. The gun was removed from my forehead making me take a long deep breath on the inside. Finally, I dared to look at the person that had turned around.

"Great job. Get going." A stiff yet familiar voice rang through my ear making my eyes wider.

I watched the man's back with my scared eyes as he got through the elevator. But that tall, heavy body with a wide back, reminded me of no one that I knew.

Must be my imagination.

I thought as I took off my shoes that were hurting my feet. The gunshots! I slowly spun around my body toward the direction from where the sound of the gunshot had popped.

I should run.

My head was telling me but my body kept on forwarding toward the place. The only thing that I remember then, is passing out at the sight of dead bodies.

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