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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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Two years after!

Anna p.o.v.

My face was covered with another skin called makeup. I called it skin because the makeup I wore was as thick as my skin. I had worn a cherry colored red lipstick that would shine perfectly under those blinking lights of clubs. To make myself more appealing, I had countered my face and nose which looked very smaller than the real one. With the heavy mascara and eyeliner, my makeup was complete with a touch of some highlighter and a dark eyeshadow. Of course, there were many creams layering my skin that I don't want to talk about right now.

But my work then was such that it wouldn't go smoothly without any makeup.

I never liked the idea of hiding my skin. It always made me feel like I faking to be someone, who of course, I wasn't. But, the people that I had to work with, weren't in need of the real me who was just a broken doll. They wanted something, something that would set the club on fire.

With a shiny black leather dress and a pointed high heel, I walked through the thick-furred carpet of the club. To get the thing intact, I wasn't there for partying or for enjoying but was there for work. With years of practice, I had mastered to walk like a cat.

I got through the crowd that was dancing insanely and reached the bar. Then, I tugged my dress that had moved a little bit up from my walks. The dress was really short, but that wasn't the only thing that would worry me. Driving my eyes away from the insane crowd, I called for Jack who was pouring shakes and drinks to the customers who I think were already drunk.

Jack did his job perfectly as a bartender of the club. In fact, he was the one who helped me to get inside the club for work. Well, that's not something to be appreciative but believe me, I was more than thankful at that time for the job.

Jack came toward me and whispered in my ear, " The manager is angry. Today, you are assigned to room 203."

The noise of the beating music didn't let any of his words get into my ears. We were to keep every work of the club private from the frontal customer. Still, he urged for a pen and wrote the room number.

"Better hurry up." He patted my shoulder and went to serve the customer.

My eyebrows' twitched with anger and the between of them wrinkled when I saw the room number. It was on the last floor of the building and the elevator would be so packed, no person could come out alive of that. At least, that's what my imagination would tell me. To walk through the stair with that pointed heel was impossible. Actually, even if I were to walk with a bare foot, it would take hours to reach there.

So, I desperately reached out for the elevator pushing the crowd with my heels on my hands and got inside with all the energy I had. Even when I got into the elevator, the problem wouldn't be solved. It would be so packed that it would feel like I was breathing the air that another person had just let it out. But, I convinced myself saying it was for only one day. I had to and I had always convinced myself since that scary night. Because I got to knew in the worst possible way that nothing come for free and easy in life. One thing that I had learned more, was that I would never ever take anything for granted.

I let a long breath out as I got out of the elevator. The last floor was the grandiose one and could only be afforded by the billionaires. Of course, they had a private elevator that would lead them to the floor. I again pulled my dress which had shrunk up showing more skin than I had intended to. After slipping my feet on the heels, I walked through the hallway that was much more extravagant than the others. The most expensive crystal chandelier wasn't the only interesting part for a commoner like me though I had seen one on that floor for the first time. The wall was painted with a mint white which had made the hallway brighter than they really were. A set of air freshener were place within every one or two meter and same porcelains too were on the display which was worthless in my eyes. For me, the only thing I found worthy of catching my eyes was the thick carpet that was made out of Yak's fur. If allowed, I would take it with me at my

rented room which wasn't so far from the building.

As I stood in front of the room, my fingers twitched and the body had a slight nervousness. I always felt this way when I had to deal with customers. I abhorred the customers who would freely touch my body. But it was my work.

It was my work so I had to force myself to feign a smile. My whole body's energy would drain with the force that I used for a false smile.

With crooked artificial lips, I stood in front of the room 203 for some time. I was mentally preparing myself so that I wouldn't unleash my anger on those savage rich bastards. Then, I brought my hand next to the door and softly knocked it. If I were to speak how I felt, I hoped they wouldn't hear my knock. I hoped even when I knocked hundred times, they wouldn't hear. But, they did.

Jessy opened the door who was meant to serve the customer with me in that room. I flinched a little when I saw the men who were all in black shiny suits. I hated to serve the billionaires the most. They crept me out. When I was around them, it would feel like some bugs were crawling through my skin slowly and savagely, trying to devour me.

I know I was just a whore for them to weave any dream of marrying them. Moreover, I was no Cinderella and I hadn't lost any shoe.

I despised them because I couldn't pull my trick on them. I always hesitated when I had to deal with physical things. I tricked every customer of mine by making them heavily drunk and the next morning, I would lie we had a sex. It had worked every time for two years.

But, these men were in whole another level. If they were to be influenced just by the sip of alcohol, I guess they wouldn't be the billionaires. And I had never served the top floor before.

I got inside with a seducing catwalk and gulped down every disgusting feeling that I felt. To be more precise, I would be able to pay all of my debts if I had slept with ten of them. But, that wasn't it. That wasn't what I wanted. That job wasn't what I had imagined for my life.

I was always poor at my study even though I looked like a nerd. I barely passed my high school with a B minus grade. I always thought I would work hard in my father's restaurant and make it grand and famous. That was my unfulfilled dream.

I sat next to a man who looked like at his thirties, my body trying to adapt his filthy touch. He hinted me to serve some alcohol as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

Take your dirty hands off me.

My mind said but my lips were smiling and my hands were in their work.

I cried inside a little when I saw them throwing their money on the dancing Winy. The money they were ready to pour on whores as us, could have let me spend a decent life.

The man's arm was still wrapped around me making me want to puke. But, I had to bear it for my suffering hungry stomach.

Those rich bastards were laughing and colliding their glasses as if nothing mattered for them. But, it mattered for me. It mattered because that was what I had to every day, letting men's hands wrap around me. One thing that I had learned and determined was that I would never ever get myself a guy.

I had seen many men who had a wife, girlfriend, and fiancee, throwing themselves on my feet. I also had met many men who called me the whore, just because they couldn't afford my presence.

The first one was probably Danish who made a whore out of the innocent me.

I hated him and I hated every man in the planet.

I shrunk back when the man brought his mouth close to mine, asking me for a kiss. It was an ordering not pleading. The heavy smell of alcohol was flying out of his mouth making my nose twitched. Still, I acted playfully, pecked him on his cheek and turned around as if I was shy.


That was the wrong move because from what I sensed, I had turned the man on. He then pulled me toward the exit. My eyes got wider and my heartbeat got faster than a racing horse when I calculated the direction we were heading.

What have I done?

I let out a small groan out of my mouth and my whole face was red. I knew it because I could feel the heat warming it up.

I definitely didn't want to end up like that.

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