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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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Danish p.o.v.

I was standing in the gate of Hisami park. My hands were in my pocket and were slightly shaking it with restlessness. With every shake, the keys in my pocket would make a small jingle sound.

The big pendulum of the William tower hit twelve times alerting people, it is twelve o'clock. The street was small and only private vehicles were running through it. Not to mention, it was filled with a mass of crowd making my head spun. I was getting a headache but I wanted to wait right there. There was no choice otherwise, I would miss her.

Anna had asked me for a date. She was supposed to get there by eleven. But, the clock's hands were already signaling it is twelve. I had already waited an hour for her. Not to mention, it was a mid day of midsummer.

It was so embarrassing that even the people passing through had memorized my face. If I were to speak, I could sense some people talking while gazing at me. Of course, I was angry. I was gritting my teeth and my hands were clenched into a fist. But, I wanted it, a date.

I was worn out of patience. She had already crossed her limit. Nobody dared to make me wait for such a long time. In fact, everything would be waiting for me without my knowing. That was my life and it was supposed to be. But this girl, I knew she was a trouble from the day one when my heart started to race for her.


Even though I wanted it so much, she had killed the patience inside of me. I had had enough of her play. So, I took my hands out of pocket and moved my legs toward the parking.

What the?

As I got to my car, I fisted my hand and hit the car's surface, letting out my anger.

How could she? I even got into university for her. I even accepted her lame confession and then a date. And, she dared to stand me up. You'll pay for it, little devil.

My head was spinning out of anger and my heart was aching out of disappointment. I twisted my keys on the car's door and got inside trying to soothe myself.

This isn't it. You are making yourself weak, letting a girl control your emotion. How can you be so stupid to wait for such petty girl in that huge crowd? That was too dangerous.

I leaned my head on the steering for a while and then, moved my hand and started the engine.

How could she?

This one sentence was buzzing constantly in my head. I took a deep breathe and drove my car out of the parking lot. I used my side mirror to take control of my car as all do. But, something caught my eyes. Anna was standing there.

What is she doing?

I thought as I rushed out of my car and ran toward her. She was dressed as her usual self with two braided hair. Her forehead was sweating as if she had waited for a long time.

"What are you doing here?" I asked as soon as I got there.

Maybe she was in deep thoughts, she got startled when I reached her. She rolled her eyes down and clenched her hands.

Are you getting scared of me?

My head went nuts out of frustration. I grabbed her arms and pulled her into my car. No matter how angry I was and no matter how scared she was, I didn't want her to faint miserably out of the heat.

I relaxed my head on the seat and took a deep breath. I didn't want to scare her more that she already was. I then moved toward her and did her seat belt.

She was the first girl and was my first date. But, the way she was cowering made me feel as if I was forcing myself on her.

"If you are so scared of me, you can leave, " I said as I opened the door of her side.

As soon as she heard my words, her eyes widened pushing her eyebrows up and she opened her mouth trying to say something. But, nothing came out.

Well, at least I was relieved that she didn't want to ruin our date.

"I am sorry." She let out a small voice.

"For making me wait like an idiot?" I said in a low but stiff voice.

"Huh? You waited?" She gave a shocked look.

I didn't know what she meant by that look. But, it did manage to make me angry. I turned my head as I didn't want her to see my eyes filled with anger.

"I was waiting at the back gate." She spoke softly, "I came an hour earlier because I was excited. But, since you didn't show up even when it was twelve, I thought you got bothered. And when I saw you rushing toward me with your angry face, I thought you definitely hated me."

Was she waiting at the backdoor?

We were both fooled by ourselves. It all became like this because we didn't exchange our contact number.

I let out a sigh as I got relieved thinking, at least she didn't mean to make me wait.

I turned my body toward her and patted her head softly. Her eyes were closed like a scared kitten which made me hate myself. I closed the car's door and drove out of the park.

"When I accepted your feelings, it meant that I feel the same for you. I don't force myself to something that I don't want. I want you to know that I am dating you because I like you." I wanted to make her clear about my feelings.

I feign a concentration on my driving and focused my eyes on the road so that I could avoid eye contacts. That was the first time, I had made a confession and it was freaking embarrassing. I knew she was looking at me with her cat-like eyes because I could sense her intense gaze. The part of my face on which her gaze stuck became so hot and red, I believe.

That day, I dropped her at her home and canceled our date because the mood was totally ruined. I didn't forget to exchange our numbers, though.

Anna p.o.v.

After Danish dropped me home, I went to Rita's house to pour out my excitement. When he was talking about his feelings, my heart throbbed so fast, it almost pierced out of the skin. I gaped at he, who was driving with my mouth wide open. I could see his flushed face after he confessed. A heavy but relaxing feelings took shelter over my heart letting my stomach fill with butterflies.

I took my leave at nine from Rita's house and walked through the regular path which was unusually quiet. A chill ran through my spine making all the hair on my body straight. An uneasiness took control over my mind that made me rush toward my home as soon as possible. When I reached home, I could see all the lights on, like it always did. I sighed a sound of relief.

Then, I tried to get inside with my keys but the door was open. It was strange. Still, I tried to ignore it thinking it must be my imagination. I slowly got inside the house taking silent ste

ps so that my dad wouldn't find out. But, my father wasn't on the couch watching his favorite show.

I found it unbearably strange. So, I called out for my dad. But, I could hear no response. I rushed here and there until a thick red blood like substance caught my eyes. It was flowing from upstairs making its way to the living room.

My heart almost stopped out of fear. But, I forced myself to believe it was just a paint. I slowly followed the trail until I saw two bodies laying on the floor. It was my dad and my sister.

What is this? Why are they scaring me like this?

My legs wobbled until my knees gave up on my body. My eyes widened at the sight of blood that was coming out of the bodies. They saw nothing but blood and two bodies who were shot in the head and chest.

My shivering hands were covering my mouth which couldn't even make a sound. I sat there gawking almost for a moment. Somehow, I yanked my hand toward my dad to make sure it wasn't a prank.

It should be a prank. But, why is he not moving? I know you suck at acting. So, why are you so realistic?

I cupped my quivering hands on my father's face and shook them.

"Wake up daddy." A small voice broke out from me.

But, he didn't listen to me neither did he woke up. I again turned toward my sister and grabbed her arms, "Wake up, you slut. Why are you scaring me?"

My tears motioned out of my eyes continuously almost soaking the floors. But, they didn't hear my cries at all. They selfishly played dead.

My body flinched when I heard a crackle of the door. I could hear faint humming of men coming from down stair. I knew they must be the one, who shot my dad and sister. I was a coward. Who isn't when they know they may be killed?

I got up on my wobbly knees and got into my father's room which was the nearest one. I then locked myself in his closet. I could hear the openings and the closings of each door.

Why are they here?

What are they after?

Why did they shot my family?

These things were ringing throughout my head making me unable to think rationally. As if that wasn't enough, I got a call right at the moment. My hand shuddered as I held the phone on it and I had no clue what to do. I knew they had already heard my cellphone's ringtone because I could sense their footstep making it's way into the room.

I wasn't rational at that time. But, I did know I had to save myself. So, I opened the closet door slightly and threw my phone out quickly. And then, I waited for them to arrive.

I had wrapped my arms around my legs that touched my chest. I was letting out a small but heavy breaths, trying my best to conceal my presence. I slowly eyed on the men who rushed inside the room through the small strap of the doors.

They all looked very heavy and had guns on their hands. My eyes rolled here and there fearing them. My throat had dried up and it was slightly burning. I swiped my tongue as I licked my lips and then bit the bottom lips with fear. My body was cowering so much that it scared me, they would definitely find me.

"Didn't he have another daughter?"

"Yeah, but where's she?"

"Man! I thought we could make some use of her."

I hold my breathe as I learned, they were now after me. I sat there motionlessly.

The unimagined happened when I saw a man moving near the closet. I could see a looming hand of his toward the closet.

I gulped and then, clenched my teeth. My eyes were tightly closed out of fear.

This is the end. I never wanted to die like this. I am so sorry daddy, but I don't want to die yet.

"Hey, quit playing. The boss called me."

I heard a voice and then, the footsteps. I slowly peeked with my one eye and saw the empty room. But, I didn't get out of the closet until I heard a noise of the car.

I opened the closet door and tried to get out. But, my wobbly knees made me fall in the floor. I slowly grabbed my phone and called Rita. I then called Sabrina. I even called Danish.

But, nobody picked up. There was nobody when I needed them the most. I slowly turned my head to the table where I saw a mess of papers. I knew something was wrong. Therefore, I picked one of them. It was a debt contract worth of a million.

It startled me. I again picked another one and again another one. They were all debt contract and there were five of them. The three of them was a contract made up with my blood-related uncle, my father's friend, and Rita's dad. The another two was quite similar but the contain was slightly changed. I could tell, the new looking paper was a fraud demanding the restaurant and house we owned. There was a total of five million debt after letting the house and restaurant's matter slip.

When did we need so much money? Was it when our mommy was in the hospital?

As I was thinking, my phone rang. It was Rita. When she heard my voice, she rushed toward me with police. The police took care of the matter while I sat there like a breathing corpse.

My father had left me with a lot of debts and some thugs after me.

I couldn't even moan on my family's death properly because the thugs were searching for me unconditionally. I had to hide in Rita's house. But, I couldn't do that for a long time as it would endanger their lives.

Sabrina and Rita suggested me to get help from Danish. But, he didn't pick my calls at all. It felt as if all those feelings he mentioned were lies.

Still, I had to live. For this, I needed his help. Therefore, with Rita and Sabrina by my side, I decided to talk with him at the college. But guess what?

A girl was walking next to him with her arms locked with Danish. As she saw me, she stuck with him even more. I couldn't believe what I saw. Sabrina pulled me and took me to opposite direction. But to our surprise, the girl followed us. She had an angelic face with perfect curves. As soon as she got next to me, she opened her mouth.

"I really wanted to see who went out with Danish. I asked him but he told me it was just a whore. Still, as his fiancee, I wanted to make sure."

Evil aura was leaking out of her angelic face. She gave me a glare as she walked past us. I could tell that her glare meant, stay away from Danish.

A whore?

My head spun. I wanted to deny her words but she was so beautiful, it made me doubt Danish.

Why would he want me when he has someone as her?

Not long after that, I left the town. But, I couldn't escape the debt that my father had left behind.

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