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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Anna p.o.v.

"Hey Anna, your hubby is watching us."

"Shut up Sabrina! We are in the library."

"So? We aren't here to study. To be more precise, you are here to stalk your no good crush."

"Stalk? I am just admiring him."

"Yeah, yeah. Say whatever. Your hubby is getting out of the library."

"What? Stupid!! Because of you, I couldn't even concentrate on him."

Okay. That was a short description of some part of my life. Yeah, seeking Danish among the crowd and then following him, was also the part of my usual life.

Let's not go to the detail and keep it short. It was Tuesday, 13 sep.

I had called my friends to stay over so that they could help me to get prepared for the next day.

I had finally decided to confess my feelings.

Umm., when I thought about confessing my love, my heart would race at an inhuman speed. A little bit of fear and a little bit of excitement can perfectly describe the way I felt. To be exact, it's the confusing feeling in which one part of your brain says that he will reject you and another part says that he may accept you.

I couldn't help but feel sad when I thought about being rejected and my heart would sting from the bitterness of such thoughts.

Again, the thoughts such as there may be a chance that he may accept my feelings, would instantly hyper me up and then, a little tingling happy feeling would take over in my heart.

Literally, my mind was a battlefield between optimism and pessimism.

"What kind of girl does he like?"

I thought as I checked out my clothes in the closet. The closet was mostly filled with the clothes that I had bought in sales or that I had got the offer. So, it's pretty much sure that there was nothing fashionable or fancy clothes.

Somehow, I picked the finest pair of a t-shirt and jeans from my closet and showed them to my friend for approval.

Well, they rejected the clothes that I had chosen at an instant.

"Anna, I already know that your closet got nothing worth to look at, " Sabrina said as she poked her nose.

It felt like she was ridiculing me because she was rubbing the finger that just poked her nose on my bed sheet. Seriously, what could I do? I was in need of her help.

If the people who support each other in their love life are called friends, then she is definitely not one. She was constantly picking me and mimicking how would I look after being rejected. That witch!

"I knew this would happen. That's why we have brought some clothes." Rita said with her sweet voice.

"But, it's already past twelve. Let's try it tomorrow." Sabrina said and got into the bed.

I had a double sized bed in my room. Still, three grown up girls were very hard to fit. But, we somehow managed to squeeze in.

It's hard to talk about that night.

First of all, the matter regarding confession was constantly bugging me. And then there was these two, between whom I had slept.

For a good night sleep, I needed to roll around in my bed in every direction. But, I was sandwiched between them and couldn't move an inch. I tried to sleep like a statue, with an attention position that would be excellent than that of a soldier.

I managed to fall asleep, somehow in the morning. But, that alarm rang so early, just to tick me off. Seriously, I sat up on the bed and started to think of life, where did it go wrong?

Sabrina and Rita woke up with me and got ready to prepare me.

But, their heart almost stopped when they saw the dark circles around my eyes.

"You look like the panda. Panda Anna.. Anna Panda, sounds cool." The first thing that Sabrina said in the very morning.

Well, I let the matter slip with just a glare.

Rita took out the clothes out of her bag and helped me to change.

Seriously, they had brought a skin tight dress that was so short, my panties could be seen. Not, to mention about the upper part. There was nothing, absolutely nothing to hold the dress. At least a string? Even a thread would do.

"I ain't wearing this, " I said as I twitched my eyebrows and tried to unzip my back.

But, my hand couldn't reach it. Literally, my head had become a hot smashed potato.

"Then, what do you want to wear? Those old jeans and a plain t-shirt that screams louder than your face, you are a geek?" Sabrina said as she pulled my hand that was trying to unzip the dress.

Her face was serious, unlike the other time when she used to joke around for fun.

She then rubbed her forehead and started to scratch through her hair like a psycho.

"Listen pal. I am doing a favor for you. So, don't ask what we are doing. Men love to hang around with bad girls. Did you hear me, bad girls? Have you realized it? You are a typical example of a geek. There's no chance for you to go out with him, with that appearance." Sabrina preached her heart out.

To tell you the truth, my head spun out of anger when I heard her words. But, I knew there was truth and only truth in her words. For the first time, I got to know the feeling 'truth hurts.'

I wore the same dress that almost showed my panties. It was maroon red color. They let me wear a black denim because they thought I seemed way too uncomfortable. To match the dress, I wore a maroon shade of lipstick. With the cat winged eyeliner and a little bit of rose, my makeup was complete. For a starter, I had no clue what was being used on my face. But, the greater tragedy was that I had never worn a high heel.

I pleaded them to stop making a joke of me. But, my saying meant nothing at all. When I was done with my makeup and all, I looked at the mirror and realized, I was the perfect reflection of my own sister.

I saw a beautiful and mature looking girl standing in front of the mirror.

We had already figured out, Danish would be spending his Sunday always on a park, alone. We were set off to attack him there.

"Walk with your head and chest up. Don't get nervous. Don't laugh loudly. Speak in a seductive way. Don't confess right away. Take your time and chat, to create a bond. And then, show your interest in him. Make sure, he also gets interested in you. And then confess. The plan is done." was what Rita said.

But as I walked toward Danish, who was sitting at a corner's bench, my legs started to wiggle. As if that wasn't enough, my feet were slipping from the heels. My heart was beating so loud, I thought it would pump the blood that could last for a year.

Somehow, I managed to get closer with Danish and stood in front of him. Even when I was just standing up, my legs were shaking unconditionally.

"Ex-excuse m-me." I intended to speak these words aloud but only a small quivering voice came out.

"What?" He said as he looked up, straight into my eyes.

His gaze made it even harder for me to bring words to my mouth.

Stand properly

I tried to fix my position but it was no good with my shaking legs.

Let's go to next level. Speak seductively.

No good. Words were barely getting up from my neck.

No, no. Let's skip this step. Next, make him interested.

"I..I, can I sit next to y-you?" I shuttered as I spoke.

"Yeah, sure." He said as he made some space for me.

I already knew, he must have thought I was weird. Damn it! Where did all of my energy go?

As I sat next to him, I felt my energy draining from my body. A heat started from the nape of my neck and flowed up to the tip of my ears. I knew, my whole face had turned red which was why I didn't lift my head.

"So?" He said as he moved a little bit away.

I had forgotten, he didn't like the people that stuck close to him. I had made a mistake already.

"I..I, I mean y-you are.." Oh, my god, my voiced got stuck in my neck.

"Yeah, I am?" He asked as he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Y-you are n-nice. I..I mean c-cool. No, what am I saying? What I am saying is, y-you are in-interesting. No, that's not th-that.." I shuttered so hard and didn't know what I uttered. Such a shame!

Frankly, my mind was blank and my eyes were pitch black.

"Can you speak more clearly?" He said with a bothered voice.

"I..I, what I mean is, I like you."

"No that's not what I mean. I mean, that's what I wanted to say. I..I don't know anything." I had never felt so ashamed in my life.

The first encounter that I had planned didn't go right. And now, my confession was heading toward the lame direction.

I tried to pick up myself and ran away. But as I stood up, I felt my hand being pulled. I nervously turned around.

"Were you asking me to go out with you?" He said with such a scary eyes, I thought I would pee in my panties.

"N-no. I mean yes." I closed my eyes because his face was so scary.

"If you are so scared, how can we go out?" I heard him chuckle.

"Huh?" My eyes got wider since I couldn't believe what I just heard.

"Your hair." He said as he touched my long hair, "I like it when you braid them."

"I'll be under your care." The last word he said as he walked away from me.

What just happened?

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