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This chapter is optional. It only includes some regular and funny stuff of Anna. You can go to next one.

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Two years before

Anna p.o.v

Mornings are beautiful, only if you don't have anybody that pesters you to wake up.

Life is hell when every morning your sister's voice rings like the sirens, the most annoying sounding one. And it is more annoying when they keep on ringing until you wake up. I was so done with my beautiful sleep. Not like I could sleep peacefully anyway.

"Anna, want me to pour you a bucket of water?"

My sister screamed from down stair. My usual day would always start with a scream of my sister.

Damn it. Why is she even here? I must have repeated this question more than hundred times in my mind. Sluggishly, I got up in the bed. Not like I had any choice.

Rolling at the end of the bed, I slapped down my clock and rushed toward the bathroom.

I then showered and went to the mirror of the bathroom.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of em all?" I uttered those dramatically as I stood in front of the mirror.

Ah, you are acting like an annoying bitch.

I thought to myself and wrapped a towel around my body which had extra fat on purpose. The purpose to make me look more ugly than I already was. Well, I am glad that the mirror didn't reply to my bitchy talk.

If it could, it would definitely reply "Of course not you.".

"Anna, you geek. Get out of bed." That startled me, snapping out of my deep muse. It was again my witch sister's scream.

Such a pain in the ass, she was.

"I already am." I screamed.

"You bitch." I mumbled, rolling my eyes out of irritation.

Then, I took the cute rabbit brush and brushed my teeth, super clean.

"Hair, done."

"Shirt, done."

"Pants, done."

"Makeup... shit. I don't do makeup."

I rushed out of my room as I picked up my two side bunny bag and went down stair for breakfast.

"Why are you here?"

I asked her grabbing a bread on my teeth. She was serving some tea for the father.

"Who the fuck are you to ask me?"

"Hah! Your husband didn't feed you well."

Placing my bread on a plate, I sat down. Again gathering my eyes on my sister, I stick my tongue out.

"You bitch." She slammed down the kettle and rushed toward me. Of course, her intention was to grab my hair.

I flinched a little because my sister was a wrestler pro and I was her punching bag.

"Now, now. Darlings. Calm down." My father said as he put on his glasses.

My father was an avatar of a priest and he would always preach about peace & all. Well, that's mostly like it.

"Like father, like daughter." She moved away from me with her mumbling mouth.

"What did you say? Daddy, look she is insulting you." I took the chance to provoke her.

My sister had a very small and sharp voice that could irritate anyone. Trust me, anyone. To be more serious, her voice sounded like the annoying chirping of the birds.

"What? Aren't I right? Look at yourselves. Glasses that covers half of your faces. Greasy oil that plaster your hair on your head. That fucking plain cloth that, this stupid bought from sales." She scolded us. She was always scolding us.

Actually, she had some points.

Poor father and I.

"Then, should I wear five grand bra and panties like you."

I spit a satire on her and then, sipped my cup of tea. That was my ultimate weapon when she starts to blurt and wouldn't show a sign of shutting her mouth.

"Suck that up. Why are you so ugly? Can't you fix that appearance? What's up with your hair?"

That bitch rushed and pulled my braids so hard, my hair almost came off. Told you, she was a wrestling pro.

"Now now, calm down." My father enchanted the same spell.

"Shut up, you old hag. Can't you see? Your daughter is trying to kill me." I screamed as I pushed her.

She always treated me like a kid and I hated her so much. Sometimes, I couldn't even stand her face.

"I don't want your breakfast." I said picking up my bag.

"You have already eaten half of it." She derided me as she picked up my leftovers.

"Now now, my daughter calm.."

"Shut up." I glared hard and got out of my house.

Well, that was my life. That old stupid woman, who kept on coming back home even after getting married, had made my life a hell. I didn't know why she always bragged about spending that money on that small piece of cloth. Well, I do agree that she was more beautiful than any girl I had been wit


In class.

The class was so boring. The students were much more boring. The professor was ultra boring. The only interesting part of the class was the bald head of the professor that perfectly reflected the light.

I sat there yawning and eyeing my watch.

Why was I there?

It's my rule to attend every class.

That was a lie.

My father would always check my attendance and I had to show him, every credit hour that I earned.

Boring, wasn't my life?

I thought so too. The only interesting part was to stalk Danish.

I mean to keep an eye on him.

New day

It was another bad day. I couldn't get a glimpse of Danish. I missed his soul piercing eyes and his slightly crooked lips. How would it feel like to kiss him?

His plum like soft pink lips.

Damn, I was a hell of a horny pack.

I sighed as I walked out of my class and passed through the passage that was filled with horny couples whose self-respect was being saved only by a thin piece of clothes. How can they stick so close? I mean in front of this poor soul who had been single for her whole life?

As I got closer to his class, I slowed down my step and passed as slowly as the sidekick of a hero in the old movies. I was moving forward but my eyes were inside the class.

"Last row, his favorite spot. Not there."

"Second last."

"Middle rows"

"Third bench"

"...first bench."

Damn. Where was he? I unknowingly slammed my hands on the class's window. Daughter of the shitted whore! I grabbed all the attention of the class.

My fingers twitched as I realized all of those eyes that were on me. I slowly pulled my hand, turned my legs and ran as fast as the rocket.

Holy shit! As I ran with all my might, with my eyes closed and with my hands making a sharp point, I collided.

A pillar! Na, it was a person. I was on the floor with my hands supporting myself so that my head wouldn't strike the ground and grow a popcorn on it.

Dang! I looked at the familiar shoes. Then, I looked at those familiar legs.

My poor heart! It fluttered so hard making my head spin. I was as good as blind for a second. Blind because I saw my Danish with his sparkling charisma that could make any girl fall on the ground.

Shit, that was big.

Oh, my god.

I am becoming a good liar. Because I didn't care about that thing at all.

As I tried to stand up, I saw a beast that was ready to attack its prey. That was when I realized what was I up to.

His face was so red that I could almost feel the heat, it was emitting. I could make some omelets on them. Wrong pick up lines.

I could hear the sound of his gritting teeth as I unknowingly grabbed his leg to support myself.

"I-I a-am s-sorry." I shuddered as I looked at Danish face that was on fire.

"Don't touch me." He slapped my hand.

He then glared at me so hard, I thought his eyes would pop out and then, turned around.

My whole fantasy of our first encounter that I had planned, crumbled down. I was still on the ground gawking at the way he reacted.

"Son of a bastard. Would it be wrong for you to say nice words to me?" I thought as I stood up.

I slowly walked through the hallway where a laughter had aroused from my clumsiness. My leg had slammed the ground so hard that I couldn't walk quickly even if I had wanted to.

As I looked around, I saw the shining teeth of those morons that were ready to bite if I had opened my mouth and criticized them. So, I slowly walked away, from the hallway to downstairs and then to cafeteria which was packed as always.

I slammed my bag on the table in which Sabrina and Rita were sitting. Those morons hadn't reserved any sit for me, yet again.

"Sit, Anna." Sabrina said as she patted on her lap thinking I wouldn't.

But, I did. I sat on her lap with all of my weight on her.

"You pig. How much do you eat?" She said as she pushed me.

"Had enough? Then, let's go." I pulled their hands.

I was angry. No, I was upset.

My hands were shaking because of the unexpected encounter with him.

"What's up with that face?" Rita asked as she wiped the crumbs that were on my face.

"That bastard! He's so rude." I sighed.

"That bastard again. Why are you so on to that mafia kid? I mean look at his scary face." Sabrina said as she got up from the chair.

"He's hot. Admit it." I said and pushed my palm on her face.

(Sorry, I wrote the chapter in one go. So it must be weird! It won't be next time. I promise!)

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