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Nia rolled and rolled, all over the wide soft bed in his private room. There was no other decoration within except for this one bed. It was all he needed to keep his mind busy.

As he continued to roll, his face slammed on someone's behind. Yet he was not capable of anger.

He curiously looked up to meet against a pair of amused pair of magenta eyes. Standing beside him was Ashe with his pair of golden eyes.

What were these two men doing in his room? Wasn't he being behaved and no longer played around with table clothes, curtains and dirty clothes?

As the silence stretched, awkwardness begun to surface. Liam coughed and said to him, "Doggy, your mistress was asking for you—" His thuggish voice had not even finished when the big dog that was previously enamored with the softness of the bed flashed out before his eyes.

Lea? Nia's wolf ears popped out, his bushy tail sprang to carelessly destroy the bed's framework with its great strength. He did not care for these and immediately jumped out of the bed, and shot out of the room where his excited four paws increasingly fade to the distance.

Ashe looked down on Liam's helpless expression, not bothering to comment before leaving the room himself.

The journey to Estarcha from continent Sabrina had been long and arduous. But just when they thought they could finally rest, they were met with a group meeting for both himself and Nia. What could Lea's intention be for awaiting his presence?

He and Liam walked calmly through long corridors carpeted in red, their eyes did not wander towards the expensive and antique decorations on the walls. Picture frames similar to that of Victorian theme lined up the walls horizontally every after wall lamps lit with luminous gems powered by the rich essences in the air to increase their brightness and warm glow.

With these warm, bright luminous gems placed in every corner of Wern Castle, the extreme cold natural in Escarcha had been slightly elevated. Yet for those who had developed their core levels to seven and above would have no problem with extreme weathers. The higher the core level, the easier it was for essences to be attracted into fortifying a being's resistance. Hence, the higher the core level, the more durable the physical body and the longer one could live.

This was further improved by the Apostles using Science. As a result, they were able to reach a couple of centuries.

As Ashe and Liam traversed the quiet Castle halls, they could see servants with their head bowed so low as if scared of offending their eyes. It must be said that the managerial department had done their job excellently after having been briefed by the Emperor's personal Eunuch.

The servants never dared to cross their bounds and minded their own business.

Before long, the two unusual young men arrived at Raize's private room where they were welcomed with a very dim lit scene. Most light came from the computers at the side that seemed to have been reprogrammed to show slideshows of strange structural images of certain organisms.

A chandelier with small luminous gems faintly glowed the rest of the room, enough to reveal the entities under its light.

Inside the room, four people were sitting separately, except for Seth who respectfully stood behind Lea to await for her needs. May it be tea, delicacies or documents. Whatever she wanted, he was at ready anytime.

If his minions saw his extreme devotional that was almost fanatical, they would have vomited blood. They would never believe someone as black hearted and merciless as their leader could be anything but doting and flexible.

Lea and Raize seemed to have been discussing something important before Liam and Ashe entered the room as they could hear their exchange still.

She said: "These evidences have existed since 733 BA [Before Apocalypse]. Due to too much casualties caused by deadly fog beyond the Red Line, none had returned thereafter. Aero travel is useless as well as beasts would loose their ability to fly at that same Red Line... This Red Line of boundary..."

"I suspect it's a 'gate' of sort to sift out those who can enter and not. How this gate is set up, I'm not sure. Have you found any indication in your side of materials?"

Apparently, they had divided the work of understanding the research materials the Apostles' had worked on for all their organization's life. From archives to newest updates, they had scanned them all in their mind.

"Not yet. But give me a moment."

"Take your time." He said as he continued his findings: "These research materials since 549 AB records had no core level indications. They must have not figured out about cores until much later. See? According to this table, when they had used a legendary beast called a Flying Komodo, it was able to fair pretty well compared to Demonic Sparrow whose core level should be 5, while the former would be level 6 in today's conversion system.

"Just for the record, that Flying Komodo was able to advance for 10 minutes but there was no way to calculate the speed of its advancement. After that duration, it died straight into the Great Ocean."

"Here. Data recorded in 431 BA. Elders with core levels 8 found and island 2 miles away from the Red Line."

It seemed that the improvement of their research improved after a mere century. It was likely that due to their widespread surveillance of all life forms, their progress towards world domination slowed.

Lea stopped there, so Raize encouraged. "Go on."

"It says... Oh, hi Ashe. Come have a seat." She welcomed nonchalantly, while shoving all the files in her hands to Raize who then calmly put them on his desk neatly.

Ashe looked at the two strangely. He realized that Lea and Raize weren't actually talking for the sake of conversation, but for others to hear the things they understood from thousands of datum derived from different database.

He was sharp to understand this point just as soon as he arrived. So did it mean that his participation in this gloomy room had something to do with that 'Red Line'?

And just as he got to a seat, he then heard Raize say: "What do you to do now, Ashe?"

There was a pause, before he indifferently relayed a terrible piece of information: "It is unfortunate that even after reading through all the articles, there is nothing about a Living Spirit's revival. Once a Living Spirit or a Spirit dies willingly, their soul disintegrates by its will and sent to the System known as the Cycle of Life. In this dimension, the Cycle of Life seems to refer to the unknown place where the essences are salvaged and recycled to other living things or simply to support life.

"Furthermore, unlike genuine Spirits, Living Spirits are made out of human flesh. Whether it be mind or body, both are affected by time. It does not help that she had lived past her due."

As heartless as Raize sounded, his words were a fact.

Ashe was very quiet as his eyes drooped to hide away the emotions in his eyes. His silver hair shaped his chiseled face so well that he looked quite mesmerizing under the romantic dim-lit light.

It was unknown what turmoil he was going through, but Lea and Nia empathized with his loss of a loved one.

Not being able to handle the suffocating silence, Nia involuntary blurted out: "Isn't there another way that the Apostles haven't tried?"

He looked at Lea and Raize anxiously. He was indeed a big softy, but thanks to him, Ashe suddenly looked up to seriously consider that idea as well.

With two legendary beasts intensely looking at them, Lea and Raize turned to one another for confirmation. When Lea gave a faint nod, Raize then said: "However much it sounds impossible, not everything in this world was recorded by the Apostles. Just like the world beyond the Red Line. Guess what the Elders have found in that one island they managed to reach?"

"Raize." Lea warned, for there was no time for teasing.

A little disappointed, he could only dutifully explain further. "This lone island was only as big as Solitario Isle, maybe even smaller. However, it was where the Apostles were able to find abundant resources to assist their research on Living Spirits and Legendary Beasts. In one of their successful creations, they created a being that was so different from either of the aforementioned. Before there were Legendary Beasts that were able to transform from their beast form to human, there were not that could do so, except after this success.

"They called these creatures Superior Beings, because of its complete set of DNA makeup that had the perfect synchronization of a Living Spirit and Legendary Beast blood, as well as a Spirit's core. Each part did not fight for domination to kill this particular being.

"The perk, however, was that their human transformation would require the Superior Being itself to awaken or accept its own identity as one of the combined three. In other words, there is a prerequisite to become a successful Superior Being.

"The Apostles tried so many things only to find this condition by accident."

Raize talked for a long time, mentioning one complicated word after another. So when he suddenly stopped, nobody dared to utter a thing. Even Nia was paying close attention to what was coming next, while Seth was in his own world but actually quite alert and not at all careless.

Lea already knew about these things, but she decided to let Raize do all the work. After all, she really didn't like wasting so much saliva or effort.

Hearing not a sound, Raize dully finished the rest as if he just wanted to get things done. "A Superior Being must obtain a powerful emotion to fuel its awakening. After that first successful Superior Being, the Apostles were only able to repeat the creation five times. This is because, the material required for an 80% successful ran out on that island and there was no higher beings that could progress far enough to reach another land. Henceforth, these six Superior Beings were allowed to live under the condition they remain obedient to the Elders.

"As time went on, the five Superior Beings awakened in different ways. Two of which awakened by extreme hatred and demonized. They were terminated, their flesh and core used to create another entity closer to Superior Beings but was never successful as there was no compatibility.

"One awakened from a helpless situation wherein its mentality took a heavy hit when it witnessed one of the researchers that was very close to it tortured right before its eyes.

"Another awakened solely for the sake of survival.

"Lastly, the fifth awakened similar to the first ever Superior Being and that was for the sake of love. They had fallen in love, making their reason for living as a Superior Being only meant to cater the one they were attracted to. Much like a bee to a flower, they never could leave the being they had given their heart. They become extremely protective and would only ever discard stubbornness in face of their counterpart.

"Unfortunately, this seemingly beautiful love story could only end in tragedy as they were all placed in experimental situations. These Superior Beings were forced to be controlled in any way and from there, the researchers concluded that the deeper the love, the sensitive the Superior Beings become. This is because they only cared for one thing in this wide world, and this one thing was all they treasured, more than themselves. Hence, when enticed properly, a Superior Being can even reach beyond Core Level 9 that was considered impossible to reach. This has only happened once with the first Superior Being, however. There was no further record as to what happened thereafter.

"To end my talk about these Superior Beings, I just want you to remember about that small island that allowed this miracle to happen."

If Raize had not mentioned about the small island again, Liam, Nia and Ashe would have forgotten. Ashe then cautiously queried: "You think a soul that had been sent to the System can be returned in whole?" Even after understanding what the word 'system' was, he still found himself strange using the term to describe the core center of this world.

From how he had uttered his words, there really seemed to be no other way. The fact remained that Sabrina died willingly for the sake of relinquishing her regrets. This sacrifice had moved the aloof Spirits that had protected themselves securely where no one man could reach.

He shook his head before sadly saying: "Even if there was a way, I won't do it. Mother was already tired of everything and was merely waiting to meet Aunt Ingrid at least once."

Lea suddenly interjected: "Ingrid would love that too."

Ashe gave her a small smile, but said nothing else.

Raize shrugged, not really caring whether one or two Living Spirits lived or died. What he was most curious about was the situation beyond the Red Line...

His eyes briefly glanced at the fox around Lea's neck who had been listening attentively. Then he grabbed a keyboard to key-in something. When he was finished, he invoked his tainted essences that were smoky black and projected a certain Superior Being's biography.

Yet before he could get into in-depth interrogation, the double doors to his private room blasted away with a gale. The gale brought with it a noble lady who had jumped unto Lea without care, beautiful tears sliding silently along her cheeks.

"Wuuuu.... You left me alone with that thug!!" She wailed injustice, heavily aggrieved by what she had gone through during the long travel from Drakon to Escarcha.

Liam didn't even acknowledged her accusing tone and merely sat there languidly, his violent magenta eyes trying so hard to decipher Lea's real strength. For a battle maniac like him, he would only ever take notice of those who were stronger and would even listen to their words.

Lea glanced at the grieving Ying Yun Na and felt a headache coming. She masked her emotions well with her indifference, however.

She waited until Ying Yun Na drained her tears before asking: "What's up?"

"What's up? What's up?! You promised you would help me escape my concubine status, but you just disappeared!"

"Alcorn City still exists?"

Ying Yun Na vigorously nodded her head. "Yes, yes!" Realizing that she was acting like none of her usual noble antics, she immediately took the seat just beside Lea with her back straight like a rod. Her hands laid demurely atop her legs. The tears on her face that poured like waterfall were long gone as if they were sucked back into her limpid eyes.

Her transformation scared the heck out of Nia as his mind was so simple. He didn't dare sit around the coffee table and settled himself at a corner where light couldn't reach. Even when he was feeling anxious, he didn't want to leave beyond Lea's radar. After all, he had been called for something and he was rarely called for anything at all!

"The Emperor had been searching for me..."

Cities closer to Alcorn had Ying Yun Na's face posted like she was a wanted fugitive. Just thinking of when other people who hungered for the huge reward were to come chasing her down, she couldn't help but feel extremely worried for herself. She had been fine coming to Escarcha thanks to Liam who wanted blood and Ashe who was very strong and a true gentleman.

However, the current situation caused by the Emperor of Alcorn City only further proved how much the Emperor lusted for her youthful appearance. It must be said that Ying Yun Na's beauty was the best above others, especially in a backwater city like Alcorn.

"I see..." Lea softly replied, then came soft knocks on the double doors. This noise caught everyone's attention as an Eunuch revealed himself, who then politely said: "Miss Farechild? Can you please meet with His Highness for a moment?"

Before Lea had the chance to reply, however, another voice came through the door: "No need. You can leave, Eunuch Li." Said a young man wearing a silk golden robe that had a mighty dragon embroidered on it skillfully. He then turned to her with a very enchanting smile, his cyan eyes twinkling with so much doting love.

When Ying Yun Na saw this, her expression suddenly changed to that one of solemnity. The

playfulness that was once in her pair of black eyes gravely pointed an accusing gaze at Lea who had nodded her head in greeting.

If the servants were to see how at ease most people were treating the ruler of everyone in Wern City, all of them would have long paled at the sight. Disrespect to those with higher authority was a great offence in Mingzhe Dei and that was how Emperors and the royalties of the past were able to flaunt their birth right. They were educated to be different from the rest of their subjects.

Yet the Emperor that was supposed to be angry for being greeted so casually not only didn't feel upset, but gazed longingly at that one particular lady whose eyes were so different from others due to the fine dusts swirling like falling snow within a vast luster of crimson red.

He had been very tired the past few days and hadn't had the time to relax for even a moment. Just by seeing her would he then feel all fatigue vanish into thin air, as if it hadn't accumulated heavily on his mind and body.

Hence, when he unconsciously smiled upon the sight of his beloved, the affection in his eyes looked much deeper.

This was also why Ying Yun Na suddenly became even more upset.

She couldn't help but ask: "Where is Victor? He searched so hard for you... yet you actually have another lover...?"

Words uttered carelessly couldn't be retracted. She realized she had said something wrong when not one, but all men in the room looked at her as if she was some strange creature, making her heart anxious and fearful.

Lea's hand gently patted the beautiful fox around her neck, and that fox itself snuggled it's pinkish snoot on her supple cheek. "He has always been with me."

Despite her matter-of-factly statement, Ying Yun Na looked around disbelieving.

Liam turned to Oliver, slowly remembering the familiar face. "Ah...!" He softly exclaimed. "You are that guy who can talk to those beasts..."

Oliver merely smiled at him, not answering. He walked down the private room, not noticing Raize's darkening face and Nia's eyes that had transformed far from their usual docile gloss.

Meanwhile, Ashe was in deep thought, completely detached from what everyone else was doing.

When Oliver neared Lea's side, he flopped himself carelessly on the soft chair beside her's. "I'm not her lover." He clearly stated, albeit there was a hint of gloom in his clear voice.

Seth also added, "Lea is not someone else's."

That was a matter of fact indeed, but Ying Yun Na was left flabbergasted. Her limpid eyes wandered all around the room, noticing the smell of gunpowder caused by her careless words.

It was only then did she understand the situation...

These men's heart was pinned on a girl who had nobody in her heart. This sad truth caused Ying Yun Na's heart to ache for most of the young men in the room... Her eyes then returned to Lea who appeared indifferent as always, causing her heart to swell with ire.

Yet she said nothing. It was not her place to say anything to Lea at all. As a highly educated lady from a traditional family, she could vividly see were her place was.

Then there came another blast of the door and a booming voice resounded in the eerily quiet private room: "Lea, Lea, Lea!! I got a new delicious meat recipe for you~!"

This highly cheerful voice was none other than Bright who did not even bother to greet everyone else. His one-track mind only wanted to know if Lea would like his latest creation. In fact, it was only due to his adventures with others that he became even more motivated to improve his cooking skills. What pushed him to move forward to this path was Lea's encouraging words when he first learnt how to communicate through telepathy.

"Come, have a taste." He forked the soft meat that was still steaming hot, for it was just out of the stone oven. He blew on it and considerately offered it just beside Lea's mouth.

He saw her open her mouth to accept his care, but just when her lips were about to touch the delicious meat, his hand was grabbed and Seth ate the whole thing from the fork.

When he gulped down the meat, he commented: "No poison."

But how could Bright not understand his intentions when this same sequence had happened too many times to count? He didn't dare offer another piece to Lea, but silently grabbed for an extra for he had prepared beforehand.

Who would dare fight the most evil leader of Shadows Organization? At least not Bright who had more or less had the capability to only defend sufficiently against someone at Core Level 4. His strength was just above an average beast...

He carefully placed the plate in front of Lea, a fork's handle pointed at her to take. He had forgotten Seth's actions and ignored his killing intent altogether in 'lo of Lea's opinion on his cooking.

For every new dish he created since they arrived at Wern Castle, he would be the first one to taste while Lea would always be next. Except it was always Seth in the way with his ideal image.

"Tell me what you think." He smiled widely like a child who had just received a delicious candy he had been drooling over for days.

Seeing this cute face of his that was begging to be petted, Lea bit down the urge and nibbled on a fork of meat instead. Her eyes sparkled with intense delight as her dominant hand holding the fork moved at lightning speed. In just a moment, the clean had been wiped off clean.

She licked the delicious oil on her lips and stared at Bright with eyes begging for more. This look caused Bright to spread his arms and hug her tight, but of course he would never be successful with this instinctive urge when the young men around were already at their patience's end.

Oliver grabbed one of his arms, while Seth pulled back the other.

Lea glanced at Nia and Raize meaningfully before saying: "Stop." She then turned to Bright and gently smiled. "This one dish beats your Rendang, Rouladen and Zrazy.

"Its spiciness is just right compared to Rendang, but the spices and oil had mixed so well together that it could beat the rich taste of both Rouladen and Zrazy."

Bright's smile deepened as he begun to excitedly say without second thought: "It's because you mentioned you like spicy food, but not too spicy. And I noticed you really love the spices I've mixed with the other two dishes, hence the mixture of both elements. Not too much oil had been soaked too, so it wouldn't harm you from eating more. You also said..." He talked and talked, making it obvious to everyone listening that he only cooked dishes for her, for everything was considered based on her preferences.

This affectionate gesture that not all men were capable of caused Ying Yun Na to feel so envious. She looked at Bright who she had met for the first time along with Victor, yet she never gave him that much attention due to his thoughtless disposition. It was only at this moment did she realized what kind of a man he was when his heart was completely grasped by his beloved.

Her eyes darted to the rest of the young men once again, noticing their expressions returning to normal as if they were not worried if the girl in their heart would be stolen by this much effort. Her eyes returned to Lea who had been listening properly to Bright, then she realized... she (Lea) really hadn't placed anyone in a special corner of her heart, hence why the rest of her admirers could remain calm at seeing this scene.

Except for when one of them approaches her out of bounds would they take a move, but even this point was only to show their respect to her. How fortunately could this one girl be? To be treated with everything proper?

Despite the jealousy and envy wringing her heart, Ying Yun Na slowly calmed down. There was no point getting upset, because it wouldn't change the fact that these young men obviously had their heart decided. She could see it in their eyes, their unwavering affection for the young girl whose personality was unlike most girls she had encountered.

She snapped out of her thoughts and reminded herself with her goal in coming to meet with Lea.

"Thank you, Bright. So what are you calling it?"

"Uh... name? Hm... Why don't you name it for me? I'm not very good at coming up with names..."

"Alright, then how about? Meat Special #2?"

"Number 2? What is Number 1?"

"My brother's cooking."

"...Oh.... Can't this be Number 1 instead? Didn't you say it's delicious~?"

Lea shook her head as she smiled wryly. "It's not about the taste. First come first serve." Said simply, there was finality in her words.

Bright's imaginary dog ears flopped down dejected, but then they shot up straight once more at a sudden inspiration. "Then I'll take the rest of Meat Specials from now on! Wait for me!!"

And off he went to brain storm for more meat dishes. Meat dishes as Lea loved meat.

He came like a storm and gone like a strong gale, the private room was quiet once more. Seth silently took the empty plate and fork and disintegrated them into fine dust. Although there was so much killing intent in his pair of bloody eyes, he controlled himself very well for Lea's sake.

If Lea had not warned Nia and Raize, they would have taken action to hurt Bright. She was feeling a little anxious at their reactions as it wasn't as scary as this before. Bright was innocent...

When her eyes darted around with warning hidden within, she noticed Liam's playful smirk as if challenging her to a dare. She narrowed her beautiful eyes and before anyone had realized, Liam was teleported somewhere... nobody knew.

There was no wonder Raize and Nia acted strange, especially since as far as she knew, it was only Seth who had the tendency to kill at anyone's approach. In a glance, she had figured out that Liam had done something wrong. After all, if he managed to have two powerful beings lash out, she would be in trouble. With the weak Ying Yun Na and Bright, she would have been pressed to defend both sides without harming anyone completely.

"So it was him?" Raize redundantly muttered, feeling slightly irked at being influenced. He had thought he was a master of the dark arts, yet he had forgotten Liam's disregard to others except for children. He had great potential to execute sneak but deadly attacks. This was best proven in their first meeting...

He pondered for a moment before asking: "Where did you sent him to?"

"....." Lea was quiet for a moment as if not knowing the right answer, before slowly revealing the location: "...A mile before the Red Line."

"Hahahaha!" Raize uncharacteriscally burst out into laughter. With his obsidian eyes filled with gloss from too much laughing, he said: "Kuku... Haha.... Send me there too. With..." He trailed, his eyes leered at Nia's trembling shoulders.

Nia was so scared, remembering all the times he was forced to accompany this evil man! No wonder he was asked to come... He should have known it was never for anything good!!

He scuttled to the door like a whipped dog, yet before he could touch the door handle, he was drowning in a vast cold sea!

Back in Raize's private room where the owner had also gone in a blink of an eye, another young man vanished at the same time. Oliver then curiously asked, "Four men? And what is this Red Line that you have to send four people with Core Levels so high?"

Lea faintly smiled as she generously replied: "The Red Line is a boundary similar to what we heard in Redfield Town. Beyond this boundary, another world exist yet connected with this world at the same time. Except, not anybody can enter, hence we weren't permitted to examine the one in Redfield Town for our safety.

This Red Line in the Great Ocean only required one to be of Core Level 8 and above."

Admittedly, Liam was only at Core Level 7, but after being thrown close to the Red Line, it wouldn't long before he reached Core Level 8. As for Nia, he was a mixture of powerful entities anyway. His Core Cultivation was higher than most, almost comparable to a Legendary Beast's Core Cultivation speed. Such as Ashe was at the peak of Core Level 8, almost reach Core Level 9.

There was no need to mention how inhuman Raize's Core Level was when not even Victor could read it.

Oliver nodded his head in understanding. Meanwhile, Ying Yun Na blanked out as she noticed that one by one, the young men crowding the private room disappeared for her every blink. When she dared not blink any longer, it was after Ashe had been sent out, who was coincidentally the last person to disappear.

By the time she caught herself from stupor, her limpid eyes had reddened...

"Oliver, why are you here?" Lea just remembered how strange it was for the always busy Emperor to obedient sit back and relax amidst her group of relaxed mob. As she asked, her hand was never at rest as it comforted the beautiful fox that had been feeling a little down since a while ago.

Oliver stared at Victor's fox form perplexedly before snapping out of it. He briefly remembered his thoughts on that one sunset afternoon, when the orange glow of the bright sun basked a young mesmerizing girl with its warm light. It hitched his throat, made his heart tremble with anxiousness and deep admiration and time seemed to have stopped then.

It was then that he wished he was also a beast with soft fur, so she would caress him lovingly as well...

But he could never be one. He was an Emperor of a nation now.

The emotions brewing in his cyan eyes turned complicated before recovering their calm. He softly smiled at Lea like she was the most beautiful flower he had laid his eyes on. With his chin rested on his palm, his handsome face with his pair of alluring cyan eyes could make any girl blush. Like how Ying Yun Na was caught in revere.

Unfortunately, the unintended seduction was not effective to someone like Lea whose mind and heart was never into romance. External features never even went through her pair of sharp eyes.

"I came to take advise!"

"..En?" Her brow twitched, for it hadn't been a long time since he came to her for advise as well. Who should she recommend next...?

Who should she kidnap... next?

Fortunately, only the the three Spirits within Lea could get a hint of her thoughts, lest anyone reasonable would feel worried.

"Yes. There is this—"

Once again, the supposedly gloomy private room of Raize had someone suddenly barged in. This time, there was only a knock before the door tore down like paper. Yet that was not an issue the knocker cared to notice.

The intruder quickly strutted inside, briefly taking note of the room's layout and drawing a conclusion to whose private room this was. Then her almond eyes grew wide in shock at the sight of Oliver dressed in an Emperor's robe. She froze for a moment before bowing her head in greeting, one that was practiced in Felicity Domain when one was met with a royalty such as the ruler.

With her knee bent slightly and her back a respectable arc, she bowed her head humbly as she softly said: "This lady greets Emperor York..."

"This humble prince greets Emperor York." Came a cool voice with a soothing tembre of a young man in elegant garbs.

"You are both excused." Oliver immediately recognized Ulla, but said nothing of the good change that had come about the lady who he remembered to be one with brash courage and very sharp calculating eyes. Only those who had experienced being in higher authority could vividly discern how witty this lady was. She was not one to belittled by just how petite she looked.

Lea had been staring at Ulla since she knocked down the door, followed by Ullyssis. She had also noticed the frantic expression on her face, which caused a pulsing pain in her (Lea) head...

How could trouble come when she was just static at one place...?

If anyone of these people understood Lea's heart completely, they would have realized she had been shedding invisible tears. Yet none could grasp any emotion from her face that was almost considered defected with face paralysis.

"Thank you, Your Highness. May I have a moment with Lady Farechild, please?"

Lea wanted to scream 'No', but then she heard Oliver's doting voice to her say: "Of course. A friend of her's is always welcome. Please."

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