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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

- Maya Angelou

The King of Eden has reigned for over 30 years, and for all these years, he relied upon his Kingship to live a good life and be safe against the Apostles' silent threat.

He allowed his citizens to suffer, allowed many children to be abducted despite knowing what they were gonna be used for. He allowed everyone else but his children to suffer the cruelties of the domineering organization.

For many years, he lived well. And he would have continued living his leisurely days if he had not sentenced the Fang and Paterson families to die.

On that day, when they were about to be executed, he met the harbinger of death with her friends in tow. They were not to be underestimated.

In moments, he saw his soldiers die without a fight. He could not believe his eyes and he was engulfed by so much fear that he easily bent. Henceforth, he could see glimpses of the nightmare, making him fear that girl whose eyes he understood was looking down on him as if he was but an ant.

Now, before him was that same harbinger of death. Even if her hair has changed its color to that of pure black luster with streaks of white, the crimson eyes that did not know fear remained, if not even more terrifying.

He could not help but feel the urge to pee once again when he heard her say, "I am here to instill fear."

Thereafter, she commanded everyone to migrate out of Eden Kingdom. But who were these people she was talking to? They were born and raised in this beloved land, so how can they just move out because of a mere girl's words?

Alas, she was not but a mere girl.

As his officials were murmuring in doubt, he was already feeling a foreboding when he saw her eyes on one particular official. And he knew this official very well for the serious crimes he had committed throughout the years, yet nobody could touch him because his family was powerful and his associates were no less influential.

He then saw this official levitate in the air and forced to face the girl in fright. Who could be courageous now if you were suddenly hauled up in the air without notice?

What was even more fearsome for all was her next words that sent shivers to everyone's spine.

"Confess your sins and I shall let you go."

She wanted to prove to his people that she was serious about her intentions. And he just knew this will not end well. But he was merely a cowardly King, shaking like a leaf when he saw her once again. She has become even more powerful than the last time he saw her, and that wasn't even 2 days ago.

When his official refused to admit, a finger plopped onto the floor. All murmurs ceased as fear finally spread in everyone's heart.

But for him, the King who had seen her cruelties before, merely held his throne's handrest tight as his heart was beating fast. He was not excited, just scared.

A sharp scream resounded in the Great Hall, dripping with so much pain and anxiousness of his flight. He immediately confessed, for fear his other fingers would suddenly fall off in droves.

"I... I raped my best friend's wife..."

A certain official let out a grunt, while many others sharply gasped. But the confession was not over as the sinner continued to fearfully say: "I... I molested y-young ladies..."

He whimpered when he felt his throat constrict as tears begun to roll down his eyes. "I stole... some money from the finance ministry... a-and.. violated my s-son.."

The said son was standing behind other officials with empty eyes, as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Then fear replaced his expression and felt embarrassed with everyone's pitiful and disgusted gazes. He bowed his head in shame and helplessness.

Who could tell him how much he resisted? But against his powerful father, there was almost nothing he could do, especially when he was threatened all the time.

The King who had been sitting on his throne, his eyes focused on the girl he feared the most, begun to understand what kind of fear she wanted to instill...

"Now that you've finished your confession. I shall let you go."

And she let him go, literally— as his head exploded into smithereens. Ulyssis moved to hug Ulla, shielding her from the splatters.

Blood showered the officials faces, while some almost reached the King's throne.

"Even in death, your dirt continues to spread." She softly said, but everyone could still clearly hear the disdain in her voice.

At this point, he and his officials could only think of saving themselves. It was her against them lot. Who was to say they could win against the harbinger of death, when she can kill them all with a blink of her eye?

She was their nightmare, and they did not want her to chase after them.

And in droves, all officials kneeled, all of them with pale faces as if blood was drained out of them. "W-we obey!"

After one last glance, she was gone as quickly as she came, followed by Ulla and Ulyssis out the Grand Hall.

He immediately sent out a decree of everyone's immigration, for he feared she would be back again.

Nobody looked back on the dead official's headless body. And nobody dared say anything bad to his son. It was their unfortunate day for encountering such evil. Or was it the god of wrath who helped them win the war?

Nobody could tell, for they only saw evil from her actions, imprisoning their hearts into utter obedience.

What came after was the return of the Death God while the soldiers, the nobles, the King and everyone else were looking back to their capital city with extreme reluctance.

They were then reminded of what true fear was.

The destruction begun as the ground of the city shook, slowly then stronger. Crevices begun to surface and buildings torn apart. With the land's tremor, the dark clouds rolled once again and lightning descended.

Fire spread as gale blew it from east to west. The destruction roared, announcing to the world that Eden Kingdom was no more.

The Palace crumbled to dust fast and gulfed down into

the abyss.

Eden Kingdom was not small. In fact, it was so huge millions of Apostles could live underneath for hundreds of years without overpopulating. It was this huge nation that was experiencing turmoil as debris mixed with the land, back to where it once was.

Somewhere not too far away from the capital city of Eden Kingdom, a line of horses, beast vehicles and carriages were slowly making their way to another nation. When they heard the commotion, many heads turned back.

Loud murmurings spread and a certain rumor begun.

"W-was... she really a god...?" Whispered one official who had witnessed the harbinger of death in the Great Hall, in the palace.

Nobody answered right away, in fear she would suddenly appear. As they say, speak of the devil and the devil will come.

Most of the entourage were relieved that they've left before the gods begun their destruction. They have heard of mystics in their world, but many of them have never personally seen one. Much like now, there was no sight of the destroyer, causing others to believe these were all done by an invisible being whose strength was mightier than anything they've known. What else could it be besides a god?

As speculations were whispered from one hear to another, a legend was beginning to take its form. A legend of the god of war and vengeance, a hero who saved them in times of need.

Since the idea of a god visiting their world was so farfetched, they decided to commemorate the new era of its once in a millennium event. New beginnings after so many endings.

In one of the carriages following the rest, a child who was curiously peeking out of his window turned back to his mother with a very confused expression. His mother chuckled and couldn't help but question her child's thoughts.

"A copper for your thoughts, my dear?"

The child let go of the window ledge and carefully went to sit beside his mother. In his childish tone, he curiously said, "Ma, everyone says the god is in our city, but why are we not greeting the god?"

His mother was about to answer his question after some thinking when she heard him continue his musing. "Gods... I have only heard father mention the word when something bad happens to him.. But I think that was him just cursing his bad luck. Is the one in our city right now real, or are the people following us cursing their bad luck?"

His mother giggled, patting her child's soft curly chestnut hair that he inherited from his father. She said, "I don't know if it is god that is destroying our land, but what you ought to remember is, we were saved by this being. And whoever this is, it would be safer for us to simply receive their good will and not forget. God or not, what does it matter?"

The child was not satisfied as his cheeks puffed, he pouted and said, "What is god??"

"My dear... It can mean so many things, which one do you want to hear?" His mother lightheartedly said, totally enjoying her child's wonders to the world. She was patient and indulging, even moreso in this times of trying.

The child blinked to his mother and exclaimed: "Everything!"

She had guessed he was up to torturing her for the whole day, so it was nothing at all to satisfy her child's thirst for knowledge. And so she begun to explain the best way she could, from what she had learnt when she was still a young noble lady, "As you have heard, your father uses the word 'god' to express his frustration, his irritation, or simply when he was upset. Why do you think that is?"

"Uhhh..." The child thought very deeply, his brows frowning into a line. Then his eyes lit up as he looked up at his mother and said, "Because.. because he doesn't know what else to say!"

His mother burst out into laughter, ruffling her child's messy hair. "Hahaha... You are right! Is there anything else?" She asked once again, wiping the little tear at the corner of her eye from laughing.

The child once again pondered seriously, his cute lips pouting like a duck's, then he looked up once again and exclaimed, "He wants the gods to help him?? But gods don't exist!"

"That's right. Gods don't exist but your father still curses the name. So they must be out there, right? We can only hope there actually is one." His mother paused, then she carefully looked at her child and carefully said, "Humans want to rely on something to keep their thoughts going.

"When you feel cornered and everything in the world seems against you, you want to believe that something out there can be relied upon. It helps relieve your burden and you can start hoping that there is a light in the endless abyss.

"That somewhere, out there, someone is overlooking you."

"Like you, mother??"

She smiled and replied, "Yes, just like me."

He giggled, a little appeased until he remembered something else, "Then what other meaning did you mean about god?"

Her smile faltered, but she then replied as carefully as she did before, "A very powerful being capable of creating a world and destroying it... A god can be scary, but it's because they are powerful that we worship them. And I believe, this was exactly why we hope for gods to help us in times of need. But... They are not almighty, my child.."

"What? Why do you say so, mother?" He frowned, even more lost.

"Gods differ, much like you and I. They may have emotions and they may be willing to let people die. And that's where they are not omnipotent. They cannot be everything, and this is what you must remember. And this is why you must believe in yourself, first and foremost. Do you understand?" She asked, rather gently and a little edge to her tone.

He nodded his head obediently, etching all his mother's words in his heart. Only he can solve his troubles, and he must rely on himself for almost all times, especially in times of trouble.

Nevertheless, they were truly saved by whoever protected them from annihilation against the Apostles. And the people from the metropolis were released, given a chance to relearn the world above that they never knew.

Hope remains for these people, for the sake of their loved ones and for the next generation.

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