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Who would have known in their long passage of life that they would meet their match in just over a few centuries? None of the elders could have guessed that a mere girl could suddenly topple their generations of expensive research, which have resulted in their goal of extending life more than any study of medicine could ever provide. Hearing the girl's cold clear voice that vibrated in Morpheus Hall, their thoughts of tomorrow were pulled out of their mind. While their body subconsciously shook with confusion, nervousness and fear.

How would you cope, if one day all your hopeful days end abruptly without notice. When suddenly, your dreams that were just a step away vanish into oblivion and never to be seen again? It's not just hopelessness, but worse than bleakness.

With their throats dry, their faces pale and eyes glossy with tearless plea, they looked and unconsciously anticipated the girl's next words. Then her vivid and powerful voice resounded in the otherwise stark white hall, faintly echoed by the glassed walls, containers and utensils.

"Eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth. Whatever you've done, you shall experience them all!"

Just as her words paled in their surroundings, Spirits around appeared and invoked their will to envelop the three awestrucked elders still in stupor. Their expressions displayed confusion, wishing everything was but a dream. Unfortunately, karma exist for every crime.

Within a few seconds, the elders were no longer where they rigidly stood, but inside each glassed containers. Trying to breath their way out, bubbles formed within the previously calm green water. The elders' skin changed to glossy white, as if oil and high level of nourishment were consumed.

Submerged in green liquid, drowned to suffocation, drunk through the nose, eyes viciously attacked by sourness, all the while unable to willfully blink!

Three pitiful bodies contained in separate glassed containers, tortured simultaneously in their own special concoction. Not a sound could be heard by the entities outside, yet their desperate shrills resound through their mental waves that continuously assault the spiritual entities. However, their agonies only made the Spirits feel satisfaction.

Spirits were not allowed to harm anything, but only to nurture. This was their detrimental defect. Knowing as such, Lea could only have them assist her purpose while personally bearing the role of the executioner. However, this was enough for the long buried hatred between the Apostles and the Spirits.

It was at this time that the sounds of clacking noises could be heard; sounds of approaching footsteps seemingly calm and elegant in nature.

Stopping just at the double-sided doors to Morpheus Hall, an elegant youth with crimson eyes looked upon the nefarious scene. Then came his leisurely voice tinged with amusement and indifference, saying "And here I was wondering why the communicators have stopped functioning when I only made the updates recently. Elders, you seem to be having some fun bathing inside a unique bathtub..."

Hearing the youth's calm assessment, everyone but the elders suddenly felt threatened. Lea especially felt some tension in the air, but her face still did not express anything. Void with emotion even in her eyes, she looked straight at the youth dressed in white and face reminding her of a familiar boy.

Although she knew who he was, she also deduced he wasn't. As such, she was feeling very cautious by not saying anything at all.

A moment of silence reigned the white hall, while the elders continuously bubbled their way to life, knowing they'll feel suffocated but not die. Their brain was starting to hurt, while their limbs were beginning to grow rigid. Only, they were never gonna escape through death when not granted.

The Admiral nodded his head to First, and the latter returned a salute. With strong balanced steps, First approached the youth, swiftly covering the distance. "Assuming you are well acquainted with the elders, young man? Whom am I speaking to?"

The youth glanced up at First, assessing him briefly only to walk passed by him. Left feeling awkward, First followed the youth from behind while preparing his mind for emergencies, reminding himself of his weapons and the layout of the room.

Instead of approaching the elders, the youth confronted Victor with a hateful smile on his face. "You must be... 'his' son.. You smell like him." Strange words, but sounded condescending. Although Victor did not react, Lea frowned.

Only his voice rung within the hall once again, not bothered by everyone's silence. "A pity... His capacity could contain over hundreds of essences while being able to maintain his majestic form... as a legendary beast..." A soft chuckle hitched at the end of his words, tantalizing everyone's nerves.

Victor still did not express any reaction, seemingly focused on Lea. He was akin to a handsome statue with only one job: to watch. However, Lea did not feel as calm as he was, for within her, anger rapidly boiled.

How dare he played with her own people's family! How dare he kill so arrogantly! Her knuckles turned white, while her ruby eyes burnt with fiery temper. Then she growled, "Pity your soul for all your sins!"

Upon which, a burnt smell wafted in the air, but there was no ash in sight.

"Haaays... Lady, you cannot just burn me..." Whispered the youth into Lea's ear.

Unebknownst to her, he was already standing beside her with his mouth so close to her ear. He was a head taller than Lea, but he did not look intimidating until one would inspect the behavior of essences in the air.

Lea frowned, slowly turning her head to look up at him. With gritted teeth, she analyzed the situation once again. The once easily manipulated essences were now shaking in fear, which was strange. It was as if they were scared of death. Was there an ending for essences as well?

With the essences' agitation, their previously organized array were now a little scattered. While the previously looming fr

om life and death elders were now really about to die. Lea turned and forcefully extracted the elders out of their glassed containers, exploding bits and pieces of glasses into the air and down onto the floor where the elders would befall. Just as they were about to face plant on the white floor, the youth kicked them out of the way. "Tsk... I hate blood. Don't let your disgusting blood stain my eyes."

Yet, when his kick landed on the elders, their hearts burst. Lea managed to protect their lives, however, with gritted teeth. She was slowly becoming more upset with the youth's uncouth behavior of interference. "Leave then." Her words taciturn, her tone cold with indifference. She might have wanted the elders hurt, but not killed. At least, not yet.

Once these words seeped into the youth's ears, he simply chuckled as if he was having a picnic. "Alright. But are you sure you can afford to lose me this time?"

"You came from 'there'? Twin of Lars, but not exactly? I don't know what your aim is, but soon I'll find out. Your base behind the waterfall... Have you played enough?" Lea sarcastically said, her temper was not getting any better.

"Hmm... I didn't know you were this quick at tracing my identity. Yes, yes and indeed, that's my private lot. Even these geezers didn't know about it..."

"Enough yapping. Got business with me?" Lea rudely interrupted. She really did not like the youth before her. Her gut was telling her to eliminate him, or maybe it was just the essences around that were attempting to control her thoughts as she was unusually very irritable.

Victor have also noticed Lea's strange behavior, a minuscule frown on his face as his aquamarine eyes grew solemn. Then his eyes hovered over the strange youth, looking a little thoughtful.

The youth was studying Lea further when a smirk replaced his usual obliging face. "Do you think you are fighting against the darkness? Dear, there's no such thing as light and darkness."

"I'm aware of that."

"No... You are an avenger and your justice clearly discern the right and wrongs, but you've already sinned enough yourself."

Lea was quiet for a moment, until she softly said: "So?"

"End will come about soon, so there's no need to do all these things."


"Ah... Your stare is very glaring. It's making me all tingly inside."

Victor: ".............................."

Lea looks down a little, not staring at the youth's face but at his neck instead where there was an Adam's apple going up and down whenever he talked.

"...Don't look there too. It makes me think you want to ravage me already..."

Lea glared so fiercely, wishing she could shred the youth to pieces. Discarding her initial considerations, she looked on his face once again, her face remained rigid and expressionless but her patience was growing thin.

"No longer trying to get answers from me...? Keep trying... I promise I'll answer..." He smiled like an innocent child, staring right at Lea's ruby eyes as if he knew her inner intentions.


He sighed and sat himself on a chair, crossing his slender legs top of the other. "I have all the time at the moment. Shall I tell you a story?"

"......" Lea blinked and continued to stare at him like he was an ant that she wanted to squash.

"Your passionate stare is really making me stir... You are indeed correct, I'm a transmigrator and I'm here to erase any trace of magic. First, I should start from the beginning as I need your cooperation anyway.

"It was a very tiring day at work, so when I arrived home, I immediately finished a novel that a friend recommended. Who would have known that as soon as I stood up from my bed, I'd feel dizzy and hit my head at the edge of my coffee table? So I died. The pitiful me died..."

"......" Everyone was apathetic with his cry for pity. Lea and the Admiral especially had piercing cold glares in their pair of eyes like they were looking at a roach.

But the youth did not seem to mind this and continued telling his story.

"'Lo and behold, I wake up in another dimension. Then memories of the body's owner rushed into my head, foretelling me of my new identity. Since I knew what was gonna happen and that a certain male lead "Kiel Fang" was gonna usurp my nation and kill everyone in my family who only ever showed me love, I decided to fan the fire to the world's end.

"I helped these elders advance in their goals a thousand leap with my knowledge. It was only... I missed an irregularity, which was you and your friends. During the time when the novel was released, there was no game your female friend mentioned. I'm assuming it was only released later as a spin-off to cover Ingrid's continent before the happenings in continent Sabrina.

"But, since I've fanned the flames for the Apostles' to increase their operations, continent Ingrid had no time to prosper. Thanks to you, however, there's a chance for it to recover and come back even a fold stronger. Tsk... I really should have spread out my wings in Ingrid to learn of your interference early on.

"You're actually an unusual entity as well, usurping the reincarnation of a goddess---"

"She was a Living Spirit, the pure and first of her kind. Get your facts straight." Lea interrupted, but the youth did not seem to mind, only staring at her bemused with a smile. Then he opened his mouth once again to continue his story telling.

At this point, the Admiral, First, the Spirits and Japatu were becoming more muddle-headed. What were these two talking about? They were talking as if the world they knew was simply a game on a table, able to comprehend with a look and manipulate with a tap of their fingers. These thoughts made the Admiral uneasy, while Japatu understood half. No wonder his fellow Spirits were dying and missing faster in recent years compared to a couple of centuries ago.

"Did you know? You were actually a heroine of Kiel Fang's harem too... Only, it wasn't supposed to be you, but the actual Ingrid that you refer to as a Living Spirit."

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