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   Chapter 152 NO.152

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When Lea noticed his swift actions, she instantaneously raised her hand. Her mere action caused all three elders to freeze. Simultaneously, their focus changed, boring holes on Lea's body, seeing a very charming smile on her lips.

Only, this extremely enchanting smile sent shivers from hell for Japatu. He rarely saw Lea smile. Even moreso a smile so wide and pretty, but because this was extremely rare and her usual smiles were subdued, he could only theorize that she was feeling very angry to the point of being unable to control her facial muscles. Scary!

"You are very impatient." With thick hatred coating her feminine voice, all three Elders frowned deeply, sensing something was not very right at the moment.

Such a young girl possessing so much negative emotions within, how was it possible for her to look very calm? As Lea continued to coldly gaze at them, the three elders were slowly coming to understand a certain fact. She has stopped them from moving!

Every fiber of their muscles was rigid as a thousand years glacier, completely unresponsive and almost numb.

They were knowledgeable of essences, as well as its many ways of manipulations, but such control was impossible for them. The most they could do with essence manipulation was move things around, but not internally. It was hard for them to imagine what kind of world it would be inside of living organisms until they completely open them up.

"You should speak instead... I didn't freeze your tongues after all."

They were so surprised that they didn't notice, but they couldn't form a word due to shock. When has it ever been a time when anyone dominated them with might? It felt like hundreds of years ago already, and even then, it required more than one capable person to control more than one living organism.

Finally, Elder Yun recovered from extreme shock. It was mainly due to his inflated arrogance that he couldn't fully accept what he was experiencing from a mere girl.

Looking at Lea sharply, his glare could burn her into a crisp. "What do you want? You must be working together with these Spirits who have come knocking on our----"

"Shut your mouth and get to the point. Your mouth don't smell good."

Lea rudely interrupted. The frowns on the elders faces were a level deeper. Being bitten and not letting go, and even more, being chewed, their long years of being high and mighty were slowly turning brittle.

Elder Yun's throat was suddenly dry, but what could he possibly say to be able to complete a sentence the next time? He could not open his mouth to speak at all...

Finally, the ever aloof Elder Lin opened his mouth in turn. Although his eyes still had lingering fear, he was even more composed than the other three elders beside him. With his skillful tongue, he said, "You've caught us. So?"

Skillful tongue he might have, but afraid he would get cut off in the middle of his sentence, he made his speech very short. Lea understood this very well, almost chuckling by herself. The brilliant smile on her lips twitched a little. Were these really the mighty people behind all evil above? She did not dare think further, for if they weren't...

"Just paying with your lives is not enough. Japatu, whatever shall I do?" As if in a very difficult dilemma, Lea softly asked Japatu for any suggestions.

He almost did not catch her drift, but when he gazed at her eyes, he realized she was doing this favor for his family and all the Spirits that had been sacrificed. He clenched his jaw, trying to restrain the anger and resentment within.

He turned his head to shower the three elders with critical gaze, then slowly spoke solemnly, "Dying is indeed to easy for them. Why not keep them for days? Maybe over time, their mind will completely change." He almost cut his tongue trying to say each word, for this sort of punishm

ent was too light. He wanted to rip the three elders to shreds there and then, but it was even more too light of a punishment to be only given death.

Lea gave a brief nod, turning her full attention back to the three stiff elders who have accumulated some layers of sweat due to a couple of dysfunctional organs. She was slowly torturing them quietly without a word, only making them weak in the knees a portion at a time. But they couldn't kneel either because they were being forced to stand erect like good school boys, except, they look centuries old (all but one).

She narrowed her eyes into slits, looking very delighted, as if receiving her favorite toy. Softly, she said, "It seems we'll be spending an awful long time together..."

For the first time, they felt goosebumps, along with a creepy feeling in their chest. What kind of girl was this? How could she be so quietly deadly and super frightening? Whose womb did she come out from?

The three elders were unified at criticizing Lea in their minds. Unbeknownst to them, she could read their mental wavelengths, especially since their mouth could not speak irresponsibly, their frustrations were all being poured in their mind.

She did not mind their biting thoughts of her, instead, she carefully glanced at the laboratory. Her ruby eyes lit with flames. She raised a finger, saying to Japatu: "Give me the completed research you've found."

Hearing her words, not only was Japatu surprised, the three elders were too. A looming fear were worming its way into their hearts, making it palpitate very fast. The more anxious they looked, the happier Lea became, the dimples that weren't usually detected were suddenly in full display.

At a corner, Victor quietly joined Lea at the side, and seeing her terribly happy, he was frozen stiff for a moment before smiling himself, like a blooming flower in Winter. "I've finished what you wanted me to do, Lea. Is there anything else?"

His voice was extremely gentle, afraid he'd break the beautiful expression on her face. And hearing his report, Lea started giggling.

If Bright, Raize and Ulla saw this side of Lea, they would all be so terrified. They would assume she was a complete maniac! But that thought would not be far from the truth. She truly was feeling ecstatic at the moment, for merely seeing the three elders looking like they were about to shit their pants.

Hearing her giggles like bells, Victor was completely wowed. He patiently waited for her next command like a very loyal worshipper. Then she finally stopped her musing, telling Victor: "Wait a moment. Gifts are meant to be opened one by one."

Japatu returned quickly, along with a few more Spirits in tow. Their hands held many documents arranged and kept very well. There were even a container full of memory chips, memory marbles and flash drives. Surely, everything in their hands were all the many years of research and labor, as well as resources and time.

Lea briefly gave the three elders a side glance, causing their hearts to tremble with extreme anxiousness. She smiled quietly as she felt their mental waves screaming at her:

[This demon... she can't!! She can't possibly do this! All those years.... and precious materials...!!]

[Don't touch those precious babies!! If you destroy them, you won't end very well, you $%^&***!! ^&%*&^! &#%$!!!]

[....It's all over.... Such a wicked b!&%$..!]

Fear, hopelessness, anger, resentment and a little bit of hope. Lea took their emotions all in, savoring their flavors while thinking of all the creatures that have suffered under their hands. She can't forgive them, even if they were not the origins of all this mess.

She also wanted them to see what it feels like to lose hope, rights, dreams, pride and meaning of life. Do not do unto others what you do not want them to do unto you.

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