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The flight of stairs was really long, to the point Yun Na dragged down everyone's speed. But as gentlemen, Victor and Bright allowed her to rest from time to time.

Thus, by the time they got out of the dim-lit stairs, it was already early morning. Everyone was surprised at the modernized buildings with high quality architectural design. Victor and Yun Na were flabbergasted and they both couldn't grasp the gap of era above ground and below. While Bright felt a sense of familiarity, enough for him to realize that there were too many military officers!

"Hey, hey... No matter how you look at this, we would be killed as soon as they see us!"

Not understanding Bright's panic and fright, Victor and Yun Na expressed the same blank expression. What are you even saying?

"Kindly provide us some explanation, Harrow?" Yun Na asked, her voice remaining ever genteel.

Bright suddenly pointed at a person, then another and another. "That, that, that one too. They will kill us if they see us!!"

Nobody knows how Bright came up with a scary conclusion, but he was not far from the truth. Hearing his exclamation, Yun Na was stricken with extreme fear.

"I really do not want to perish here. Can you please find a way for us to advance without being noticed? You can sense Lea can you? Let's just focus on finding her without delay anymore!"

"Exactly what I think, but..." Bright still looked frightened at the sight of the officers, as if his bitter memories of the past were rewinding in his mind's eyes. A pity Ulla was not here to laugh at his suffering.

After a brief moment, Bright opened his pale lips to speak, "Vic, can you attempt to teleport?"

Victor analysed the levels of essences underground and deduced there was no problem with using Bright's suggestion. "Hm." Not even giving a warning, Victor grabbed Bright and Yun Na's wrist and disappeared out of sight. . . .

Lea was still going towards one of the sisters' location when Victor appeared out of nowhere. Like the wind, he was there with a blink of an eye. Without a word, he rushed to bury himself in her chest, embracing her so fiercely.

She blinked and blinked, then slowly, fox ears and tail sprouted from Victor's head and back. She finally calmed down and embraced Victor herself. Time seem to have stopped for everyone, until Bright realized what was wrong. Grabbing Victor's shoulder and separating the two, he said:

"Too intimate! How inappropriate... Can you calm down now, Vic?" The usually cheerful Bright appeared to have dimmed down a bit, as if conflicted over something but he couldn't put his foot into it. He did not like this sinking feeling.

Lea recognized the lady that came with Victor and Bright despite only meeting once. She gave the latter a nod, then turned to Bright, "You've found me sooner than I expected. And just the right time for Vic as well. Essences are acclimatizing in our surroundings. It wouldn't be long for it to spread everywhere else. But this is not the place where you all can be safe..."

Bright understood Lea was now worried about their well-being, and the reasons why. So he gave her a brilliant smile, attempting to lift Lea's spirit up, "What's up? I trust your luck and skills, Lea~ Besides, we are like migrating birds, for being all over the place. This is just another temporary location. If you need hands, we got 3 pairs. If you need legs, we also have 3 pairs. Most importantly, if you want to eat good food, you have me."

Saying all that, Lea couldn't help feeling amused, letting out a soft chuckle. "You've grown thinner, Bright."

"It's because of you! You ran away from home without even letting me, your husband, know!"

Hearing such a statement, even if it was a joke, Victor subconsciously grew solemn, slightly glaring at Bright with resentment. Lea ignored Bright's statement altogether, for he wasn't her husband at all. There was no point in reacting.

These little exchanges were all seen by Yun Na on the side. She couldn't help but feel very jealous over Victor and Bright's sentiments for Lea, but she also felt like the outsider after reaching their goal. This is because, after Victor and Bright met Lea once again, their attention has always been on her.

[Lea, my sister wants you to come soon.] Lill reminded. Her voice had a tinge of solemnity upon thinking of her sisters.

Being reminded as such, Lea informed Bright and Victor of the important details of her current plight. The predicament now was how to keep the three around without calling for trouble.

"We can stay in this jungle, but you must not forget us..." Bright suggested, blaming Lea for his grievances. He cannot be blamed because Lea did leave them behind.

Lea stared at Bright for a while until she gave a nod. He did not know what she was thinking about, b

ut he felt increasingly nervous. "Remember, don't fly on your own!" He reminded her once again.

This time, she cannot refuse. "Okay. Let's go."

As she turned to lead the way, Victor grabbed for her hand and intertwined their fingers together, almost naturally. His tail swung left and right with obvious happiness. His fox ears twitched every few seconds. Glancing upwards to his face, Lea subconsciously relaxed.

In contrast to their harmonious silent interaction, Bright felt a throbbing pain once again. But he shook his head and ignored whatever he was feeling, following Lea and Victor diligently. He turned once, "Follow us, Yun Na. There are wild animals here."

The depressed Yun Na nodded her head, but she could no longer show her usual smile.

The small group traveled without difficulty inside the jungle. Bright was enough to fend off against wild animals. His strength with his steel pole agile enough to bring down mobs. Lea, for a change, was now able to relax her nerves, caressing Victor's bushy tail with both of her hands. How she missed this sensation.

And so, whenever they took a break, Bright would be the guard, while Lea and Victor does their usual thing, being too relaxed. Yun Na has been fuming with mad jealousy that she couldn't help but feel. Was it her fault for falling in love on the wrong man? But sometimes, it is not easy to fall out of love, especially when the center of your attention can be a very affectionate lover.

Lea could not be bothered by Yun Na's gaze in their current situation, especially when her obsession was in front of her. However, it was different for the ever quiet cat Imhe. Nobody paid her attention, even during Victor, Bright and Yun Na's travels. But she was there, always following behind. She has grown smarter, and as her sharp cat eyes continue to arrogantly look at Yun Na's boiling emotions, more and more similarities could be seen to her human personality.

But she was not sympathetic to Yun Na's plight. At least on Imhe's case, she tried to get closer with the people she was interested in. Just that, she could not hold back the negative emotions of not being the center of attention. But she was over that phase now. Being an easily forgotten cat was not bad, she secretly thinks.

Imhe scratched Lea's leg, making Lea turn towards her. Seeing the strange light in Lea's eyes, Imhe suddenly felt her life was in danger, but maybe providing a little help wouldn't hurt for Yun Na and the rest of the gang.

[Watch out for Yun Na.]

Her taciturn warning surprised Lea, forgetting the itchiness of her hands as Imhe slipped away from her as fast as possible.

In the darkness inside the jungle, Imhe's black cat form was hidden once again.

Lea looked at Yun Na's face, reading the strong mental waves she has been subconsciously releasing. Then it dawned on Lea what was the problem. Releasing Victor's tail and approaching Yun Na, she softly begun to speak, "I cannot help you with what you are feeling, and should you blame me, I would not be able to say anything. You are the master of your heart. Please find the resolution to make yourself feel better.

"Speaking of which, do you wish to keep following us? I know you are worried over your family. Pursuing a foolish love is not what a smart lady like you should do."

Extending her compassion early, it was a resolution Lea made secretly after Imhe's consequences. She did not wish for another person to lose their mind from being jealous, only to ruin themselves to death. In Imhe's case, however, the essences that were naturally attracted to her were the fuel to her transformation. Yun Na does not have the ability to manipulate the essences, but being human, many things can still happen.

This was Imhe's kind warning.

Yun Na felt slightly calmer being spoken very carefully by Lea. This person whom the person she loves love, actually took the time to advise her out of goodwill while honestly telling her she was not in control, especially with matters of the heart. And she's right. She cannot be blamed.

Her jealousy simmered down a little, looking up at Lea in a new light.

Bowing her head slightly, she quietly muttered, "Thank you..."

Lea nodded her head. "If you wish to return to your home, I'll take you back safely."

"I don't want to return to that man... I want to have my own life.... I don't.."

"Then we won't have to go back. But since you are worried about your family, I'll help you find out how that man will decide on things. If it gets dangerous, we just need to end his life early."

As if she was speaking of what to eat for breakfast, Lea spoke of beheading an Emperor of a city without concern. For a moment, Yun Na was speechless, but there was no doubt in Lea's ruby eyes that glittered with strange light.

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