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   Chapter 141 NO.141

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They found the cave, and settled themselves as comfortable as they can. Lea ordered the most obedient man around to fetch her some water, and it was the same man who lose to her gaze earlier in the afternoon. After losing to her willfulness, he became more docile and bend his back to whatever Lea needed of him to do. Looking at him, his fat comrade kept throwing him gazes full of disdain and betrayal. But what can he do! Lea obviously proved her strength and none of them can fight against her. Besides, he felt rather satisfied being ordered around by her. Although he secretly claims he has no masochistic tendencies.

Lea continued to busy herself with patching the superficial wounds, while slowly healing the women's internal organs as well as mend broken bones. After she was done, she was totally spent. Losing too much essences without earning any in return has been a total lose, but she did not feel regret looking down on the peaceful sleeping expressions of her patients. She honestly only know some first aide, but essences can penetrate as deep as the bone marrows. With enough knowledge of human physiology, what remains is the manipulation of the essences to mend things.

There remain some black and blue bruises, but their lives are no longer in danger.

She took off her hat that has been causing her to feel hot, allowing her long hair to flow like waterfalls down to her butt. Her actions caused all men to stop whatever they were doing, only staring at her unique beauty that was dimly lit by the fireplace. Even Scar Face was struck dumb.

Lea walked off quietly out of the cave, and that was the last time they saw her that night.

The obedient man rubbed his tired eyes and muttered, "She looked stunning!"

In the silence, the other two men secretly agreed. . .

Lea looked up at the night sky, her ruby eyes smiled with how beautiful the stars even if she knew she was underground. Real or not, nature exist to be appreciated. She turned her head towards a particular direction, sensing one of the Spirit sisters' calling.

In flash, she was gone, already climbing up a tree and grabbing for a thick vine. With great momentum, she traveled across the jungle swaying from vine to vine, swift enough for leopards not to catch up and smart enough for poisonous snakes not to feast on. Flying rodents were slapped away, as well as bats. Once she was out of breathe, she has arrived at a canopy sheltering different types of firearms, of which she did not know their specific names of, but she recognizes which ones are the shotguns, rifles and pistols. There were different sorts of bombs as well.

[Great find, Lill.] She was truly pleased with Lill's help.

To Lill's delight, she giggled and returned within Lea, causing a layer of white streaks of hair to glow. In the dark night, the white glow looked particularly enchanting, and this was the sight Jeffrey witnessed when he was about to raid the canopy. He was so careful and quiet that even Lea missed his presence.

But while he was attracted to the glow, his breath rhythm had changed, causing Lea to notice the fluctuation in the air, especially in the quiet stillness of the night. A pair of sharp ruby eyes glinted in the darkness towards Jeffrey's direction and disappeared in a flash. Jeffrey could not believe his eyes. No human could possibly disappear all of the sudden!

Watching Jeffrey's group from above, Lea silently armed a sniper rifle, equipping it with a silencer at the end of the barrel. She waited for a moment to bring down her judgement, for she didn't want to kill without a single reason for every opportunity to kill.

Jeffrey decided to brave the canopy after a while and searched for the weapons he needed, and went back to his comrades right away. He gave Lea a good impression with his actions by not taking all firearms, which she could conclude that the man was smart and sensible. Leaving that impression, she hopped away from the site.

Following the next call towards west, Lea decided to take it easy while eating a fruit that was not poisonous thanks to the nearby mammals. She did not choose to relax however, and her nerves remain tout. Sounds of wild animals hooting and growling surrounded all sides. If an average person with no prior experience in the wilderness were to be left stranded here, they would have fainted out of fear.

The wind was chilly and inside the jungle was very dark. But she knew where to go and how to get there. Her senses are very sharp, while her limbs remain nimble.

Along the way, several lifeless militants were being eaten by wild animals. Sharp sounds of munching meat and bones were especially resounding. Fortunately, there were abundant of trees to minimize danger of travelling. There remain too many wild animals larger than their original size roaming on the ground, but the initial bustle have greatly receded from early in the afternoon.

Lea abruptly stopped when she saw a strange sight.

Below the several feet high tree where she was hiding, a group of militants were grilling a live human. Cannibalism is practiced? There obviously are wild animals everywhere... Lea was truly disgusted and not even her frown could diminish the topsy-turvy of her stomach that only contained fruits.

The usually quiet Lill muttered with disdain, [This is what most humans are. Not even caring for the lives of their own kind... As long as they can remain happy by themselves...]

Lea did not say anything. She did not realize that the fruit she had in her hand was squashed to smithereens, and the juice dripped down her hands, down to her elbow. It would have been better if they grilled a dead human, but the person is alive and appear to have been burned to a certain degree.

"There, there~ This is what you get for being so cocky, showing off with your beautiful girlfriend! Not even abiding with the regulations of the army! Romance is fine of course, but why do you have to express your flirtations in public?? Causing my tender heart to feel jealous. Look at you now! Ha ha ha!" His saliva splattered all over the place as he jeered loudly. His originally plain face became so ugly with every word he uttered, but his comrades went along with him.

Even under the strict policy of military rule, a small portion can still deviate from giving importance to human life. Lea thought that being a part of military code, many would at least not be so cruel with life. But it appears that the training regime and whatever these men have learnt over the years were not about the importance of life, but how to eat one alive.

This is what it meant by fighting for the top position amongst ver

y able men and women. Viciousness is present all around, and mercy is rarely shown.

Remembering back to the time Lea first met the Admiral, his first strike was to chop off her head. She sighed regrettably. This underground is no good...

"Is it ready yet? Don't forget the salt and pepper! I have honey here. Do you guys want me to coat him with honey?" Asked a woman with her pleasant voice, as if she was only asking whether she should add more seasoning to a pork.

"Right! You are the best, sweetheart. Come, come, hug me tight."

"Oh you~! Let's coat him with honey first, then I'm all yours."

Seasoning a meat so deliciously, the aroma will call forth the wild animals even from miles away. Lea wanted this outcome, but seeing as such that she can still save the man being grilled, she threw the sinister plan out of her head. Without further ado, she grabbed for her sniper rifle from behind, positioned herself on a sturdier and larger branch, then aimed.

Without a sound, one head down. Two heads, three, four and... five. In 5 seconds, five militants collapsed on the ground. The man being grilled was so surprised, but he could not utter a word for there was a cloth in his mouth. He moaned and groaned because of pain and fear.

All of the sudden, he was being lifted up and brought down on the ground.

"You are heavy. Smelly and slightly burnt. 2nd degree burn, certainly alright."

The tone of the voice was so leveled that it sounded similar to those Artificial Intelligence, but once he looked towards the owner of the voice, he forgot all his pain and fear. One last tear trinkled down his face, to his cheeks, tickling his earlobes.

Lea untied the ropes, laid him flat on the cold ground and begun mending his skin and muscles. Unlike the internal and bone injuries of the women before, this man's burn wounds only affected his muscles and skin. She effectively focused all her essences into speeding up the man's healing capability by renewing his skin cells, peeling away the old ones, especially around the burnt areas.

After an hour, what used to be burnt areas about to fester with blisters, smooth white skin was replaced. Lea pinched the skin once and felt satisfied with her improvement. As the common saying, practice makes perfect. Even the flow of essences in the air had a tinge of her own, as if what excess release were used earlier were now possible to be reused.

Lea was quiet for a moment upon a sudden realization.

[Lill, is it possible that essences are never lost?]

[Spirits can die. But essences are elements we can control from the time of our birth as we are born that way. So maybe you are right... Essences never leave, but if so...]

[If so, there is a fixed amount of essences that can remain. But what regulates it, we both don't know. I did not feel any flow of essences underground before, but now I do. There should be no harm having them spread around here since the humans here cannot detect the essences, right?]

Lill did not say anything, and no longer speak.

Lea used essences a number of times just by throwing wooden sticks for strong penetration, enough to cut through bones. Adding to the immensity she manipulated to fix a number of injuries in just one evening, thousands of essences should have spread and awakened the dormant natural elements underground, especially from the ground, plants, water and air. Lea's presence along with essences have caused great synergy, producing more essences to cope with its previous absence. Like bacteria, the essences have multiplied a number of times ever since the start of the test.

"...Thank you...." A small voice of a man cut away Lea's deep thoughts. She looked downwards and saw him watching her intently with sincere gratitude.

Without uttering a word, Lea grabbed for a pistol and a stun grenade from her hips and threw them towards the man. She also added a small medical kit for light wounds. "Head east, after 10km, head northeast for 3km, you should find a cave there. Please help the women inside."

Not even giving him anymore word of comfort, Lea stood up and was about to depart when she remembered something. "Oh, but be careful. Aggressive militants roam about."

Then she disappeared into the night sky. She came like a pleasant breeze and gone without a sound. The man quietly prayed for her safety. He looked towards the direction Lea told him to go, a strong resolution in his eyes reflected the starry night sky. . . .

Three silhouettes in the night can be seen hovering about at a certain City Plaza. Two men and one woman.

"Vic, destroy the ground this instant!" Commanded Bright without reserve.

They have spent a night at an inn and resumed their search of Lea in the nearby cities. Victor suddenly felt a strong surge of essences spreading underground, but there appears to be a barrier that mysteriously isolates whatever's underground from above, so no matter how deep one would dig, whatever strange things underground will never be found.

Yun Na started at Victor's face intently, as if his decision was the end of her rope. She did not look forward to returning to her husband's city at all. But she felt conflicted as her family's lives are still in her husband's hands, and there has been no news of her since her departure. Suddenly, she thought of a possibility.

The emperor was also a witness to these men in front her, and they both know they were extraordinary. If there was no news of her, it was also possible that she died along the way and no one would have known except for these two men! Finally having a convenient conclusion, Yun Na eagerly stuck her head with Victor and Bright.

"If we cannot destroy the ground here, why not find the entrance underground?" As if it was an easy task, Yun Na suggested with eloquence.

Victor looked up at her and stared at her face for a while, making Yun Na nervous and causing her stomach to feel like there were butterflies within. Contrary to her expectations, Victor was simply considering her suggestion and he was already searching for possible entrances that had what little lingering essences of Lea was left.

As his aquamarine eyes glinted with surprise, he suddenly grabbed Bright's wrist and left in a hurry. Yun Na tried very hard to catch up, no matter how fast Victor walked.

They stopped at a dead end.

Looking around, Yun Na muttered quietly, "I wonder where the switch is... Hmm..." As she spoke to herself, she begun poking around.

Following her actions, Victor and Bright eagerly searched for the switch as well, as if it was a sure solution to their problem. Not for long, they really found a switch!

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