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Lea was introduced to the supervisor and was then told how the tests will go about, which would include her. Everyone have yet to trust her, and their doubts clearly expressed through their expressions. Glares and mocks were only the little things they could do, for the Admiral acknowledged her capability in public.

First approached her once more, to instruct her of the details for what's to come. "This time's scenario, I will ask you to maximize your vigilance. Along with the rest, you will be sent to the jungle. Your task is simple: survive for 2 days. Anything with your means are allowed." He paused briefly, staring down on Lea seriously as if pondering an amusing thought. "...Killing is also allowed."

For a moment, Lea thought she saw First's lips lift a little, but she immediately threw the thought out of the window upon hearing his words. She gave him a nod, which supposedly should've hidden her excitement, but First observed the changes on her right away.

"...Just don't kill all of them." Although he sounded worried, Lea knew he did not care for their lives on a personal level. Thinking again, she understood some will have to be kept to maintain the District's population. Fortunately, Lea was not merciless. "Understood."

First didn't leave Lea even after he told her what she needed to know, instead, he spoke his mind. "Are you that confident with your skills? I admit you seem to have the qualification to compete with these bunch after you've evaded Admiral's introductory strikes. However, there are over 200 of militants here, you know."

Lea didn't speak right away, but when she did, her words gave First a certain reassurance, as well as a lingering premonition.

"Outcome speaks for everything. I should go."

She did not wait for him. Following the crowd heading to the jungle, her steps were light, almost skipping. When she joined the group, many eyes were on her. Some hid ominous plans, while others displayed savagery. They were intent to test Lea's luck, for they do not believe she was anything special.

Their negative thoughts about her stemmed from envy and jealousy. Their idol, the Admiral, obviously put special care towards her by sending her into Purge Team A. They've trained for so many months, only to encounter a woman who went up the ranks in one blow of the wind. They couldn't accept it, and since they couldn't stomach her, they hope bad things will happen to her.

Everyone wants to be part of the top 20 even if they have to go through so many trials. The privileges are numerous, and many cannot shy away from human greed.

Being the center of everyone's attention, Lea chose to ignore their hostility. Once inside the jungle, there would be no eyes to look upon her as such. With this thought, she smiled a little. Her small smile appeared wicked. Thank the gods nobody saw it, except for the three Spirit sisters of which Mill was once again a little frightened.

[Sometimes, I wonder. Lea, are you our savior, or a destroyer?]

To Mill's question, Nill sighed exasperatedly. Having an idiotic sister, she could do without. Afraid Lea will be offended, she answered her younger sister's question herself.

[Whether she is a savior to our kind and the rest of the humanity or not, you can judge by the efforts she's done. So stop asking foolish questions!]

[Sister... Are you Lea's sister or mine?! Our spirit essence are obviously similar, but you treat Lea more kindly than me. Wuuu...]

Listening to Nill and Mill, Lea's wicked smile changed to a genuine one. Her ruby eyes sparkled with a rare gentle light, filled with warmth.

[I'm neither a savior nor a destroyer, Mill. I'm just being selfish, trying to save the things I care about. And that includes you three. Someday, I hope you all can roam about freely like in the past. Never to fear humans eating away your lives, but this optimistic future... I fear will never come true if you live amongst humans. So, just a thought, after everything, I hope every Spirits can find a better place to live for thousands of years.]

The three sisters were once again touched by Lea's kind thoughts towards them. There never have been any human who showed them this kind of devotion. Nill's exasperation to Mill turned to dust and replaced with sweetness and warmth. While Mill and Lill felt too touched to respond right away.

After several seconds, there still was no response from the sisters, so Lea focused her attention into observing the militants around her. She deduced as many individuals' strength and concluded that if they all equipped firearms, she could die.

Fortunately, firearms have been distributed in the jungle, hidden away to be found. Everyone was already searched, so no one should have weapon(s) from the start. This test would ascertain everyone's ability to survive without anything, but instead, there will be several opportunities to develop their own weapons once inside the jungle, using any tricks and skills.

As a survival fanatic, Lea was particularly excited with competing against genuine military men and women, young and old. She felt slightly reassured that not everyone knows about essences. In fact, she was the only one who can wield it in this District. Thus, even if the rest have been trained with martial arts, firearms and military drills, she wouldn't be left behind by much with her experience. If fighting hundreds of beasts for several months was included... then Lea would be far more superior than the rest.

She gripped her hand into a fist with resolution. Staring at her own fist, she could already see what was going to happen. Contrary to her mindset, the people who saw her form a first derived an unusual conclusion.

One military woman in particular have been focused on Lea since her appearance, never escaping her viewpoint. When she saw Lea with her resolute form, she felt a deep chill coming from her head downwards. This chill was especially fearsome and gave her a strange feeling of dread. She was there when the Admiral made his move. She was just a few feet away from Lea that day, and she clearly saw what happened.

The day of Admiral's arrival, she was late and accidentally joined the Trainee ranks instead of the official military group. When the Black Knights made their move, she became frantic and stopped thinking properly until she saw Admiral's handsome face up close. She was stupefied, for the rumors of his extreme actions have amplified the notion that he was a demon human in disguise!

The blade was just above he

r head and she couldn't move. It was too late when she realized the slice was going to her direction, until it landed on the person beside her. She was pushed by the wave upon the blade's descent, only to be abruptly stopped. As her awareness returned, she was once again speechless at the sight of Admiral's 'Killing Strike' missing its target. She didn't see the next strike, but once she knew, she also learnt that it missed its mark once again.

It was truly a strange experience for her as she never saw anyone survive Admiral's 'greeting' before. Everyone was either slashed in half, decapitated or turned to mince meat.

Everytime she remembered their exchanges, she couldn't help but look at Lea with a lingering fear, as well as admiration. What did her fist mean? Will a storm come with a sweep of her hand? Will the jungle become a fire prairie with the look of her eyes? She shivered at her thoughts. Surely, no human could possibly do such things. Hopefully, this person was human. Otherwise..

Amitabha, praise the lord... Bury me properly!

While she was thinking of all sorts of things, her friend who was walking beside her begun to question her state of mind. "Lenneth, are you still sane? Hello? We need to plan ahead! Listen to Jeffrey for a moment will you?"

When Lenneth remained dazed, her friend started shaking her by her shoulder roughly, causing her to blink awake several times. "Ah!"

"Finally. Stop going to your alternate world, will you. My saliva's been wasted on you, always keeping you on your toes. Look, Jeffrey's looking at you."

Lenneth turned her head to meet Jeffrey's deep brown eyes, causing her to stand properly subconsciously. "S-sorry, Leader..." She also took a chance to give her friend an appreciative glance, which the latter took with a relived sigh.

"Nevermind. Just remember. I took you in because you are a great Sniper. Once we find a base, make sure to stay at a highest point and invalidate as many people as you can. Mint will assist you. For now, keep your eyes ahead. As soon as we get inside, cover yourselves with mud, then we will stick close to shrubberies and trees."

"Sir, Yes, Sir!"

"Good. Remember, watch your toes, keep your eyes sharp!"

At once, the other three people in the group, including Lenneth exclaimed: "Sir, Yes, Sir!!"

Jeffrey was finally satisfied and resumed with leading the walk.

Their discussion was barely heard by others, but such discussions were a norm all around. Several groups were formed and already finalized their own strategies. There were a few groups who deviated from defensive planning, but focused more on offence.

This group's leader in particular had a huge scar by his ear and the look in his eyes was clear but fierce. Even the uniform that everyone was wearing as well looked more domineering on him. It must be known within his group how capable he was and his ruthless means because none spoke up even after he finished sharing his plans to the rest.

"Inside, ambush a couple of teams and break a couple limbs to hinder their progress for a day. Very good if they will be incapable to move for 2 days. Perfect if they die. Meet up at 2 o'clock tonight for another briefing."

When all things were said, he did not bother to receive his group members' acknowledgement, for he knew his words in the group were the law.

With all the discussion going on at the same time, there was barely anyone paying attention to other groups' plans, except for one. Lea wickedly smiled once again, keeping in mind certain figures. It has been a while since she practiced her assassination skills she acquired from Shadows Organization.

[Sisters, help me for a bit.]

The three were immediately surprised, for Lea rarely ask for their help. Right away, Mill was eager to listen.

[I want you to....]

At the end of their secret discussion, the sisters dispersed. All the streaks of white on Lea's hair disappeared without anyone's notice. Then she mingled with the most populated side, sticking to the group closely quietly. Before long, many lost sight of her, even those who have been keen on following her every move. But they couldn't voice out their bafflement.

Before long, everyone was inside the jungle... Screams of agony and fighting emerged. Several groups spread out as fast as their legs could carry them. Inside the jungle, the light from the sun at noon dimmed immensely due to tall trees and wide spread of various wild shrubs. The singing of the birds were replaced by strong movements and groans of chaos. Wild cats and wild dogs grew alert in the dark foliages. Snakes were rattled and slithered their way towards the new visitors. Upon their entrance, an all-side battle begun.

Outside the jungle, up the tallest watchtower, the supervisor and the four members of Purge Team A were stationed to write up details of their observation. From their viewpoint, the people inside the jungle appeared like ants, but with a binocular, their face was possible to discern.

Four dominated the binocular as she excitedly pointed left and right. "53 people disabled after 5 minutes! This year's harvest is certainly not bad~ Look, look, Jeffrey's team successfully pulled themselves away!"

Catching a familiar name, Six also joined in the fun. With a binocular of her own, she followed Four's direction and found four people crawling on the ground barely discernible. She saw Jeffrey doing hand signals several times, causing the rest of his group to keep their focus on their agenda. Sharp eyes detecting all danger against animals, their group continued their separation from the main group.

"Smart choice of members. Eagle Eyes - Lenneth Ivy Crowns, Boneless - Mint James, Sharp Blade - Aaron Miller. Proper distribution of skills for jungle survival, Jeffrey certainly put some effort this time." Upon Six's evaluation, First's attention was not caught at all. He continued to focus on his documents. Suddenly, he said, "What about Seven?"

Four and Six didn't waste time with words and cooperated to find Lea. After a while, they still could not find a trace of her shadow. First did not look up, but once again spoke quietly. "Clever. Not even you two can find her. This evaluation will really have to wait until 2 days from now."

After his words, he let out a tired sigh. "However, I fear by then that any backing we have will not be able to restrain her at all, unless..." The light in First's eyes turned vicious for a moment, finishing his sentence, "...we find her Achilles' heel."

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