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While Bright and Victor were being accompanied by Yun Na, Lea met with the whole of Purge Team A. Under their surveillance, the Spirit sisters kept buzzing in her head at how heavy the discrimination she was being put through. Despite the fear of them being detected and used for experimentations, they did not want to leave Lea's side.

On her first day, she was assigned to accompany half of the members to oversee the legit members: rank above trainee. They were tasked to strictly put the militants to a test to group them further by performance. The annual purge was just a week's away.

Lea quietly followed behind the Purge Team A members, hiding her face as usual. Her presence akin to oxygen in the air. Although she was not releasing any killing intent, her whole presence was eerie due to her skillful stealthiness that has been embodied into her bones. Normally, none would notice this part of her, but she was currently within military ranks and some were critical about their surroundings.

Purge Team A members constantly wore a frown on their face due to too much vigilance. At first, they looked down on her, but in just a night, they realized they felt fear due to Lea's unfathomable presence. She replied when necessary, but otherwise, she would simply stand without any noise, causing the others to feel anxious.

They have already witnessed her capability against their Admiral, and so they knew she was no ordinary fighter. If their Admiral could not land a hit, what more if it was them. There was no reason to group up together and bully her either as the Admiral especially warned them to simply observe and assess. All conclusions will be summarized after two days.

Therefore, aside from organizing militants for the annual purge, they must consider Lea's capabilities under their watch. One could deduce that she is currently a prisoner with freedom, but otherwise in a huge cage.

As they walked, Fourth and Six were talking about the buildings housing the weaponry. They were the only ladies in the team, but instead of talking about make ups and dresses, their topic ranges from bullets to military tanks. Even Second would chide in their conversation from time to time. Only First, Second, Fourth and Six were assigned to the task, including Lea.

Every member of Purge Team A to D call one another by code names. Purge Team A utilizes numbered names, while the rest are by colors, nations and animals. Purge Teams don't usually meet up with one another as they are strictly assigned under tasks away from one another, making their meet-ups scarce and relationships maintained at a distance. Each Purge Team is not even aware of one another's tasks, but it is known that Purge Team A is the most elite due to their primary tasks: assassinations. But all around, Purge Teams are the most widely known classified group of the Military District aside from the Black Knights. All these elites were formed upon the ascension of the current Admiral. The speed of which he developed military men and women to killing weapons was a never seen before achievement, gaining high praises from the higher ups.

Lea continued to quietly marvel at the side. The environment underground is far superior, especially with their means of survival. One thing she could not stop thinking about was the lack of awareness on the essences. Nobody knew about their existence in the Military District.

If each District values a certain means of power, what about the other districts? However, as far as Military District is concerned, most of them are only made aware of the other's district by espionage or during the annual purge. This is the crucial reason why Lea is being kept under strict watch.

She knew nothing about the Beggar District, so she had nothing else to say. And she does not know how intense the competition between the districts either, causing her to feel ill at ease.

"Seven, have you understood the layout of the district yet? Where we sleep, where we train, where we get our weapons and which areas we can hang out during Free Time?" asked First, looking at Lea's hat, covering half of her face. He has sharp eyes, thick brows and thin lips that leaves a deep impression of a strict military personnel. With just a look, he deserves to be named First.

Lea pressed down the hat even lower as if she was shy, and replied, "Unm. I understand."

First gave a nod and continued to speak by her side while the others walked before them towards their destination. "Free Time is not until four hours later. By Admiral's instructions, we ought to provide the militants various battlefield testings, ranging from Night Raids, Shooting and Mock Warfare. We only need to observe and take note of prominent figures as not everyone can join the Annual Purge."

At this, Lea wondered about the Annual Purge. Initially, she thought each district would invade one another, but to cease what? "How does the Annual Purge occur? What is the objective?"

These questions sounded strange to First. He eyed Lea suspiciously, but answered her questions respectfully. "Each district will meet up at the Central District. Each district will present their members. The limit is 20 members. Once everyone conjugates, the higher ups will present all sorts of goals to achieve. From fighting beasts to eliminating central figures. Killing other district members give points, and even more points if the sub and main goals are met."

"Points... Sounds like a game, but with everyone's life at stake. Why bother?"

Lea's tone was dead with a shade of disappointment, causing First to realize that the girl beside him was not just indifferent. He is especially sharp at critically analyzing a person's character, earning him the prestige to be a capable commander for Purge Team A.

"Did nobody in your District ever mention these?"

He sounded nonchalant, but his suspicion was leaking. Upon hearing Lea's answer, he was slig

htly surprised.

"I've only cared about what to eat each day. Never bothered with events."

"Strange... Didn't know the Beggar District was that negligent about such a crucial event that could turn the tides of a district's survival.... You are not from the Beggar District." His assumption layered with assurance, he said to her without batting an eye.


Admitting honestly, First was even more surprised. For a few seconds, he did not know what to say. "Then which district?"

"Which districts are left?" Answering a question with a question, First was very patient with Lea's fearless attitude.

Punishment for lying to the Admiral is never light. But for some reason, he felt that the girl beside him has nothing else to fear in this whole wide world even if she knew the punishment. As if she has abandoned any attachment to her own life.

"Crimson Boa, Recluse and Bloods." Observing Lea's behavior closer, First realized, "You are not from any of those districts... So you are from the Central? No... Nobody is allowed to live there... Part of the higher ups? What are you doing here, Seven?"

Sharp, so sharp! But despite First's way of casual interrogation, Lea expressed her usual calm. "I don't know. Tell me more about the higher ups."

Feeling helpless, First decided to indulge Lea some more. "There exist three elders, but nobody has ever met them before. They rule each district's way of life, and they provide the focus of each district's methods to achieving results. Like gods, they provide us with salvation."

"Salvation? What?" His last sentence caused Lea bewilderment. For she believes it is not so easy to save people from death or hopelessness. "There was an apocalypse?"

"You are quick on the uptake, and yes there was. I wasn't born then yet, but I heard from the older officers that several decades ago, a strange phenomenon occurred when lands brimming with life were purged one after another. The elders begun a new society where districts are divided and estranged to avoid total annihilation when a similar occurrence happen. Even till now, nobody really knows what the elders saw, but it is assumed that the might that purged the lands were intangible and an existence that cannot be explained. I suppose wherever you came from, there was no such history..."

"No.. Back to your story. Based on this, the primal disaster is akin to rebirth of life. These elders... were there others before them? And how does others replace their authority?"

"Your questions are becoming more and more bold. Seven, you should be careful of what you ask. One might think you are here to usurp their authority, but nobody has ever heard of the elders being changed. Speaking of which, I don't think there was ever any a time when the elders passed down their authority. Everyone thinks they are pretty much gods. So I don't know, but the Admiral might know. Now, history lesson ends here. Tell me, where did you come from?"

After speaking as such, First felt his throat dry from all the talking. Strangely, he was very loose in matters of divulging the general structure of their society. Although he said a lot, the information was very shallow for Lea to move on to her next plan. It seems she'll have to remain a little while longer underground.

The prospect of meeting the elders gives her a strange excitement. Ignoring First's question, Lea opened her mouth to ask another query, "Where are the elders? You haven't mentioned where they reside."

At this point, First was already used to being ignored by Lea. So he helplessly said, "They appear when they want to appear. Even during the Annual Purge, they are rarely seen. Ah! One of them did appear when the Admiral was only an officer and showcased his might 3 years ago. But even though one of the elders made his appearance, nobody seems to remember how he looks.."

The Admiral! "So only those who exceeds expectations can meet a timely meeting..."

Although Lea muttered her words, First still heard her. "You could say that."

After which, they remained quiet as Lea's mind busied with the Annual Purge, a small smile creeping her face. Mill subconsciously shuddered. [Is doomsday coming...?]

At her query, none of her sisters answered. They too, continued to observe Lea's changing expressions within her eyes, waiting for her conclusion.

First looked towards Lea again as if pondering. He did not walk too fast, just the same speed as Lea's quiet steps. Instinctively, he could only follow after her. Although her indifference was intimidating, First did not feel she was a cold person. Simply nonchalant, and he thinks it is not bad.

While he continued to ponder which role he should give Lea during the Annual Purge, he heard her voice saying, "Please give me the role that enables me to kill the other district members. I'm confident I can pave the way for you."

Her confidence astounded him, and even if he felt that her words were unbelievable, he is the type that does not neglect. "We shall have to test you to find out if you are capable."

"Mock or real? Can I kill?"

Although there was no fluctuation in her voice, it gave First a sense of dread. Was she really excited to kill people?



Then it was quiet once again. Vaguely, First noticed that Lea's steps increased its pace. Is she really looking forward to killing people?!

The more he talked to Lea, the more fear creep into his heart. Such a strange person actually exist. Full of authority and riddles. Several barriers to bar people out of her personal space. He was even more curious where she came from and how she became as such. Were there people capable of making such a piece of wood change expression?

He continued to quietly asses. One thing he could conclude, Lea is part of Purge Team A, and she is there to help them for the coming Annual Purge. That is, if she ranks within top 20 for the coming tests.

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