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Alcorn City is not large compared to the four big nations in Sabrina. Although smaller, it has capable soldiers under its command. There are special units capable of using essences as well, but they are numbered a few.

Ying City is only a hundred kilometers away.

After the evening banquet, the Emperor and Concubine Ying Yun Na sat beside one another in Shenkai Palace. Under the servitude of some palace maids, they were bathe and dressed cleanly, ready for nightly activities.

Although the 58 year-old Emperor is considered very old, he is proactive in bed matters, unfortunately. Ying Yun Na could feel herself tremble in nervousness. She despised her fate. If only she could marry a person she desired instead and need not have to sacrifice her chastity to someone she doesn't even love!

Tears were threatening to fall under her limpid eyes. Blind to her plight, the old Emperor could no longer wait and reached out to embrace her. She almost stopped breathing. "Yun'er.... Yun'er......" His breathing became rough as his eyes grew bright.

Ying Yun Na felt even more scared. She could feel herself grow cold.

Was there really no other choice...?

The Emperor removed her thin clothing slowly with extreme gentleness, exposing her white shoulders under the dim light. He almost couldn't stop himself from immediately pouncing on her. But due to his long experience in bed matters, he restrained himself and took things slow for Ying Yun Na's first time.

When he was about to kiss her, a voice could be heard.

"Why would she be here? This place is so strange. There are guards everywhere, but they're not really strong... What's the point of putting up guards like sticks?" A cheerful voice said. From his tone, it was obvious he was a carefree lad.

"Faint... but this city holds her essence..." Replied another with a gentler voice, but with much charisma. His eagerness could hardly be hidden underneath his tone.

"It's not that I don't believe you, but it's really amazing how you can follow her essences... How do you do it? I really want to know, but you never tell me anything! Well, as long as you find her then I won't mind. So how close are we?"

"This house?"

"Oi... That's not a house! It's too big!" Exclaimed the cheerful guy.

"...Let's hurry.." Impatience masked his voice.

Not for long, hurried footsteps could be heard approaching the bedroom quarter where the Emperor and Ying Yun Na reside. None of the palace guards and servants could equal their strength, falling one by one on the floor unconscious.

Upon their entrance, Bright slapped his face silly trying to cover his face frantically. "Nooooooo! Wut is this?! I see nothing! Vic, come on. Let's goooo!"

Staring at the Emperor and Ying Yun Na, Victor appeared to be at a lost. Although his handsome face did not show any emotion, his eyes were soulful. "Who are you?"

This question of his was left unanswered, only with the Emperor's flabbergasted expression did Ying Yun Na wake up from surprise. Half of her was delighted by the interruption, while the other surprise and anxious to the strange situation. Are the two handsome youths assassins?

The Emperor gulped, slowly getting off Ying Yun Na's soft body. "Assassins!!" He shouted, but no sounds of incoming soldiers could be heard. He felt even more scared. Was he gonna die at 58 in one of his concubine's bedroom? "Wh-what do you want?!" He asked after a brief silence.

Bright, sensing the atmosphere being tense, brought down his hands covering his face. From his cheeks to his ears, he was beet red. "We didn't mean to interrupt your merry making... Vic and I-I were just wondering... Lea... are you there?" He quietly said, looking around with his misty innocent blue eyes.

"Preposterous! This is Shenkai Palace! My Yun'er's place. Who is this Lea that she should be found here?!" After sensing that the two men might not be assassins, the Emperor was slightly relieved. But he was still unhappy and angry for the interruption.

"Lea... Lea is our friend. She is really pretty with long black hair and beautiful ruby eyes. She is quite tall for a woman and really pale skin. She has the most stoic character and kind heart. Although she doesn't show it, she really cares and that's.... that's what makes her really... really..."


Bright looked up at Vic while he was speaking clearly to speaking very softly, realizing how embarrassing his words were. "Forget the half of what I said.. Who are you people?"

Bright's disrespect to the Emperor was an all time insult to a person who was born arrogant. The Emperor could hardly control his patience, but the silence in the palace tells him that he shouldn't readily be aggressive with the two men.

"Zhen is the ruler of this city." He replied shortly, his arm shielding Ying Yun Na from the eyes of the two men. "I haven't seen this person called Lea. How about you, Yun'er?"

Drawing everyone's attention to her, Ying Yun Na felt her heart thumped. Lea's image floated in her mind briefly. Looking closely at the two men who seemed eager for answers, she wondered if it would be safe to share what she knew. Lea saved her when she thought her life was over, which would have caused Ying City's expected downfall.

Should she tell the two men of Lea, she might be spared from Emperor's embrace tonight. Should she not, she had a feeling this would be the end of her youth. She clenched her hands into a fist, forming her resolution. Her limpid eyes growing bright. "I know her." She declared.

Upon hearing her words, Vic involuntarily went forwards, closer to Ying Yun Na. He held her shoulders as he stares down on her hard. "Where is she? Why do I sense some of her essences on you?"

Ying Yun Na concluded that what Vic meant about essences was Lea's strange skills on that day. Staring at the handsome man, her heart trembled. Especially when his beautiful aquamarine eyes expresses so much hidden passion that she could clearly discern. This was the look she has always longed for.

"She saved me from the ruffians. It's a road two cities away. If you wish, I can accompany you to find her."

The Emperor was surprised hearing Ying Yun Na's words. He wouldn't let her! None of his women should ever leave the Imperial Palace unless on certain events. "No!"

"Emperor, as you can see, these people are no mere mortals. We cannot afford to offend them. Please, let I, Ying Yun Na, assist them. If anything should happen to you, what are the people gonna do?"

When the Emperor heard these words, adding to Ying Yun Na's sweet voice, the Emperor wavered. He was silent for a while, but he then realized she had a point. So he raised his head and faced the two men again. "Remove your hands off her. I don't know who you people are, but if you are not assassins here to kill me, then I have no quarrels with you. You have wronged me by intruding my Imperial Palace, but I shall not put that on your heads. However, you must make sure to return my Yun'er to me."

Victor and Bright did not really take this person known as the Emperor personally as they could only see a feeble old man. Nonetheless, they nodded their head. They finally found a solid lead to Lea after gasping for straws. It was only recently that Victor was able to sense Lea moving about all over the place, but ceased to move too far around this region.

Without delay, Victor cooped up Ying Yun Na, causing her to yelp. They then disappeared out the window, leaving the Emperor with his mouth wide open. It was later he would see his soldiers and servants sprawled on the ground, and not even a hint of struggle could be seen upon further examination. By then, he would thoroughly regret why he allowed to have the two men steal his Yun'er.


In the night, two shadows could be seen jumping very fast, travelling away from Alcorn city.

Ying Yun Na was held quite careless in Victor's arms. She could see his indifferent expression under the moonlight, but even then, she couldn't stop appreciating his excellent specs. If only the guy carrying her was her's.

Behind the three, nobody notic

es a black big cat following along. Its sharp eyes were staring at Ying Yun Na, unfathomable.


"Two town down, where did you last met her?"

Hearing Victor's eagerness, Ying Yun Na could not help but think the man before her could not wait to get rid of her. "Just along this road... She left before my carriage, but since we passed through this main road, we might encounter her if we went another way instead of the path going to Alcorn."

Bright was nodding his head in agreement until he noticed a peculiarity. "Wait. What do you mean by we? We'll be sending you off now, back to your husband. Thanks for all the help, miss!"

Although he meant well, Ying Yun Na scorned the quick farewell. She went down on her knees all of the sudden, causing Bright to back away two steps. "Please, bring me with you. She was my savior. I wish to repay her kindness! Please!"

Bright was conflicted as he sensed that the old man's (Emperor) aura was someone similar to a big shot. They made the promise too. But if they found Lea, they can still send her over back to the Emperor. There was no mention of time as well. Thus, looking back down on the genteel woman on the ground, kowtowing, Bright decided to take her plea into account.

"Alright, but really only when we find Lea. Vic, how far do you think Lea is from here? The next town seems to be an intersection that goes three ways. North goes to Alcorn, while East and South goes to another cities."

"Let's head to that town first to clarify. Essences on this continent is not dense enough to control and connect. The shorter the distance, the more vivid I can sense her location."

After which, he once again grabbed Ying Yun Na off the ground as they jumped hurriedly to the nearest city. Ying Yun Na could already feel her body grow weak. No breakfast, and now lunch was also about to be skipped! How do these men manage to survive?

But due to Victor's urging, even Bright forgot the three daily meals.


Once Victor stepped into City B, he could faintly sense Lea towards East. "East!"

In Ying Yun Na's mind, she was in great dilemma. She was hoping they'd stop by the city to at least have a meal, but no! She could hardly think anymore, "Stooop!! Please, I want to eat!"

Victor and Bright made a great stop at her exclamation. At her reminder, the two realized they've forgotten to eat anything at all since 2 days ago. Bright was slowly growing weaker from dehydration as well. When Victor noticed this, he could only give up on the pursuit temporarily.

"Right. Water, water. Man, so thirsty! I really can't keep up with you, Vic! But since we lost Lea, I guess you can't keep up with her too." After saying the last bit, Bright was momentarily comforted. Hearing Victor's response, his chest warmed up as well.

"She wanted me to watch out for you."

Just this simple sentence made Bright forget his hunger, a big smile stretching on his face. Seeing such a face, however, Victor felt a little irritated. Only, nothing was expressed on his face.

"Alright. Alright. Not for long now~ Let's head to a restaurant then."

Ying Yun Na noticed how the two men seem fond of Lea. She remembered an attractive girl's face, and for a short moment, she felt gloomy as she looked up Victor's face. The latter did not seem to pay her anymore attention after he let her down on the ground. Was this man Lea's bodyguard, asking him to watch out for this other man? Ying Yun Na hopes so.


Inside a busy restaurant, Bright ordered whatever names that seemed delicious on the menu. He was also mindful to the delicacies Ying Yun Na wanted.

Ying Yun Na was mostly quiet, but she noticed Bright ordered so much food. "Are you guys rich? Pardon my rudeness, but this restaurant is not really cheap.."

Thinking Ying Yun Na might be worried they'd ditch the payment, Bright laughed. "We have enough for these! Just eat. We might miss supper, so fill up your tummy~"

"Thank you. How about him?"

She glanced at Victor's indifferent face that was looking out the window, gazing eastward. He looked rather forlorn.

"He doesn't really prefer eating much. So just leave him alone." Bright said with a smile.

Ying Yun Na found Bright easier to talk with, so the meal time's atmosphere was not bad. Only, she hoped to see Victor eating as well. So she thought for a bit and decided to offer him a place. "Would you like to try this, Gentleman?" She politely asked. Bright sensed something odd, but he didn't delve on it and continued munching from one plate to another.

Victor did not look back, but quietly said, "No."

His voice seemed detached and cold that Ying Yun Na felt depressed. Thinking how the man really don't pay much attention to anything, she concluded he was the type that was cold on the outside but warm on the inside. She comforted herself with this thought, and no longer bothered him with a plateful of food.

Before she gave up, she offered him a glass of tea, which he also declined. She contented with glancing at him from time to time as she ate.


"We should stay here for a night too. I want to get some proper sleep, please.." Ying Yun Na docilely asked.

After thinking about it, Bright agreed. Although he found it inconvenient as they were supposed to be in a great hurry. Thinking about how Ying Yun Na seems to be weaker, he sympathized. He ended up booking a room for her, while him and Victor slept on the roof.

Although the night was cold, they were more durable than most men having traveled amongst wild beasts in many great situations. When they decided to rest in the town for a night, Bright could faintly sense a dangerous aura from Victor. But he decided to act stupid by ignoring it.

"I understand how much you want to see her again, but we have to think about this lady too. I wouldn't want to feel guilty if she just dies on the road because of us." Bright quietly said.

There was no reply to his words as Victor remained stoic, only gazing at one direction.

"You are really.... determined..." Bright couldn't help but admire the fox's loyalty to Lea. "I wonder how my hubby is doing..." He sighed, sounding regretful.

Hearing the last sentence, Victor momentarily blanked out, giving a side glance to Bright's side profile. He then decided to forget whatever he heard.


Raize and company arrived in Eden Kingdom safely. Leron might be in coma no thanks to Lea's knockout. He hasn't woken up ever since! Ulla would glance at his unconscious body from time to time, giving him pitiful looks.

Upon their arrival, however, they immediately sensed something was amiss.

But they ignored that and went straight to meet the King, since according to Lars, Lea was acquainted to the King and a person called Duran. It was easy to assemble everyone henceforth.

Raize and company finally met with Duran and Izaya.

Not long after, Kiel's group would also be arriving to Eden Kingdom. Specifically 2 days later. The King knew of this due to bird messengers. After such a long time, Duran finally felt more at ease. He really couldn't rely on the King, especially when he was no good at appeasing General Dean Fang through bird messengers over the Fang Family treason that almost killed every member of the household.

Lea's involvement only saved the civilians.

But he also knew it was not the time to wait anymore. "The King separated himself from the Apostles cleanly. Exactly why they are more aggressive at abducting people. So if you think you want to become their apprentice, there shouldn't be much of a problem." Duran informed.

"Good to know. Rather than chasing fleeing rabbits, they'd readily accept foolish dogs." Raize said with not a tinge of humor on his face despite his words.

Izaya laughed, his eyes twinkled with warmth. "This is nostalgic."

As he said, the atmosphere grew lukewarm. Reuniting with friends was a happy occasion.

Since Eden Kingdom roofs the underground facilities of the Apostles, it was unlikely the latter would ravage the capital city with the same method as Sabio's desolation. But it doesn't mean it's a safer place.

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