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Lea's straightforwardness can be considered fierce. So fierce that once she decides upon something, she would right away execute the steps to achieve the end-goal. Preferably as soon as possible.

Thus, under the watchful man-made blue skies in the underground world, an unlucky fellow was knocked out and buried alive with only his head sticking out of the ground. From his neck down, he was naked with only his innerwear spared.

Looking at him from above with the sun shining down behind her silky black hair, Lea wore a neat military uniform. The man was ranked as trainee, but she really had no other choice as there were of abundance nearby. She also examined the card and assured that there was no problem of her using it.

With one last look of the unconscious fellow, Lea puffed and left, hiding half of her face with the hat.





She called out several times, but none turned around to pay her any heed. Flabbergasted, she ended up grabbing one forcefully by the arm. "Can I ask for directions? I'm lost!"

The person frowned, but finally looked her in the eyes. However, his response was as such, "Don't stop me. Everyone's busy, can't you see? The admiral is finally coming for an inspection and we can't fail at this today else we suffer with our heads off! Get off." Then he slapped her pale hand away.


Lea paid his attitude no mind, lost in thought. She then followed after the crowd, slowly assembling wherever they were assigned by roles. Being a recruit, Lea easily joined in with the recruits close to the front rows.

All around her, she saw several faces painted with nervousness as if a demon was coming down to take their souls. Resting her eyes on a familiar officer whose lips were pale as snow, she smirked helplessly. He looked rather embarrassed trying not to open his mouth at all, but as an officer, he had to respond to others.

She amused herself for a while by studying other people's behavior, paying close attention to gossips.

"Young Admiral is gonna inspect us again.... I wonder who are gonna die this time... We are just recruits!!"

"Stop being a sissy, will you? The higher up shouldn't let many die... They still need people for the yearly purge that's coming next week. The more people alive, the better chance of coming up first, right?"

"Y-you think Admiral cares? He can command his personally trained legions. What does he care about us? Such luck... We haven't trained much at all, and now this demon is going to eliminate a bunch of us. I heard from a senior that survived last year's inspection... that... only a few hundreds out of almost a couple of thousands! Can you imagine how many died? Can you imagine his ruthlessness now? Can you see how extreme his methods are? I-I don't think I can survive... I shouldn't have been sent to Military District!!"

"...I-It's not like you can choose. They see you having the aptitude, they send you over... But I thought I also heard that as long as you can manage to show your talent, you might catch Admiral's attention and skip going through the evaluation.."

"Imagine, I only found out I have good physique for combat, I can't think of one talent besides following simple orders!"

"Bless your soul...."

"Wait... you have a choice?"

"I'm pretty good at running.." He grinned nonchalantly, then continued speaking. "We've arrived here for almost 3 months. Surely you didn't spend yours looking at clouds?"

The other youth paled because that's truly what he had been doing aside from the usual drills and indoor lectures. And as if the scare was not enough, the former once again spoke, "I think one of the challenges is killing five beasts at once... alone. While another is doing a skirmish in the Foggies Crogs. Oh, and I just heard this gossip... the last evaluation apparently tests our compatibility to the SS-bacteria. This vial supposedly only give us with 5% survival..."

At his words, the other youth felt like pissing himself. His face was livid with sweat pouring down his skin. It was obvious how dreadful he felt, his eyes blank. Everyone knew Foggies Crogs was a dean of unusual things. From environmental disasters to strange species; venturing there would lead to a certain death! Combined with the fact that beasts were no mere feat to defeat, those who survive can be considered elites of the elites. These new challenges were exactly the reasons why the Military District was famed the "Burial Grounds" in the last couple of years. Even those from the Beggars District, dump place for useless humans, get transferred to Military District from time to time.

Since he was born, he lived a practical life and he knew he had a low survival rating with his capabilities. There was no such thing as magic until obtaining a special type of body by consuming the SS-bacteria that was recently introduced by the Crimson Boa District. It's a District that's protected by the Sovereign, being the center of Intangible Science and Technology.

Trumpets and drums went off. A parade begun. Elite soldiers wearing black armor and red capes marches through the wide open space, showing their might and stoic expressions, of their scars and soul moving eyes that have seen many battles. For some, it was soul stirring, but for the rest, fear gripped their hearts.

Many of them ended up in Military District involuntarily.

The parade pushed on quickly. Murmurs were vivid until the last person arrived. His clothing was not much different from the rest of his elite troupes, but the badges by his chest were enough to express his superiority. There was not a scar on his face, unusual for a person having gone through so many deadly situations. Most of them were shock to see a woodenly handsome youth as someone they feared all this time, especially the recruits.

Many gasped, and there were some who stopped breathing for a few seconds. These goes to show how much they looked up to the youth as Admiral. Whether fear or admiration, no one took his arrival easily. Lea hooked up her head a little bit higher to see the young Admiral, her face did not show anything.

Everyone was surprised when the elites who were standing in attention suddenly jumped and disappeared out of sight. Upon seeing this, a few veterans quickly attempted to flee away, causing much confusion. Next they knew, splatters of blood rained down the street.

This is an inspection?! Wide eyes all around, most cried for escape, no longer able to think properly. Even those who managed to calm down were not spared by the actions of those who are panicking, stomping their toes, hitting their body and upsetting their ears with the loud wails.

But the Admiral stood still like a steel rod amongst the crowd. Indifferent cold air surrounding his blank obsidian eyes. Sensing a gaze on him, he slowly turned his head. Two pairs of eyes met, then suddenly small rocks lifted off the ground.

A wave pushed away a large portion of the crowd, the Admiral disappeared. Half a beat later, he appeared bringing down a huge double edged sword on Lea's head.

She sharply sensed a wave coming down on her and could barely move to her side, luckily nobody was there. Surprised at this sudden confrontation, Lea immediately gathered her composure, deep in concentration. She did not look away.

Those who were trying to escape suddenly felt something was wrong and looked back, only to widen their eyes in surprise at the Admiral's aggressiveness. They never saw him fight before!

Although they wanted to escape for their life, they didn't escape very far in order to witness the strange scene. Many hid atop the roofs and corners. The area gradually grew quiet.

Lea's hat remained on her head, hiding away her eyes. Her long hair remained tacked inside. Back bent and alert, eyes sharp as wind blades. The Admiral looked upon her with interest.

He simply felt a strange gaze, so he went for the kill. There were less people who could critically stare at him for long before their heads fall on the ground, but this time appears to be an exception. First strike was always his mark, the rest, there was none. He was proud of his speed, but now a doubt has blotted his confidence.

Sparks flew as their gazes burn. Sounds slowly dissipated, and even the black knights quietly hid away, no longer clashing blades with anyone. They sensed their Admiral's strange actions. In the battlefield, once the Admiral made his move, it was the end of the battle. By their trained senses, they stopped their actions.

[Holly creep!! My soul almost dispersed...!] Mill's voice was full of panic. One can only imagine how hard her chest was beating if she was to be seen.

[I wonder what this Admiral's deal. Lea, don't act rashly.] Warned Nill, her tone heavy.

[Yea, Lea. Don't just punch him. Maybe try to be friends...?]


[Hm? Eldest sis, it might work!]

[That one move could've cut Lea's head, what friends?]


ng is certain in this world.] Her voice sounding so proud that her imaginary nose elongated. Nill rolled her eyes.

The sisters became quiet when they did not hear Lea reply. Lill was quiet as always, but that didn't mean she was free of worries. Nill was right, the Admiral went for the kill.

But nothing could still be found on Lea's face. Her body stood still lazily, as if she was just a bystander. Her height almost reached up to the Admiral's head, but she was far leaner than the warrior before her. That did not intimidate her. Curious she might be, her guard remained high.



They both silently gazed at one another. Sparks were long gone, but they didn't stop to measure up the other. Everyone else thought they were quietly talking. How wrong they were.

A sudden jab went flying towards Lea's arm, but with her slight side step, it only caught air. With that brief exchange, the Admiral's eyes glowed with an ambiguous light. The first strike was really not a fluke, but that the person in front of him could sense his actions with very good reflex. As if reading his mind.

It was not long before everyone sensed something was amiss. The Admiral no longer did anything, but his eyes were expressing different intents that Lea could hardly comprehend. This guy was complicated. If eyes could speak, a conversation would have been held for quite some time.

The Admiral slowly stretched his hand to hold Lea's arm. The movement was so slow that Lea sensed he did no harm anymore, but she did not want his touch so she gestured for him to stop. He obediently brought down his hand to his side, but he still did not say anything.

He lifted up his hand and gestured for her to follow. Left with no reasonable choices, Lea obediently followed with her head down attempting to hide away her face. She did not want to be recognized down here.

If he wanted to be friends, there were other means to do so! Lea thought quietly, but that was just a passing thought. Nill, however, detected this.

[I don't think he meant to make friends....]

[Elder sis, who cares about the past? Lea's found someone to give direction, so it's all good and dandy!] She snickered, bemused.

[Just be very careful... This man is not ordinary. I don't sense any essences on him, but the movements before... were simply astonishing....]

[What's the difference? Lea can move that way too without essences!]

[You are thinking too simple, Mill. We have long known Lea was different. Amongst the people we've encountered, she was the only one with best compatibility to carry us Spirits too. Her fighting capability even more above the rest. I already expected very few were on par with her capabilities... We cannot bear to neglect!]

[Are you starting to be very protective? Don't worry. I think Lea has so much luck that when she dies, she'd never end up on the ground like any other humans! Ha ha.]

[Mill... As your younger sister, I must remind you not to jinx someone to death.] Lill meekly said.

[T-that... what?] She seemed flabbergasted as her intentions were far from what Lill said.

[Don't you guys worry. He might be extraordinary, but he already gave up killing me.]

Lea's response surprised the three sisters. Her tone was full of conviction that they couldn't help but trust her words. They gave up giving advises afterwards, leaving Lea with a peaceful mind to think.

In the silence, Lill quietly said, [I got a feeling he cannot speak....]

But her words were buried by the silence afterwards.

The Admiral gestured for one of the black knights to assemble everyone able for some testing later in the day. At this juncture, the surprise testing was finish, but there are more to come. Lives of these people were just that insignificant, it seems.


Lea ended up following the Admiral into a huge Headquarter, painted with grey all around. Tables, chairs, counters and just about everything were grey. The place reminded her of prison.

Every room and hallways had guards waiting in attention, and every time the Admiral pass by them, they would nervously perform their salute. Amongst the heavy steps, Lea's was without sound. Her footsteps were so light that it can be said that she was not even there. To this point, the Admiral would look back from time to time, his glare tenser than the former.

At last, he and her arrived in his office. Documents sprawled on the desk, while stacks of them layered the walls, scaling like towers. It was so quiet that only his breathing could be heard.

He looked up at her and felt unusual. It seemed like the girl before him was not even in this room. She was so still and quiet, like the air he breath.

"Whose spy are you?" His voice rough and heavy, these are his first words to her.

"I am no one's spy. To prove it, you may do as you wish with me." Lea answered honestly. Her response was so swift that anything could hardly be detected. There was no fluctuation to her voice and her face remained hidden.

He grew even more suspicious as he narrowed his eyes on her.

"Do you know where you are?"

"Nay. I was running from the Beggar's District a few days ago and somehow ended up here. I had no choice but to ask for a recruit's uniform to find my way around. I apologize for the misunderstanding."

For some reason, he was surprised with her answer. It was normal for some people from the Beggar's District to stumble upon the Military District. They were just a level to one another, but he remained doubtful. "You'll be part of the Purge Team A. Under my command, you'll help us win this year's District Purge Fest."

"As per your command."

Right after, she was ordered to meet some of the black knights. It appears Purge Team A was their strongest team, but also the most dangerous team for her to be a part of. She was not trusted. Although thanks to this, she wouldn't be expected to contribute very much.

[Holy... Lea, you are so swift with your lies. But I really can't feel bad about this Admiral, he does seem doubtful still...] Mill quietly said.

[What militant men require are able and obedient soldiers. If one can follow orders without question, anything else can be proven later. This man is too deep for me to challenge.]

[You are scared?] Nill couldn't help but ask.

[Not necessarily. Working under him would be most effective for me. Luck is on our side, it seems.]

[You are saying you don't even care if ever he finds anything about you?]

[Not like I have anything behind me anyways. Don't worry.]

[As you say. Although if anything, we sisters will be your burden.]

[Not at all.]

With these simple three words, the three sisters felt a little warm. Lea was indeed their strongest pillar. Only, why would she do all these troublesome things for a world she could leave alone?


Above ground, a banquet was being held in the small city of Alancorn. The 58 year-old Emperor was holding it for his newest concubine. Many officials were present, as well as their main wives and daughters. Amongst these people, the lady that Lea rescued sat beside the old Emperor.

"Your Majesty, Emperor... When can you send your loyal men to Ying City? My brother... needs your protection..."

Her voice was much like her appearance, gentle and sweet. Upon hearing her talk, the Emperor felt excited all over. Thus without much thought, he said, "My dear Concubine Ying, you shan't have to worry. Zhen will send General Han and his men as soon as possible. But today... will you accompany Zhen for our first night?"

She almost couldn't hide her disgust, but her pretty smile remained. Her limpid eyes flashed with chill that drifted away in a blink. She smiled deeply, "Of course, Emperor. This Ying Yun Na would be most happy to serve you."

Hearing her lovely voice, whatever she said charmed the old Emperor right away. He was giddy enough that he could hardly stop his excitement. Tonight, tonight he will enjoy this charming flower. He looked at her amorously, while the rest of his officials turned a blind eye. They were used to his lust, and they can never hold a candle to their Emperor as mere subjects.

This new concubine Ying Yun Na was pitiful indeed. Everyone knew she was bought over due to the threats caused by mighty beasts to Ying City. Ying City is an associate nation to Alancorn, but the latter has greater military strength. Ying Yun Na's brother is the current governor of Ying City.

By the Emperor's seat, Ying Yun Na could hardly keep up with her acting. If she had any choice, she would never let such a disgusting old man to freely touch her everywhere. But whenever she thinks of her home, her heart wracks with pain. She was worried for her hometown. Last she remembered, more and more beasts were appearing by Ying City. Her brother was wise enough to know that they would not last with their current 2ooo soldiers. Thus, with tacit understanding, she was to be Alacorn's Emperor's concubine.

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