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   Chapter 134 NO.134

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Travelling alone, Lea was quick on her journey. Although she did not skip small and big cities, the speed she went about her search was commendable. It was even faster than using a fast beast to ride on, and she did not have to go through checkpoints. This was due to her ability to disappear and reappear at a certain distance.

Teleportation has its limitation, however. The distance and usage depend on how much essences are stored within the core. Considering Sabrina does not have abundance of essences above ground, Lea methodically used up enough every half a day to travel and stay in each city for the rest of the afternoon.

Her speed of essence recovery was unprecedented. At the moment, she was at her third city and she just used up most of her essences to teleport from city B to city C, which was 124km apart. This should have taken four hours using normal travelling beasts; half that time with a more agile beast. With teleportation, it only took her a few minutes.

She landed on the roof of an abandoned house in the suburbs. Luckily away from most prying eyes. There were a few street urchins who appeared surprised and fearful at her sudden presence. But reason made them unable to utter a word, and before they could recover their bearings, Lea was already gone once again.

She jumped down and sped away towards the center of the city, not looking back and not caring for whatever others think. As soon as she got out of the long dark alley, the glaring sun slapped her eyes shut. When she felt the glare was no longer painful, she slowly opened her eyes, and what welcomed her was the normal bustle of a marketplace.

There were side-stalls on both sides, only having a dirty cloth to cover their merchandise from the glaring sun. From fruits to ornaments and weapons to defensive gears. Things for cosmetics to materials for forging required for wilderness survival. Lea felt delighted at the sight, but she instantaneously remembered she had no money, not a copper.

Despite her expressionless face, her eyes spoke volumes of her desires boring holes on those sharp daggers. But then she recovered herself upon realizing she did not need them with essence manipulation. Looking around, she noticed people's eyes on her. She was used to the treatment, stemming from the the color of her eyes; some felt fearful, while some nervous. Nothing positive. And Lea did not want to bother changing her eyes' color nor hiding the presence of the Spirit sisters. She deemed any danger affordable, enough not to waste so much essences to cover her identity. In other words, she was simply lazy to bother.

She walked from building to building, listening to people's gossips. A particular conversation caught her attention while staring at an apple, looking mesmerized.

A merchant with his hands on his beast's reins said, "It's awfully busy here. Strange... It was only a week ago that there weren't as much customers passing by. Any news from the capital?"

Eager to answer a visitor's query, another merchant answered with his accommodating smile. "No news from the capital. But no news doesn't mean it's good! But just speculating, maybe that foolish of a King finally got usurped. Maybe one of the princes finally ceased control over the throne. It's been a few decades since that King took his reign, but it was enough time to put everyone in poverty."

"We can blame him all we can, but really, I heard it was due to the powerful group behind the King. Isn't he just a puppet?"

"Puppet or not, he is no King!" He sounded particular offensive as if the King gave him reason for personal grudge.

The foreign merchant shrugged his shoulders. He could care less what kind of King it was reigning in Eden Kingdom. He just wanted to know if it was safe to keep travelling around the nation. "Hearing such ridicule to your own monarch, I should turn away and come back when a new ruler is in place!" He joked, but he did not expect the other to agree.

"That's true. That's true. I was thinking the same thing myself, but business here is currently prosperous for who knows what. More gold the better."

Lea stopped listening to the two. The King really did not have any good reputation, especially for those who live very far away from the capital. News don't travel as fast; therefore many do not know that the capital was currently very quiet. The said King hiding in his own palace, while the imperial army took turns to guard residential areas.

With the strange mist caused by the Spirits, the Apostles would have a hard time detecting the civilians' escape. Only fear was when they do actually take notice of the strange occurrence. If she could, she would have commanded the Spirits to create a devastating illusions to guise the dissertation. But the Spirits were not almighty, and they were not capable of such things. She knew this better than anyone as she possessed genuine Spirits within her.

Her control and capability with essences went up a huge notch thanks to the Spirit sisters.

Sooner or later, the capital will fall into total chaos. When the Apostles realize there weren't anymore viable test subjects in the capital, they would start a massive search endangering the poorer cities. They would be in trouble then as there were less able defenders aside from the capital and the few smaller nations associated with the capital.

What she needed to control the impending chaos would be a viable cage to contain the Apostles' entrance, but would they only have one entrance? No.

She, however, knew that the center of their operation was hidden within the capital. Considering Raize and the others ought to arrive and legally infiltrate from that entrance, she could make use of her current situation to infiltrate from another point.

Raize was intelligent, and even without her around, he would make his move. His diversion could be used to further stall for time...

While she continued to ponder, she did not neglect looking around for Victor and Bright. She would require Victor's assistance if she found another entrance. Once she determined her next course of action, she lifted up her chin, her thick eyelashes trembled with excitement.

All around her, there were still some people who would take another glance at her due to her bewildering appearance and strange eyes. But her whole lean figure seemed intimidating, especially her straight back, stoic face despite the beautiful facade and the cool but sharp glare of her eyes. It seemed like despite the busy street, for some, she was the only one with color. Before they could further investigate her, however, she disappeared from their sight, leaving behind a cloud of dusts.


They say fate is real. But when Lea thought of this, she frowned with disgust.

In front of her, Cartilos and several men were in sight, looking highly suspicious. She had been running about looking for her companions, but she did not expect to encounter an old acquaintance. He and his men have yet to find her, but it was nothing strange.

After her reincarnation, she did appear different even if she retained her black hair. Her skin was whiter, her appearance more exquisite. While there was some resemblance, her brilliant ruby eyes would have defied the thought. It also helped that the Spirit sisters influenced others' memory, enabling any lasting impressions of Lea to disappear after a while. Lea did not know of this, but even if she did, she could care less.

Keenly interested as to what business Carlitos had in this small city, Lea adamantly followed after. Her movements sleek, her disguised tailing could barely be covered, but it appears they were much too preoccupied to bother with a stalker.

Lea stalked very carefully, always under the darker shades. Behind huge people, she was able to follow the suspicious group without much problem. Only leaving behind people with strange looks due to her actions of suddenly intimacy or uncalled actions. She ignored them all.

Finally, she tailed enough to end up in another dark narrow alley. Stalkers have it hard.

She had no means of disguise as essence manipulation can bring about formations, but not invisibility. She thought of having one of the sisters take over the stalking, but the slight probability that Carlitos was related to the Apostles, she could not risk their lives. The tools that can kill Spirits were not to be trifled with. Unfortunately, the Apostles carry them like candies.

She may kill lives like ants, but she did have compassion for those she deemed worthy of such.

But she was not resigned to give up her temporary stalker profession. She glanced upwards to be met with the nearby buildings' roofs. Viable.

With a bit of concentration, she focused some essences on her feet's soles and with a kick, she jumped high enough to grab the edge of a stall, lifting herself to land on the dirty cloth shading some wares. Right after, she made a light but high jump, concentrating her subconscious to form temporary icicle steps that melted away after stepping on them.

Her sudden movement was so eye-catching that there were some who stopped with their actions to appreciate the little show. It did not last long for them to give some tips, and they went back to their own business right after. They were not near enough to discern whatever Lea summoned out of thin air and only thought she performed some acrobatics.

It was not rare for acrobatics to be performed to catch customers' attention, and thus, the vendor Lea used as her stepping point attracted quite a few people to look at his wares.

He seemed incredibly happy, forgetting his fright. "Haha~ Come, come. Ah! That, you can use it for..." He became incred

ibly busy, but Lea was already high above the roof to hear anything else.

On her face, there was a little frown. She realized she was running out of cold essence for icicle formations. And there was not enough of these essences down south where Eden Kingdom lie. Wasting such precious essences for steps, Lea helplessly shook her head. She might require to do some essence conversions soon, and she remembered Imhe having no trouble doing as such.

But that Imhe... Where was that cat now?

Shaking her head off and focusing on running on the roof, she noticed how dirty it was. Rags and litters of broken utensils arrayed about. She was careful enough not to stumble or cut herself. No wonder there were no stray beasts nor animals perching the roofs. They were inhabitable!

Not long after, after much effort to follow Carlitos, they stopped at a dead end. It was a narrow end with high walls. She did not expect them to climb up at this point, and none were looking above. And just as she expected, a mechanism was in play and stairs appeared. A portion of the ground slid into the wall, revealing a long flight of stairs. Below, it was dark, but these men were fearless.

Once the last head was engulfed underground, the ground once again moved to cover the stairs.

Lea felt a bit frantic, for she did not expect the entrance to close too fast. Thank goodness her sharp eyes remembered where the trigger was. She jumped down from high above and landed softly on the ground, much like a cat. No sound, except for a soft thump.

She neared to the wall and knocked all over, until she heard a low growl. This was the sound of the ground opening, revealing the same flight of stairs. Without wasting anymore time, she recovered some essences to light up a ball above her hand and dived down the stairs.

It was long and really dark. It was eerie quiet and murky. Only her feet stepping down the stairs could be heard. After descending for so long, Lea finally found a small glow.

Her breathing was sustained. Her ruby eyes glowing with white dusts alert, and her descending speed accelerated with the goal up front. Thus, not for long, she arrived at an arched passageway. The glow stemmed from the florescent lights at both sides. Beyond, an amber district insight.

An underground district? Afar, she saw Carlitos talk to a person, then he was ushered inside an authoritative building. On the right side of the district, there was a high-speed train station. Deduced from this, there must be other districts but can be traveled by modern transportation. Lea was suddenly hit by nostalgia.

This familiarity that was absent for almost a year. Her heart felt sour.

It was not the time to just stand idly by, admiring the beauty of the familiar modern technology, but to follow a familiar personage. Carlitos appeared very familiar with the place, but above ground, there was barely any signs of innovation.

Except... the guns and explosives. Even the laboratories she'd seen didn't have the machines required for convenient research. She had thought whatever was underground was under the concept of steam machines, but before her, was beyond that.

She immediately climbed down another flight of stairs. There were people walking about. Most likely civilians. Their clothes were made of higher quality and well-designed, but with a touch of military feel. She blinked her eyes and realized, their clothes were not simply akin to military theme, but military uniforms!

She easily stood out like a sore thumb in the crowd. Then she noticed someone pointing at her with someone who appeared like an officer. It seemed she had attracted more attention before she knew it, but there was no where to escape.

The officer walked towards her with his serious face; not sad nor angry, but very intimidating. Lea decided to confront the officer. Several pair of eyes have already examined her from head to toe, because her clothes weren't really presentable. Her clothes appeared like a set of curtains draped over her body, enough to cover most of her skin. She stopped bothering about her clothes after her reincarnation. Afterall, the journey has been nonstop and every time she had to fight some beasts, her clothes would either get torn by evasion or landing on sharp or rough objects.

The officer's shadow loomed over her. "Beggar, you ought to go back to the lower districts! How did you get here?!"

His rough voice sounded so piercing. But Lea was not intimidated.

She softly said, "Good sir, what is that building?" She shamelessly pointed at the building where Carlitos went in, ignoring the once arrogant expression of the officer to an uglier one. He must not be very experienced in dealing with people ignoring his question.

"Don't waste time now. Go back!"

It appears the officer was simply not cooperating with Lea. She put her hands across her chest, seemingly unmoved. "I will go back if you tell me what that building is."

Her statement sounded like a matter of fact, the officer felt he had no choice. It was just answering a simple question after all. "That's the General Lieutenant's headquarters. Now, go on."

His answer was so useless that Lea felt like punching his loud mouth. But she controlled her fist; her temper was not gonna help her this time. So without giving him another glance, she moved towards the train station. But she heard another bark from the officer.

"Stop! Stop!"

Lea's irritation was slowly rising another level. She never did have a good one. So with a sharp breath, she gulped down her impatience. Turned around and looked up the officer again.

"Stupid beggars don't really know the rules. This Army District is strictly for business. You are already suspicious enough and you still want to act with arrogance and actually use our clean trains? You'll stain it with your dirt! Look at yourself. Where the heck did you come from anyways that you are so ignorant. Learn the rules and follow the regulations! Only military personals are aloud to use the trains! Do you even have your card with you? I don't think beggars have those.

So let me kindly remind you as I, Yiro Borge, one of the high officers of Army District am feeling very generous to beggars like you. This case don't happen often, but you beggars should realize that the strata between us who works under the higher ups are like heaven and earth! Next time you step in this district, at least change your clothes and take a shower.

Anyways, you beggars should use the garba----"

He could not finish his words because Lea's fist involuntarily flew onto his mouth, causing a couple of teeth to fly. She turned around abruptly, realizing what she'd done and ran with her life. Everyone who witnessed were so surprised they forgot to make a sound.

She was so fast at her escape that people would've thought she suddenly disappeared, but really, she was just moving very fast and cutting corners. Not long after, nobody could see her shadow. The officer with a couple of his teeth gone went ballistic as soon as he recovered himself, red with shame. None of the spectators could bear to laugh, for this officer was known to be highly arrogant and someone who easily abuses his authority.

He quietly muttered under his breath, "Beggar.... I'll get you!!"

Honestly, however, Lea's appearance was already becoming hazy in his mind. So it will be of great difficulty to find her again.


Far, far away from the starting point, Lea was catching her composure. She escape from people's prying eyes. And maybe it was pretty common to see someone who appeared like her that nobody really seem to care. She did appear very poor, but above ground, her dress code was presentable.

[Hey, Lea. If your plan is to find out the other entrances, maybe we can find them all out from here instead!]

[Yea! That's right. Smart of you as always, eldest sis~ I wuv you~~]

[Although I love you too, it's not really the time...]

[He he~ Okay~ Just that... What happens to your other friends?]


[Mill, we can't really go back at the moment. This place is so deep underground. That stairs was incredibly long for starters.]

[True... Eeeeeee. I don't know! I'm stupid, so you can do all the planning!]

[Thanks for trying to help, Mill.]

[He he~]

[With the current situation, I need to go back and find out Carlitos' purpose first.]

[Alright, but that officer is a headache. How will you deal with him? You already broke his teeth.... I don't think he'll give you another chance at all.]

[I just have to make sure we won't meet again...]

[If so, you need to change your clothes!]

Lea agreed and immediately, she thought of abducting a stranger. When she was about to go out of her hiding, she heard the oldest Spirit sister say, [You can't always move about aggressively... How about a friendlier way this time?]

Lea quietly pondered a means to be friendly, but she blanked out. [Impossible...]

[You can do it. Just ask how they are and such. Keep in mind that you just need to act that you are interested in them, and words will simply flow! That's how you start knowing people.]

[Wow, Sis Nill is really awesome. She knows everything....!]

[No. Dear sister. We've been in the forest for so long. How many people do you think we've encountered? I just remembered their interactions.]


[Remember, don't lose it!] Nill reminded again.

Lea usually had no patience dealing with strangers, but she might as well test her patience for the sake of a long term goal! Her ruby eyes flashed a certain determination. Her aura, however, flared killing intent! Such drive. Such determination. Surely, Lea will have a new friend soon!

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