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Sabrina, the land where no beast reside. A land with advanced livelihood and where peace is achievable under the government of a trusted royalty. It is a continent where monarchy is still the most commonly used ideology.

But besides the royalty who seats comfortably on their expensively adorned furniture, the Apostles control the life of the many.


In the silence of the night, the crickets could be heard chirping away. The hoots of the owls could be heard in chorus. It was quite a lively night if one listened very carefully. And within a tent lit with a dense ball of light, several people crowded the breathing space. Everyone but two of them were awake to realize their differences.

One was a son of a noble family. In his previous life, he was the brother of the girl before him whose appearance is much different than he remembered. He looked forlorn and exhausted, but his grey eyes were determined to remain awake in the presence of the girl.

The girl, a once quiet high school student, suddenly transported in a world foreign to her own, died and in constant change. Her existence continuously questioned, her mind always wandering. Her determination to keep her friends safe remain unfazed with tragic events.

She looks at her brother with affection, like they have never seen each other for thousands of years. They have both changed. In appearance and personality. They were much more different than they used to be like with just one another in their life. She smiled a lonely smile.

As soon as he saw her expression, he felt like crying inside. He knew then, she was saying goodbye to the past. But despite the looming fear and sadness, he couldn't help but ask, "Why?"

She did not move towards him, not to comfort him like she would usually do, but instead, she took her ground from where she remained standing since upon her entrance. Her eyes glanced over the unconscious people in the room and heaved a soft sigh. ["Brother... No.. Kiel Fang, --"]

He winced at her address, but remained still to listen.

["..You are a noble, and your responsibility lie to these people. I am, but a hindrance to your future. Let go of our past lives, and you can help Eden Kingdom in its conquest to a new era. I beseech you to finally look into your own self, and be the person these people will be proud to see. You are much more than what you are right now, Kiel Fang; Son of Dean Fang."]

Her cold indifferent tone cut deep within his soul. Slowly, he felt presence akin to essences, but it was much too foreign for him to recognize at the moment. Slowly, a core was coursing at his center. Unbeknownst to him, the terrible pain he was going through was causing the essences to make a path for his talent with what he might consider as magic.

She did not miss the change within him, and one of her theories was then proven to be correct. It was not only evolution that can make a person gain the ability to use the essences, but also those who have experienced negative emotions.

The connection between the two is a matter she wishes to find out with the Diary of King Wern.

When he looked up, he saw her eyes perked with sudden interest, and he wondered why. However, his mind was suddenly engulfed by a sudden longing to their time alone in their previous life. He was very much contented then. "If only...."

["Kiel Fang, forget everything. You and I are not a family in this world. We are merely strangers that coincidentally met each other, and have been working together for a common goal. I have a proposal to make."]

He frowned at her last words despite the pain in his chest. He felt a scorching pain within, like it was unbearable. But he remained steady. The only love of his life finally abandoning him so easily.

Understanding his thought process, Lea felt a painful pang. But her expression remained unreadable. She did not want to change her mind, and thus she did not voice out her thoughts. Her brother needs to let go of her to live his life. He was given another chance for whatever reason, but if he continued to hold unto her every chance he could get, he can never be himself in this lifetime.

["Go to sleep."] Was all she said before turning around.

She did not look back even once. And Kiel was left alone with his hand on his chest, clutching his clothes like it was the only way he could express his pain and frustration. Looking at his family and his childhood friend, he realized he could have helped them by focusing on what best to do in Sabio than waiting for his sister to arrive or for his father's help. He was much too adamant to reunite with his long lost sister, especially after they were separated by death.

He looked down and thought beyond Lea's actions. But he was much too tired to think deeper, and not long after, sleep engulfed his being. The essences in the air were slowly slipping into his core, filling it up with hunger.



She glanced at the owner of the masculine voice. It was Ashe. He was the only one who remained awake deep in the night like he didn't need sleep at all. Much like him, Lea appeared tireless.

She gazed at him with her eyes expressing the total opposite of what she gave him before entering the tent. He closed his eyes as he nodded in understanding. "Bright tried to wait for you as long as possible, but he's done quite a lot today. Collecting edible food in the wilds is not such an easy task."

Lea looked towards the cold bowls laid out by the fireplace, and just a few feet away, Bright was sleeping peacefully under his blanket. He stirred to pull up the blanket to his neck as it was quite a cold night. She briefly smiled and slowly walked towards the bowls of food.

As she sat on the ground, unconcerned of her clothes getting dirty, she started eating the cold food Bright worked hard to make. Suddenly, memories of the past resurfaced. A time when her brother was almost never home due to work or other businesses he had to take care of. She was left to take care of her own meals that she never really became good at. She preferred grilling whatever she could hunt from the wilds, and eating fruits along with it. She was brought up wild and trained in surviving the life as a wildlife scavenger.

And whatever she learnt at a tender age of 6 was ingrained into her soul.

Thanks to her brother, she was given a second chance at life.

Thanks to her brother, she survived the attack of the essences to her soul.

Thanks to her brother, she was sitting by the fireplace, eating her late dinner.

A tear slid down her pale face. And the glossiness of her eyes reflected the dancing tails of the fire. Staring at her, Ashe felt compelled to keep quiet, appreciating the rare sight. He was feeling rather down at seeing her cry in silence.

In an effort to comfort her, he heaved a breathe to start his serenade.

But his song was not much to lift her mood up. Nevertheless, his song gave her an idea.

["You cared that much about what was going on?"]

He looked to her, seeing her wipe away another drop of tear threatening to fall. He released a relieved sigh and pondered over her words. He shook his head and gazed squarely into her ruby eyes that were now lit with a complicated light.

"It's a song of lament. Just that."

["A greyscale world... Much like the one we are in."]


["For you to reveal your thoughts... that's rare."]

"Thanks to a certain someone."

She chuckled at his words, causing him to smile a little.

Then they were quiet once again. Until she revealed a surprise.

["Tomorrow, the Apost

les will show themselves."]

He raised a brow. "How can you be so sure? They've been hiding for so long."

["With a chance to get their hands on a fine specimen so unique from what they've always had, they wouldn't miss the probability of getting their hands on it."]

"Do you know who or what it is?"

She smiled bemused.

"You are not kidding..."

She shrugged, looking back towards the fire.

"If you think you can handle them then, good luck."

["How cold you are. You are part of this too."]


She escaped another chuckle.

With Ashe frowning at her words, Lea mused the night away, excited for the morrow.


During the few hours that Lea had, she decided to open the diary of King Wern. The language was not far from what she learnt, so she could grasp most of the words.

Only the flipping of the pages, as well as the burning fire at the fireplace were heard as she explored the world in the eyes of the King.


This journal speaks of my mind and heart from when I took over the throne; what little time I can keep to myself, I shall fill it up by recording the events of my life as a proud son of a great King, my father. The name is Louis Vouse Wern, 86th gen. King.

-Year 355 BG-

The situation in the southern regions have been growing worse. Tribal lords are more than eager to expand their territory, and governing a powerful nation that I have, I have to make sure they don't grow too strong to pose a threat to me in the next several years.

Thus, I visited the encampment of the most powerful tribe and proposed a trade. I married off my dear sister Cecilia.

-Year 355 BG-

It's been 2 years since my ascension. The regions I could govern have expanded, but not without a fight. The small tribes remain fierce and protective of their homeland. Not that I cannot understand their mindset for I am doing the same with my own.

But I know that someday, if I continue to unite everyone, peace amongst us humans will not be far off.

The animals in the forest have been acting strange as of late.

-Year 356 BG-

Still the 2nd year of my ascension, but I must write down that the situation outside Wern's borders have drastically changed. It seems the plants have grown scarce. Animals have grown wild and dangerous.

Several humans have been missing in some small villages, but I have been too busy with my own to provide help. My mother has grown weak due to age, but I must find out what has been going on. For my people, and for the future of everyone.

-Year 356 BG-

It's only been 3 months, but I regret to write that my mother has died. My sister Cecilia's gone missing, and the tribe she was married to have gone into a fit just to find her.

Small skirmishes are brewing everywhere due to anxiousness brought by the missing people. And I conclude that the strange changes in the animals are related to it as well.

But good news! I befriended a peculiar girl.

She might be uneducated but she is lovely with how she views the world in a most positive light. She makes it possible for me to smile and laugh even in this turbulent times.

-Year 357 BG-

3 years since my ascension, my sister Cecilia has been found.

But not well. She appears to be dead, but at times she is awake. Even then, she could not recognize anyone. Not even the portrait of our dead mother.

Father has been absent in order to help reduce skirmishes caused by misunderstandings.

He shares my view and that the people should unite in times of great change. He was supposed to enjoy his retirement, but after mother died, he had nothing else but his determination to keep everyone safe.

The peculiar girl I had mentioned in my last entry is called Ingrid. She doesn't appear to have a last name. What's more strange is that I feel like the plants in the place where she would usually play around continues to grow vibrant with each passing day.

And every time she smiles at me, I feel instantly happy, forgetting all the stress and negativity of being the King.

But at times, I would notice her look at the far distance. I wonder if she wants to go towards further south....

-Year 358 BG-

My sister Cecilia have fully recovered, but she doesn't seem to be willing to speak. Her eyes, however, looks at us as if she was seeing us for the first time, and understanding us with great interest.

I'm glad for the change.

I haven't heard anything from my father, but I must leave for war by the morrow.

The powerful lord in the West seems intent on gaining more influence by taking over the City of Wern, but I shall not let him abuse my people. I haven't heard anything good of that particular lord since I became the King.

I will be leaving tonight. I hope to say goodbye to my peculiar friend first. I feel that if I bid her goodbye before leaving, I will be blessed with luck upon my return.

-Year 359 BG-

My sister Cecilia and my friend Ingrid seem to be very close as of late.

They would stare at one another for days, but I can feel that they were becoming fast friends without opening their mouth. That is fascinating.

When I asked my friend about it, she was acting suspicious.

I decided not to push the matter, but instead, I will observe her much more carefully from now on. A King cannot possibly lost from two girls' secret.

My father fortunately came back from the land faraway, and successfully won his battle. Much like my own. And now we've gained more territories to govern. But they are much too far away, and thus I decided to assign proxy Lords in each land.

The animals have gone quiet. But I feel foreboding instead.

-Year 359 BG-

My friend Ingrid has gone missing.

What do I do? I feel so restless.

I hope she comes back to Wern soon.

My sister Cecilia seems calm despite Ingrid's disappearance.

I wish she had bid me goodbye first.

Despite the growing danger outside of the border, my people remain strong due to our cavalries' might. I should recruit more strong-minded men to further improve security and disperse a group around the borders to maintain safety for those who travel between villages.

My father has been helping me considerably with politics as some old nobles who have held their power for quite some time have been gaining arrogance. But they remain wary to cross the line as I have proven myself worthy as a War Commander. Nevertheless, their pestering have impede certain regulations I wish to implement.

Giving rights to the commoners deserve attention as I have noticed the nobles have been growing disrespectful with the other caste. The caste system must be eliminated once and for all. But I might risk losing my crown in the process.

-Year 361 BG-

Ingrid came back with a girl who looks much like her.

I am happy to have her back, but I feel nervous as to what the other would bring.

I plan to celebrate my 24th birthday with Ingrid's coming back party.

I hope she would be happy. Everyone is invited as the party will be held at the city square.

This should cheer up some people who have been growing anxious by the troubles brought with the animals' decline, emergence new plant forms, missing people and war everywhere. This is especially for the benefit of those commoners who work very hard at farming and toiling their days away just to give comfort to others.

I am very grateful for my people. They've remained strong and tight despite the recent events. I will do whatever I can to protect them and keep them happy.

The City of Wern still holds strong under my banner.


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