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Marriage Dale

"Lea, will you accept this ring?"

"You are aware that's just a rope, right?"

"It's a ring."

"...........I refuse."

"Nooooooooo!! How could you reject my love for you...."

"Are you serious?"

".....O-O-o-o-ofc- ofcourse!!!"

"Why are you running away?"

"I-I'll j-just go... p-prepare for d-dinner..."

"Dinner's right here..."


"Shall I stand guard for you?"

"....N-no... need."

"For your safety, Bright."

"......I-I'll just stay here....."

"That is not very sanitary...."

"N-NO! What I mean is... I'll just not go..."

Then a burst of laughter surged through the night. Lea couldn't hold her expressionless face any longer at Bright's silly willy.

Glancing at their direction, Victor bore his lethargic aquamarine eyes. 'You are having fun.' He thought to Lea.

["I just found out recently this can be fun..."]

'Is it because you can read his reactions more than before?'

["I think so."]

She revealed an amused smile that Victor could only feel worried about.

In another corner, Sabrina was observing Lea intently like there was no tomorrow. Ashe by her side could only sigh at his mother's efforts to be on guard. He spent quite a long time travelling with Lea, and if there was anything to worry about, it was their goals.

"Meow... Lea, I'm not growing....."

"Are you properly absorbing as much essences as you can?"


"Then focus them towards your whole body. Just think deeply of how much you want to grow."

"Meow! Stop that evil smirk. You find me foolish don't you-meow?!!"

"No. You look soft...."

"..............." Without another word, Imhe had escaped from Lea's sight. She felt incredibly threatened. She had thought it was fine to approach Lea now as she was distracted by Bright and Victor, but every gaze sent shivers on her spine.

Lea felt lonesome at Imhe's departure.

"Sad again, are you? Come on, Lea. Look up!"

Bright's voice woke up Lea's musing, and dutifully raised her head to look up, only to discover.... There were spider cobwebs.

"You serious?"

"Hm? Wh--- OHHHHHH!!"

Contrary to expectations, Bright appeared excited. "I haven't seen such thick cobwebs in my life! Great find!"

"Want to keep some?"

"No... They are better left alone. I bet the spider who made it worked hard to complete it."

"......" His words caused Lea to muse over what kind of person Bright truly was.

At times, he was silly. And at times, he had more thoughtfulness in him than any other people she had met. With a nod, she smiled.

"You look better now. That's good."

Then she felt warm at his concern. "Come here." She said.

Unconsciously, Bright moved closer to Lea only to be met with her hands. She immediately ruffled his hair gently. "Thanks."

Although bewildered, Bright simply smiled. "Sure. You can ruffle my hair some more if you want. We have time, right?"

"I suppose so... Ashe and Sabrina seem to have met trouble with the location." She briefly glanced at Sabrina who appeared to be in a trance. Lea guessed she was communicating with the essences in a more concrete way. "Then, if you don't mind..." She then reached out for his head once again.

Victor at the side was beginning to glare at Bright's obvious intentions of getting to Lea's good side. Thus, with one swift move, he also moved to lean on Lea's lap, offering his furry ears and soft long hair.

In the center of all this, Lea felt delighted. Her obsession never turning dull.

One hand was on Bright's head, while the other was on Victor's soft foxy ear. It was heaven for her. And Imhe at a far corner could only gulp at the fear of what would have happened to her if she let Lea touch her even once. She predicted she would never be able to escape. Thus, she huddled herself like a lazy cat she was, unconcerned with the rest.


Half an hour later, Bright had fallen asleep, and so did Victor. Each of them laid their head comfortably on each of Lea's legs.

It was this kind of sight that met Sabrina's ruby eyes when she decided to call for the others as it was time to move on.

'.....They look awfully comfortable.'

["Yes... Must have been tired from all the walking. I'll wake them up now."]

'Okay, go ahead. ...They seem really fond of you.'

["I am fond of them too."]

'What do you mean by that?'

["Would it mean another way?"]

'I have been alive for so long, but I can't understand in what way you are looking at them.'

["What do you see?"]

'.....Do you intend to cause yourself trouble?'

["Not if I can help it, Sabrina."]

'If you think it's alright for now, I won't say anything.'

["So alike to your sister..."]

'....Let's go.'

With a nod, Lea gently patted the two men on her lap.

"Hm?" Bright yawned as he stretched his arms in the air. "Oh, it's time. That was a good nap." He yawned once again.

On the other hand, Victor quietly raised himself, offering Lea a hand to stand. His skyblue hair was gently being blown by the soft chilly breeze, while his affectionate gaze laid bare on Lea.

Seeing this, Bright immediately offered his hand to Lea as well. His sky blue eyes shimmering with eagerness at the sight of rivalry.

Sabrina appeared bemused, while Ashe could only sigh at the usual interaction. He admired the men for being able to handle Lea's unreadable expression, but supposing it was just him.

With a decisive movement, Lea took both their hands and brought herself up. Her legs were asleep, but thanks to the essences, she had no trouble stabilizing herself once again.

She gave a nod to give her thanks, and looked up at the night sky that glittered with abundance of ghost stars. There were no moons that night.

It would appear Bright was growing competitive with Victor, and so was the latter. But they did not express any animosity blatantly.


And at her call, Imhe stirred from her sleep and looked at Lea with wide eyes. Stretching her limbs, she was ready to go.

"The path has not been maintained for very long, so watch out for intertwining tree roots and sharp branches." Warned Sabrina.

Ashe was walking ahead of everyone like always.

They have yet to meet anything dangerous along the way, but that could drastically change at any moment. The trail was awfully quiet, causing Lea to hear everyone's breathing as she enhanced her senses.

They briefly passed Marriage Dale. Contrary to expectations, they did not enter the city, but instead, went around it. For whatever reasons, Sabrina was cautious to where she was leading the rest.

Lea decided to keep herself quiet and left the leading roles to Sabrina and Ashe as they were inhabitants of the continent. However, she was not in the least careless; instead, she felt more cautious. As she should be.


After several minutes of walking down a dangerous terrain of a trail, what they met was an abandoned village. But after Sabrina briefly commenced her strange nature of communication with the Spirits, strange shimmering lights were summoned.

And in the next moment, what was previously deranged was then transformed to majestic tree houses. A small mystical village appeared; their eyes expressed bewildered.

Bright blinked his eyes several times before rubbing them with his free hand. Then he grabbed and pulled Lea's attire. "Do you see what I see, L-Lea?"

With a nod, Lea's ruby eyes were set aglow. "Peculiar. Spirits must live here."

At her words, Bright escaped a gasp. His usually peach colored lips turned pale. Slowly, he backed away, but his wrist was then held by Lea. With his frenzy state apparent, Lea's usually expressionless face was changed to an amused smile.

Imhe who was just then seeing her dreams coming true instantly grew a few inches in proportion. Unconsciously, her excitement brought about a strange motivation within her. She has yet to lose whatever shine that brought her outside to the world.

"Come." Called Sabrina, not looking back. "They've given us entry. We must meet....."

Her words trailed off upon the appearance of what might appear an out of the world being. His hair pristine as snow; his eyes alike to Ashe's fierce golden eyes. He glistened with the scenery, like a beautiful landscape and he was the master of such realm.

And such statement was not far from the truth.

"Do you seek trouble, living goddess?" His voice filled with mock, he addressed Sabrina with his strong gaze. And at this, the latter did not fail to bat her eyelashes in surprise. Her expression bewildered, causing Lea to question their situation. She silently questioned Sabrina's reputation throughout the Spirit realm, and could only hope it was salvageable.

Despite the thickening atmosphere caused by the Spirit's appearance, Bright remained flustered and his sky blue eyes unfocused. Lea's hold on him unflinching even before a superior entity.

"...Lea...... P-please....." His voice trembled, and Lea clearly heard the fear in his voice. She turned to look only to see a tear threatening to escape from his fearful sky blue eyes. Creased with a frown, she started to question Bright's state of mind only to discover how shaken he was at the mere thought of ghosts as she delve deeper into his consciousness.

Silently, she drew him close to her. Previously holding his wrist, she moved to enclose Bright's cold palms to her's, which seemed to have calmed him down quite significantly. Glancing into his sky blue eyes, Lea briefly saw calm within them; relief awash his handsome face.

With a nod, she turned to look at the glaring contest between the Spirit and Sabrina.

"Why so hostile? I am here to meet Ysmin. She ought to know the importance of keeping relations to avoid unnecessary conflict."

"Unnecessary. She is no longer the ambassador the humans have decided on. It is I." Sabrina's eyes widened, and her nervousness became apparent. For why she appeared anxious before the unnamed Spirit, Lea continued to wonder as she couldn't grasp the Spirit's consciousness unlike any other being she met.

"..........." Sabrina was speechless at the news, not expecting for Ysmin to be removed. "What is your name?"

"None of your concern, living goddess." Still expressing his insults through his words, the Spirit continued to gaze at them deprecatingly; as if they were not worth his time.

"Why did you reveal yourself?" Her voice sudden and disruptive, Lea's composed and cold voice was heard.

For the first time, the Spirit glanced at someone other than Sabrina.

Once their eyes met, the Spirit's ever stoned expression changed.


"Indeed." Agreed Lea, causing the rest to frown in confusion with their queer exchange.

"Neither of anything, but all the same."

"You understand. Perked your interest?"

Briefly, the Spirit narrowed his eyes with golden irises. His mouth formed to a thin line, causing his handsome features to appear domineering and strict. However, his pressure did not make Lea think of fear, but instead, a sense of taunting challenge she would readily accept. For whatever reason, the Spirit caused her to question her existence once again.

"Only you."

And upon his words, Lea disappeared out of their sight.

Together with everything else.

Once again, the deranged village was in sight.


Left in the midst of confusion, Victor glared his eyes to their surroundings.

Imhe and Ashe felt the significant pressure in the air and at once. They felt alarmed.

Not to mention Bright, Sabrina was left confused and speechless.

"Things have changed in a mere 500 years...." Without a glance, she called, "Son." unaffected by Victor's silent essence rampage.

At her call, Ashe glanced at his mother with an inquiring look. "Let us move to Yatsohara. I'm worried for our untimely course of actions."

"What about Lea? She expects you to help her find Ingrid, mother."

"She will find me once again when she requires my aide. For the meantime, let us go."

"And them?"

He inquired, pointing his nose to Bright and Victor, as well as Imhe.

"Nevermind them. They can manage by themselves."

"How about Drakon?"

"I'm sure Lea have got plans of her own for that."

"Then your revenge?"

"After Yatsohara. I'll have enough support if the essences are on my side."

"Can it not wait, mother?"

"Do you not want to leave with me? Why? I had the impression you were not attached to her at all. Are you suggesting your mother has a competition with your priorities now?"

".........There are still too many situations to handle, mother. After my visit in Ingrid, I have been thinking that maybe we ought to do something to change our fate ourselves... And being on her side would be beneficial to that."

"Do you seriously think that?"

"Yes, mother. It's only been the two of us for all those years, but I feel more relieved after knowing her


"You don't look convinced by your words. Is there something else you are not telling me?"

"...Mother, please. I'm thrice as old as a human, I'm not a child you can tease on such matters."

"Son, you'll always appear like a child to me."

"That makes me feel so happy, not. Will you please rethink your plans? I don't know enough about your intentions, mother."

"The past must be left buried, and I intend to do as such. For everyone involved, and for everything that came afterwards."

Her words caused Ashe to frown. "You don't say....."

"Yes. It is so."

"You can't, mother. You just can't."

"You are thinking of her again."

"She wishes to save her friends, mother. And what you plan goes against it."

"I ordered you to kill her. Instead, you brought her to me."

"It's because of..."

"I know you won't lose against him. If you tried enough."


"Is it too late?"


The two briefly stopped, and only silence was exchanged. Ashe's unresponsiveness was enough for Sabrina to finalize her decision.

"No matter what happens, I'll always be your mother. And I'll always be on your side."

"...But you won't hesitate."

"I need to recover my strength. I'm going to Yatsohara."

"....Keep safe, mother."

Sabrina felt pained. And so did Ashe.

They stared at one another affectionately. Sabrina then hugged her son tenderly, and whispered into his ears, "If you ever get serious, use her to protect yourself and her future. You know how to do so."

Flustered and confused, Ashe perked up. "Whatever do you mean, mother?"

But she only smiled a knowing smile. "I love you, son of mine."

And before Ashe could respond, she was gone, only leaving dust particles where she was. It was cold and lonely.

For the first time, Ashe chose to decide his fate by his lonesome. Whatever he was planning, he was certain Lea could help. Whether his mother was right about her guesses, time will tell.



During the time when Lea and co. traveled from Ingrid to Marriage Dale, Raize and co. were....

A few weeks before Lea and co. meeting one of the Spirit representative.

In the mansion of a certain Duke, a group of handsome men continued to investigate. One was at the farthest end of the mansion, in the second floor. While the rest were at a suspicious Study Room where a horrendous crime scene were being analyzed.

"It seems we have arrived too late." Informed Seth in monotone.

"You don't sound happy?"

"Kiel, he is never happy."

"You forget when he is around my sister." He nonchalantly said, then he continued with a frown. "But this is one nasty room."

"Agreed. From the files on the table, the person must be a genius, or..." Glancing at Kiel, Raize gave rise to an unfounded prediction.

"That could be it.... The books are fairly new too."

"What do you think, Seth?" Inquired Raize, glancing to Seth, only to find the assassin was no longer there.


".........." Kiel and Raize looked to one another and sighed. "Assuming the culprit is gone, and none left alive to question, we'd best leave as well."

"Let's grab a few things first. We don't want to leave empty handed."

"Of course. Go ahead." Raize stated, presenting his bag full of documents.

Looking at Raize's loot, Kiel raised a brow. "You move fast."

Raize shrugged. He then proceeded to look outside the window, observing the night sky. Unbeknownst to him, a shadow crept away towards the dense forest, heading to the outside of the Duke's property. And into the bustle of the city.


Nia escaped a whimper at the sight of a shadow.

The dim light provided by the twin moons barely made the figure discernible. However, upon closer inspection, Nia felt relieved at the sight of a familiar face.

"Even your dog-like ears couldn't hear my footsteps. What use are you to her?"

Insulted by his words, Nia growled. "Why are you here? Where are the others?"

With his crimson eyes, Seth swiftly glanced to a closed door. "They ought to leave the Mansion soon."

His words cryptic, Nia frowned with an inquiring gaze. But contrary to his expectation, Seth did not say anything more. Instead, the assassin slowly walked towards a certain peculiar one-sided door to Nia's right. His ever silent footsteps gave foreboding to Nia's being, but the latter remained silent due to Seth's behavior.

Reaching the knob, Seth turned it open upon his hold.

The door creaked open, revealing a dark room.

When Nia was about to say a word, Seth had covered his mouth without a glance. His focus to the room's layout, he immediately summoned a ball of light.

What was revealed could only be none other than a young figure, staring squarely at Seth's crimson eyes.


Silence was exchanged, but not for long.

"You don't smell of blood." Seth uttered quietly, unafraid by the mysterious air of the person. He continued to advance closer, while Nia dutifully followed, not missing a beat.

"What happened in that room?"

The enigmatic man expressed a sinister smile on his lips, while his crimson eyes glistened. He appeared interested, but not willing to partake whatever he knew.

But that was not a problem for Seth.

In the silence that ensued, obsidian threads sprang about the whole room, causing the unknown man and Nia to jerk.

Oblivious to his predicament, the unknown man attempted to pry away. However, his efforts proved to be useless under the watchful gaze of Seth whose thirst for blood were more than apparent with his wicked small smile. His crimson eyes appeared narrowed in amusement.


He heard a familiar voice say.

Shaking his head, he refocused his attention on the mysterious man.

["Do not kill."]

He couldn't believe what he was going through.

'Is missing her for too long causing me to hallucinate?'

["I miss you too.']

Upon having such a thought flash through his mind, Seth's expression transformed to ecstasy. This change brought Nia a frown on his face, while briefly glancing at the unknown man's equally questioning gaze.

They expected Seth to inflict pain, but their prediction betrayed them when Seth suddenly stopped moving with a look of bewilderment.

Within Seth's consciousness, a conversation oblivious to others commenced.

'Where can I meet you? When will I get to see you? Tell me what is happening, Lea, please?'

His barrage of query caused the other to chuckle, which made Seth feel like there were butterflies in his stomach. He felt warm, and excited.

'I want to meet you....'

["In time, little Seth. I want you to do something for me."]

Nia and the other man then noticed Seth's smile growing wider. Contrary to the atmosphere that hovered about in the dim lit room, his smile was very tender that any young lady would have had their heart squeezed in their chest.

'Anything... for you.'

After a brief silence, the other begun with her soft voice. ["It appears Sabrina is Ingrid's last hope. And similarly, their living Spirit counterparts as well."]

'Living Spirit?'

["Yes. Spirits that are born from a human and a Spirit only made possible by locking away a Spirit's soul within a human corpse."]

'I expect you've learnt aplenty on your side while away from me...'

["Yes. An unexpected find. Don't sound too down, little Seth."]

'I wanted to go after you, Lea...'

["I'm sorry, Seth. But I thought it best to travel light."]

'That fox is still with you?'

["Victor is."]


["And so is Bright. I'll let Raize know as well."]

'I'll let him know myself. You don't have to talk to any of them.'

["Why? The essences are telling me nothing is going on at their side."]

'It will save you time, Lea.'

["Fine. Aside from that, keep a lookout of the man before you. I feel different about him. Keep him alive until we meet, soon."]

'Can I talk to you anytime like this?'

["Yes, please do. Let the others know as well. I did not expect distance did not matter with this new comprehension of mine. Keep me up-to-date, and I will do the same."]

'Thank you.'

["For what, Seth? Oh. Bright has finished cooking our supper. Until later. Keep the man alive, understood?"]


["Yes, Seth?"]

'Every night and first thing in the morning, call for me.'

["Not a problem."]

'Have a good meal, and please watch out not to stain your clothes?'

["Would it matter?"]

'You don't plan to have Bright wash away the stain do you?'

["Wait. Why would he have to??"]

'Whenever you did stain your clothes by food, I always end up washing them myself as you are not really motivated in removing the stain. Don't ever let him wash your clothes, even if he asks.'

["....Fine. This is too strange. No wonder my clothes were always clean by the next day. Thank you..."]

'Anytime, Lea. I'll talk to you soon...'


'And Lea?'


'I love you.'

["....Seth. Something is coming. Be on guard."]

At her words, something indeed occurred. When Seth noticed, he found Nia transformed in an instant while a blade flashed before Seth's eyes.

Lea's warning was timely, enabling him to evade the unexpected attack on time.

"Why the sudden change of motivation?" He queried, unfazed. Upon the evasion, Seth landed on one of his shadow string on his light feet.

The enigmatic man kept his mouth shut, but it was apparent that the look in his eyes had changed. From amused indifference to alarm and anxiousness.

Seth remembered Lea's words concerning the man before him and could not help but muse over her capability at sensing strange things.

Deciding that the other would never talk, Seth did what he was used to do. With his silent form, shadow strings wrapped the man's hands together, while throwing poisoned needles to the legs. The poison caused the man to collapse on the floor as it had a paralyzing effect.

Lifting the man on his shoulder, Seth then looked to Nia's bewildered expression. His mismatched irises expressed confusion. "Why are you bringing him with you?"

"Interrogation, and it's better to keep him alive."

"Are you sure that's safe?"

"....." Seth simply shrugged. "We will know."

"You look more or less cheerful... Did something happen that I did not see??"

"Nothing to concern you with."

"Is she coming?"


Seth walked past Nia in silence. His crimson eyes determined, he intended to leave the mansion unannounced, but he was met with Raize and Kiel's stoic expressions outside the door.

Kiel sighed. "That expression... What have you learnt of her?"

"Where is she?" Added Raize, his expressionless face looking rather stern than usual.

However, despite the men's eagerness, Seth ignored them all and proceeded to walk down the nearby staircase.

"Did she tell you to keep that man alive?" It was Raize's query that caught Seth's attention. His ears perked, and Raize did not miss his reaction. "So she did... But how did she contact you?"

It was Nia who escaped a gasp. "He was standing in the room for a long time without doing anything...."

Raize narrowed his eyes and met Seth's crimson eyes. "You don't intend to tell us anything about her... I'll find out myself."

Behind, Kiel could only roughly guess. "Let's get out of here first. Dawn is coming."

With a nod, everyone left the Mansion. Later, the people of Drakon heard that the bodies of the Duke and Duchess were found dead in the famous Study Room of their Mansion. No sight of their twins, nor any of their employees.

People from other fiefs then begun their gossips, where clues of the Duke's life thrown here and there.

"It's the curse, I tell you."

"Whatever do you mean, Boss?"

"That Duke has always been greedy about ruling the land when he is only a Duke himself. I've heard he kills people in his sleep."

"Nonsense... I heard he was a good father, but his children were not exactly what you would call normal."

"Never heard of such!"

"Well of course, since you never experienced working there, Boss!"

"So you have?!"

"My sister did, but she tells me everything, see?"

"What exactly did she say?"

"One of the twins is strange. She would tell me how handsome the two were, but one of them was nuts in the head. I remember it quite well as she would repeatedly tell me what a pity it was."


"Yea so. The strange thing is, the father only ever paid attention to the crazy twin."

"That is indeed strange.... That Duke never pay attention to anything that wouldn't benefit his ambition. We've suffered quite a bit due to the implemented taxes, but it was not so bad as we were not the ones he targeted."

"Now, he is dead."

"Not like it would affect us. Now, get back to work!!"

"Tsk... I thought I could get away.... Boss~"


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