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   Chapter 104 NO.104

Reincarnated As The Heroine?! I refuse! By aquaseries Characters: 10807

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Main Protagonist: Imhe Roine

Capture Targets:

+Emperor---------------------Oliver York


+General of Chlad----------Izaya

+High Official of Chlad----Duran


+Contracted Beast---------Nia

Recap (short, very short):

In the previous episode, Imhe decided to travel towards Sabio in accordance to her pilgrimage. Although there really was no such thing, she was the hope of Ingrid, she needed to see the world.

End of Recap

Her love points with Oliver, Izaya and Duran put on hold, she ventured to another chapter of her life. With her usual carefree personality and devastating skills in essence manipulation, her journey was brief and not a hitch.

Along the way, she felt a presence constantly on her heels.

Deciding to confront the stalker before she arrived at one of the biggest countries in Ingrid, she turned on her heels and stared at a direction.

"Excuse me.... Would you come out...? If you need anything, let's talk about it, okay?" Her voice soft and reluctant, she called out.

It was several minutes later when a crimson eyed youth revealed himself. His features handsome and dangerous, Imhe felt her heart thump. But before she could utter another civilized words, a dark shadow flashed by her eyes.

By instinct, she summoned a wall of ice, barely deflecting the sudden attack of the youth. With her creased brows, she glared at the youth. "...W-what?!" Then another attack came.

Using the wind, she moved about agilely, constantly succeeding at saving her own skin. When the killing intent grew, she unconsciously released a burst of flame to the surroundings. This caused the crimson eyed youth to back away. The pressure came from him, but Imhe automatically deemed it dangerous enough for her essences to summon one of her defense mechanisms.

"My Master wants you." The youth said, deeming his situation unfavorable. With a raised brow, Imhe shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I'm almost at Sabio...."

"I shall accompany you until your return to Mingzhe Dei. In return, hear out his request."

A second of thought, Imhe readily agreed. "Of course! Don't hurt me again, okay?" She softly asked as she offered her hand to the youth.

Surprised by her actions, he could only ignore the offered hand and disappear in the shadows once again. But Imhe did not let herself feel down over it and instead, continued on her journey to Sabio like nothing ever happened. A smile on her face, anticipation surged through her heart. She was looking forward to what the biggest country has to offer. . .

Miles before the nation of Sabio, small communities of slaves could be seen toiling about in the fields. For whatever they would earn everyday, it would all be sent within the great walls of Sabio. Injustice. It was all unfair.

Imhe encountered one of such small communities and felt herself tremble with madness. She was treated unfairly by her only relatives, and despite having lived quite well over the years, she was not seen as human where she grew up at. Books were her friends. Books were her salvation.

Her glorious heart at play, she toiled the fields along with the slaves for quite some time. Until a fateful day came when she encountered the lord of the communities, otherwise, the governor of the fief.

Food request was rejected. More work was inflicted. Slaves were given more guards for suspicions for who knows what.

It was then that Imhe's determination multiplied by a hundred fold. She wanted to change how the government in Sabio was run. And to do so, she needed to meet the King.

She was not fearful as the Emperor of Mingzhe Dei and the people of Chlad were on her back.

Unbeknownst to her, each nation's relationship with one another was never good. Only for travelers could anything be a sort of connection, or even trade of goods. But on a whole, each of the leaders badly want to usurp the others; to unify the lands.

They were only waiting for the right time. .

Reaching Sabio was no problem, but arriving at a crowded city was. She immediately booked a luxurious room where she could stay the days ahead, using the Emperor's Seal from Mingzhe Dei. And upon her arrival, a strong opponent showed himself.

With the burst of her door, a handsome and queer youth revealed himself. His magenta eyes glowed with thirst for blood. Daggers hanging about him, he attacked Imhe incessantly.

She could hardly catch her breath after each slice and thrust, but with her skillful essence manipulation, her life was preserved. With every strike of the dagger, a rock would meet its edge. And for every thrust, a lightning would parry its force.

The assassin Seth only looked on Imhe's struggle. He was indifferent to the scene before him as he remained hidden in the Shadows undetected.

Panting, Imhe finally uttered a word. "Who are you?!"

With a wicked grin, the purple haired youth replied "Liam. Let me defeat you!"


"I've heard of your feat in Mingzhe Dei. You won the Examination overwhelmingly. Show me your skills." His words made Imhe gulped. She could feel the light of her life deeming with every of his attacks. When she was finally about to surrender, Seth revealed himself and parried the attack.

"I cannot let her die without meeting my Master. You have to wait." His voice cold, his indiffer

ence at full force. He was completely treating her like baggage. But she was fine with it as she remained alive.

Glancing at the youth who called himself Liam, Imhe let out a relieved sigh at his changed of expression.

"...There was another strong individual here, huh. Fight me."

"I refuse." And with that, Seth disappeared once again.

Liam looked all over the walls and ceilings, but could not find a trace of Seth. As he ruffled his hair, he looked on Imhe. "I guess I will have to wait.." His magenta eyes were straightforward, and Imhe could feel the killing intent within them. They glowed sharply at her sight.

He then turned on his heels, but only after promising his return.

Left alone in her messed up room, Imhe feared for her life. She needed to settle things fast before another incident would end her life. She still wants to explore the world. . .

After some arrangements and proof of influence, Imhe was able to gain an audience with King Alfonso, the ruler of Sabio.

As she knelt on the marble floor, her emotions were expressed by gritted teeth and the sharp glint in her eyes.

"What have you got to offer to this King to hear your words?" His words arrogant, the King demanded.

With a gulp, Imhe felt her doom. She did not expect the King to be so unwelcoming. She was treated a gem in Mingzhe Dei, a good ally in Chlad. However, in front of the King of Sabio, she was merely a small pawn.

For whatever gave the King the confidence to overlook her worth, she could not fathom. But she concluded, she was not needed by the ruler in front of her.

With a breathe, she uttered unbelievable words.

"I am the savior of Ingrid. You are not worthy as a King."

The others in the throne room gasped in horror at her words. The King was placid and angry. "SEIZE HER!!"

After guards, came the soldiers of the palace. But their skills and experience were nothing against Imhe's ease of manipulation with the abundant essences in the huge city. She weaved one attack after another, but never truly killing anyone. Her heart remained merciful, and even Seth who has been observing her found his interest drawn.

A certain handsome youth was overlooking the whole scene as well. His mismatched eyes glowed with interest. He was fond of life because he could never truly grasp his'. But if the person in front him was the key to change everything, he was willing to risk. And thereafter, he joined the fray.

And in another moment, all the soldiers in the palace were exhausted. Imhe and the wolfish youth remained in the middle as they slowly regained their strength from the bouts.

At a corner of the huge room, Seth secretly felt he should end the life of the King for the future of his Master. And thus, without hesitation, shadow strings cut up the King. Imhe's shriek was then heard, the echo resounded all over the palace louder than the fight before.

She knew who did the deed, and that fact made her feel even more disoriented. As she looked towards nowhere in particular, her heart rammed hard on her chest. If he so wished, she would have died. . . .

The chaos that ensued was not a trifling matter. In a matter of several hours, everyone outside learnt of their King's death. And the next in line was the incompetent young Prince that was busy with his studies in Sabio-U until as of late.

The beast that helped Imhe in the Palace was nowhere in sight, and she was left alone in a cell by herself. Locked away from everyone's sight.

Then strange things started happening. A force greater than she has ever encountered was already looming over Sabio. .

An individual called Leron Godwind revealed himself to the people as the descendant of Sabrina, twin of Ingrid. Spreading false words to the people, they were left under his reign. The incompetent Prince lose his power and as his last resort, he visited Imhe in her cell.

"I need your help." He said, which earned Imhe's bright ruby eyes that never left their shine even after being in the dark underground for several days. She was given adequate 3 meals a day as the King was truly unlikable. Although she was blamed, she was also the scapegoat.

As she observed the Prince, Imhe could not help but wonder how pitiful he was. With a nod, she replied, "Get me out of here, then we will talk, Prince Collett."

His name uttered by someone for the first time, he felt his heart warm. With tears in his eyes, he gave his assent. And Imhe was freed, leading away the next chapter of her life. . . .

With all her influence under the name of the incompetent Prince, she was able to inform her friends in Chlad and Mingzhe Dei of what has conspired in Sabio. But to her dismay, no news was returned. Instead, she was welcomed by unlikely visitors. The general Izaya with Duran on their heels, and the Prince of Mingzhe Dei.

"We have dreadful news for you too..." They all uttered in unification. Imhe feared for what was to come.

Then she learnt that Chlad has finished amassing their especially trained legions of soldiers, ready to head the incoming war. As well as the nation of Mingzhe Dei with their disciples of essence users. It was not for long until an all out war was to break out.

Izaya and Duran were especially worried as Chlad could be the first to fall.

"I shall not let that happen." Her words unrealistic, she caught their attention.

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